Shara Fitzgerald Homewrecker


Shara Fitzgerald Homewrecker

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – She continues to send nudes and dirty messages to my friend’s husband. They have been having a full affair for a year and a half. Where they snuck around seeing each other and sleeping together even at places like his work and the couples bedroom. She does not stop […]

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  1. Michelle do you remember Logan. Hes the one that lives in tge studio close to Judy. His place faced to Pool. The Dishwasher. He makes 18.00 an hour Dishwashing at PF Changs. I didnt think he made that much money. That’s about what your Tim makes. You member him right. He has Maggie the dog. Well him and Kelsey got into a huge fight. 😔. Im surprised cuz them two been friends a long while. I said to her they’ll work it our. I told her what you said about him being Gay. She said it’s for him to say and not you to tell people and Gossip. Well. Hello. Michelle Gossips about everyone. She wasnt mad she saud for him to say to people not you. She watched Maggie b4. Till they wirk it out there fight. I guess she wont be no more. I messaged him on Face book and he replied and said stuff.

  2. I’m posting this to just let everyone know.

    Terry Moore that used to be the property owner of Elevate. Knows Michelles ways. And the Drama she creates with neighbors. Her fights. Police being called. Her Storming in the Office to complain And try to get renters Evicted. Terry Moore says. On every posting Michelle/her Tim/EUNOHOO/Rusty/any fake name. Terry Moore says. From now on post. Stop Harrassing me. Terry Moore’s been a big help. And he’s been reading the postings too. He says no doubt tgat EUNOHOO is either Michelle or Tim. Most likley Michelle.

    And Ekevate knows about Michelle harassing me. And neighbors like Jason/Casey.. Kelsey.. Tamika.. Buzz/Belinda.. Glynnis. Lori/Todd and Kelsey showed them texts Michelle sent to her last year. And Janet the Office Manager knew too all about this. And knows Michelle has. I have a lot of wittnesses even Elevate staff.

    I want you Michelle. And that includes your Tim and any of the fake names you use. To stop messaging me in any way. Email. Text. Phone. Bloggs. Leave me a lone. And stop harrassing me. Go away. Harass Terry Moore or his Partner Rich.

  3. Reader loom at this link. Michelle Corner made it a month ago. And she says I’m stalking and harrassing her. Check the link. And that connects to other links she also made.

    So who will Michelle lie and try and blane it on. She can’t say I did it. Impossible. And I can prove it wasn’t me.


    • Last week I showed it to Legal Aid. And I took screen shots. Same with my son and one of his friends. It’s being used as evidence. And yes Michelle did make the page. Michelle Corner.


    • Can you blame her??? You write paragraph after paragraph about Michelle every day, on here. No joke; every day you write a long rant about Michelle. She just did the same thing back to you. At least she didn’t hijack someone else’s profile to do it. She gave you your own profile with your own picture. Kind of like what talent agents do with their new talent. They keep a portfolio on them. That should make you feel special. You always wanted to be famous. 🤩😆

      She should have sent that info to Dr. Phil. He really needs to meet you! 😄🤣😂

      • Michelle earlier you called me a fucking lier. And now pretending to be EUNOHOO. Your saying do you blame her. You really schizophrenic and a narcissist.


        • Knock off the act, Jolynn. You’re a piss-poor actress. You never were good enough for Hollywood. Your love for food, sex and lazing around kept you from even trying. You can stop the bullshit. Because you know that Eunohoo and Michelle are not the same poster. You have even hinted around to that in some of your posts. You know the difference. I think you keep telling yourself that Eunohoo and Michelle are the same, just so you can keep the feud going on, focused on her, while playing victim to others.

          • Sorry to dissapoint you. I said he a few times to make you think that I thought EUNOHOO was a real human. And trip you up….and it worked….But sorry. You EUNOHOO. We all know you are the Michelle/Tim shit show. And plus if you were a real human. Why haven’t you prove it. Oh wait you gonna say you can’t and make some lame exscuse to. And I can loom up the time. The zip code the weather the area code on the internet to. So when you say My area code is 865. I can say my area code is 865 too. That means jack shit 💩 Michelle. You will need to prove more than saying. I had supper with family. We had fried chicken coleslaw and jello. Mmm mmm good. And we had supper 2hrs ago.

      • Did you know the people that go on his show are actually actors. Michelle I bet you never knew that. That it’s all staged. And them that he interviews are all actors. No you didn’t know that. And would we expect more from Michelle no. When god gave out brains a body and looks he really fucked up making you

        And all of it is fake. Just like you EUNOHOO. Evreyone knows you are Michelle/Tim.

        • Some may be actors. Not in your case, though. You’re the real deal. You just need a good catch phrase, like “Cash me outside, howbout that?!” 😆 For real though…Michelle thinks you’re a narcissist. You show more signs of being oblivious, than not caring, so I’m wondering if it’s Autism, instead of Narcissism. Maybe it’s both. Who knows? I just know that you’re sick and you need to see a doctor. If you go on Dr. Phil, maybe he can get you some medication, or therapy, for next to nothing. Kaember won’t have to work overtime or have three jobs, just to make sure you’re financially stable to get you your needed meds.

          • And Michelle whats a give a way is this. You say the same shit 💩. Autism. Fat. Take money. 10 husbands. I’m a whore. I like black dick. Im jelouse of you. Michelle you said that as Michelle and you say that as EUNOHOO. Plus when you are online michelle you pretend to be UNOHOO and when you are offline you post nothing under your fake name EUNOHOO. When you online EUNOHOO is. When you offline EUNOHOO is. Remember I keep track of evrything. Any my son Pinged your Iphone and computer. Months ago he sent you something. You clicked on it on you iphone and days later you clicked on something else on computer. Could been your Tim to. After that. My son says it’s a slice of cake. And after that can tell when you online. On iphone. An I have your Tims email and number and yours to. Trust me. Say the right thing. And people run there mouths. Especially if they got a grudge. So. Ya Michelle/ EUNOHOO it’s fools play how talking to the right people and say the right thing and Boom. They give out the 411 just like that. And I did collections years ago. Remember I told you that when we met. You asked what I done for work. Cuz we all kno Michelle is nosey. And we got trained how to talk with people and get a name and a number its like being a 🕵detective 🕵. And if they give out the 411. It’s on them. And you need to wig out on them Michelle for given it out. So. Ya. Get mad at them. Cuz they the ones that 👄talks 👄.

  4. Michelle if only you had faith. And you don’t.

    • Yes, but you are the pot calling the kettle black, to lecture her about religion. You don’t live a wholesome Christian life. You fight with your neighbors. You break one of the Ten Commandments every day, fighting with your neighbors. What does the Bible say about “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”? That means that you sinned – you were in the WRONG for lying about your neighbor/friend Koban, when you said he hit you, when he didn’t. And all those marriages you had. How many times did you comment adultery, because you wanted to “date up”, or felt lust in your loins to chase after a big 🍆? You probably have had more marriages than Jezebel herself!

      • Michelle you know my neghbors like me. So you gotta think of something better than that. And no I have not cheated. So again you wrong there.

        Michelle go start the breakfast for your Tim. Honey Comb cereal and Tang.

      • Michelle remeber you made those bloggs last month.



    • Readers check this shit 💩 out. Look the bloggs Michelle made. And it’s all aboult me. Pictures and more her hate towards me. So next time when she or her faje name EUNOHOO post. I’m stalking and alk her other BS. Remind Michelle about those Bloggs she made.

      And last week Legal Aid has the printouts. I made after I screen shotted those bloggs. I went into Elevates office cuz my printer out of ink cartridge. So Jenny said okie no problemo. That’s why we have the computers. So our residents can use them. Chex out the links.


  5. And dye your hair your roots are showing. And whitten your teeth. You have such nasty teeth Michelle. You got alk day to do it while you watching tge Bloggs

  6. And Michelle/ UNOHOO. Yoy can’t say it wasn’t you. You the only one that posts like that and uses the word Doxxed. No one else does. Only you. So yes again carrot top. You are Busted once again. So when you or your fake EUNOHOO posts I’m talking you. Harrassing you. Or any one else. I will kerp posting this.

    Readers check out the Blogg Michelle posted a month ago.


  7. So Michelle Doxxed that up your pie hole and Queef on it.



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