1. I’m sorry that you going thru all this. Heres my ad vice. And you know I speak unanimous on this. Just dont respond. Least for a while. Give a few days. But because you dont wana feel persistant. Id waiy if I were you. But calling you a hoe. That is a no coming back from. That would stick in my head for along time. Just wait n see how things go for the next few days. Let me know.

  2. I’m posting this to just let everyone know. That I have proof that Michelle/her Tim. Is pretending to be EUNOHOO. And I’m telling them to stop harrassing me.

    Terry Moore that used to be the property owner of Elevate. Knows Michelles ways. And the Drama she creates with neighbors. Her fights. Police being called. Her Storming in the Office to complain And try to get renters Evicted. Terry Moore says. On every posting Michelle/her Tim/EUNOHOO/Rusty/any fake name. Terry Moore says. From now on post. Stop Harrassing me. Terry Moore’s been a big help. And he’s been reading the postings too. He says no doubt tgat EUNOHOO is either Michelle or Tim. Most likley Michelle.

    And Ekevate knows about Michelle harassing me. And neighbors like Jason/Casey.. Kelsey.. Tamika.. Buzz/Belinda.. Glynnis. Lori/Todd and Kelsey showed them texts Michelle sent to her last year. And Janet the Office Manager knew too all about this. And knows Michelle has. I have a lot of wittnesses even Elevate staff.

    I want you Michelle. And that includes your Tim and any of the fake names you use. To stop messaging me in any way. Email. Text. Phone. Bloggs. Leave me a lone. And stop harrassing me. Leave us alone Michelle/Tim. And go fix something in you broken house.

  3. Terry Moore told me to go to Legal aid on Broadway. And show them what I got. And he said he knows someone there. And said to ask for Leonardo Fernandez. So let’s just see.


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