1. πŸ˜„πŸŒ–πŸŒ•πŸŒ”. Jolynn Graham Farr. πŸ˜„πŸŒ–πŸŒ•πŸŒ”

    She is with him
    He is with her
    They are together
    But they want more
    Can they be glad
    Can they be happy
    If you got to guess
    That means there lifes sloppy
    He is with her
    She is with him
    They don’t smile
    They just drink Gin.

  2. I was watching stuff on tv. And I saw that chlorine in pools can affect you in many ways. No wonder why Michelle doesn’t use her pool. Chlorine can screw around with certain medications you take. And from Jolynn says. Michelle has schizophrenia and shes a Narcissist. And chlorine screws all that up. Makes sense now. That she never swins in her pool. Afterwards she’d ger even more psychotic. She needs a pill to counter act the affect chlorine has on her and her meds. Then she’d have no escuse to get into the pool and swim away.

  3. She could her the pool that doesn’t exist and put a bag over her head and swim away. Lol.

    • Shut your fucking mouth, Jolynn. You know damn well she has a pool. You are a compulsive liar and a schizophrenic, jealous cunt. Stop covering up all the comments and adding your worthless drivel.

  4. No one thinks that Michelle. You shown no evidence of having a pool……. No evidence that theres restraining orders on me. And no evidence that you made 80k. I still have that message you cussing me out then saying you made 80k. Wlthout proof Michelle. Its just repetitive words. With nothing to show. You are the weakest link. Good By.

    • She has evidence. It’s on her profile picture on FB. Have that dark web hunter son of yours to look her up, so you can see her pool for yourself. If you’re so close to Kaember like you claim, have him look her up for you.

      You go on and on about her pool, because you are so jealous. It’s sickening! Go dispose of yourself if your that God damned miserable, you fat jealous toad! You’re such a nuisance and a loudmouth, nosey pest that people would be glad if you left. You’re nothing but a burden on society.

  5. That bitch Michelle. Just all talk and bullshit.

      • Michelle. No one gives a rats ass what you gota say. You just an angry bitter deprived wid. Didnt you have more sex with guys b4 Tim said yes to marry you. Now your deprived. Oh well. You wanted a husband. Abd you got one. That deprives you.

  6. I talked to Marg and DJay. He said someone he didn’t know contated him on Face Book. I told him send ne a screen shot of his Face Book page and name of who. I bet its Michelle. I knew by posting his name. She’s contact him and talk shit aboult me. He was stoned. So it was hard for him to stay focussed. And he couldnt remember the name. Just that he didnt know her. Marge didnt see it. So she don’t know. As usual Marge is useless.

  7. Kelsey met Gkynnis tonight. And I should her what you posted. And showed her you pretending to be ny daughter. She said Yes that’s Michelle. I said right. Look at what she says. She thinks Glynnis is a nice girl. And said ignor Michelles comments. Again I said Right. She thanked Kaember and left to go home.


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