1. I know this Woman Michelle. For a while. Quite some time. We dont got one single thing in common not one. We dont like the same men. I’m a Democrat. I believe in Freedom of Choice. It’s a Womans disision not a mans. We are completely one opposite of the other. We were raised very diffrently. Our Famlies would not get along. Shes a real conservative and were as I like to spend money 💵. I go to my gym when its open and I swum in the pool when no ones there in it. I like to do laps and water work outs. And not be introrupted. Shes not into the gym thing and I dont think she even likes to swim. I most of the time like staying to myself when I can. And shes an extravert. Likes to see everyone and know about there lifes and that. As I said me and her are oppasite in every way. But we are the bests friends. We lived in the same town and same school. Michelle Foreman. She lived next to an artist friend of mine. And I never new how much he liked me. I married another guy. I dont even know if he even told Michelle. But growing up me and her were inseperatable. She’s on my Face Book. And I miss her company.

    Michelle Hughes Corner I bet she thought this was about her. Thats how she is. Thats how narcissistic people are. They think it’s all about them. Nope Michelle Corner it’s all about you.

  2. Wholly shit 💩.

    1st time ever. It’s been very quiet. No crazy pists by Michelle/her Tim/EUNOHOO. Yester day. Non stop. Day b4 non stop. Monday non stop. And today only one. Wow. See I get Legal shit going. And see they run duck and hide. Good. Maybe Now those Mutha Fuckers the’ll leave me the fuck alone for Good.


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