1. Michelle leave that poor Woman alone. Stop Harrassing her.

      • Michelle ask my mentally challenged Autistic son that still lives with me at 25yo. How he finds everything out.

    • And you get an โ€œAโ€ for effort. My Mom has no idea how to work a computer, let alone the fact that she doesnโ€™t even have a computer.

      • Charlie lives at 1417 N Vista apt 114.

      • No shit Sherlock. She’s a Schizophrenic like you.

        I’m sure EUNOHOO will be on in a few minutes yelling and screaming at me. And good. It really helps to show I’m being Harassed. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      • Ask your (EUNOHOO) your alter ego. EUNOHOO will give you the answers you wana know.


      • You get “A” for effort. And you don’t have a fucking brain to go with the ugly looks. Orange colored hair and that boney ass yoy got. And Tim said yes and married you. Lol

  2. Michelle. This is very child like of you. You are grown Woman in her late 50’s. You are 12yo. You are acting like a child. Leave this Woman alone. Stop Harrassing her. Enjoy you Tim’s house and go for a swim in your sparkling pool. Enjoy you life as a stay a home wife.

      • Mmmmm. Last week Michelle you told (EUNOHOO) after EUNOHOO said you have an ex husband. You posted Michelle that you never been Married. And now you posting you were Married. And asked how I got your Ex’s name.

        I screen shot both. You saying one thing and a few days something the compete opposite.

        Establishing that you constantly lie. And start Drama.

        I have a few other screen shots you doing the same thing. You say one thing Michelle and later say the compete opposite.

        And watch you will lie and say you never said either. And both times you addressed the respnce to your Fake (EUNOHOO) aka Michelle/Tim.


  3. EUNOHOO told me.

  4. His Grand parents at. 31 Atlantic Ave in Hyannis port

  5. And I got people you know Michelle

    Janine M Popp
    Alvin Y Nance
    Anna B Nance

    I can list more. If you ask nicely


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