Meaghan Waller Eat, Please Eat!


Meaghan Waller Eat, Please Eat!

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This girl won Canadas model! Meaghan Waller, my friend dates you, he owns a meat shop! Get off your high horse and eat something you [REDACTED] b1tch. It’s sad that shawn went from healthy women to you. Hell be grieving your skin and bones before we know.

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  1. We are establishing Michelle. That when you are online. Face Book. EUNOHOO starts posting on my bloggs. And when you are ofine EUNOHOO stops Posting on my Bloggs.

    And recording it for evidence. Showing again you and EUNOHOO are again one of the same. Another words. Michelle proving you pretending to be EUNOHOO to harass me. And trying to be undetected harassing me.

    Don’t worry. Glynnis screen shot it for my records.


  2. Wow. I sent the email showing the proof that Michelle wanted to see. I sent it hours ago. And I know she received it. Cuz it didn’t come back saying unrelieved. I also sent it to her Tim. So they recieved it. Read it. And now know. That I have the proof Michelle/ Tim pretend to be the name EUNOHOO to harass me. And they use that name so they can harass me without it going back to them.

  3. I’m posting this to look let everyone know.

    I want you Michelle. And that includes your Tim and any of the fake names you use. To stop messaging me in any way. Email. Text. Phone. Bloggs. Leave me a lone. And stop harrassing me.


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