1. Michelles an Only Fan too. She’s got no friends. Just 2 dogs and her Tim

  2. Jolynn Graham Farr wrote the above comment, for she is a shit stirring troublemaker.

  3. Jo, you’re an asshole. People say the same thing to you, because you’re evil & they are pointing out your wrongdoings. It does not make all these people (who are telling you things you don’t want to read or hear), the same person.

    Jolynn, people don’t like you because:

    1. You’re a troublemaker. You are known to physically go over to people’s homes with your violent fuckbuddy/friend to start trouble.

    2. You’re a malingerer who pretends to be sick, for money and attention.

    3. You abuse your children by making up lies about them, and by overworking them, so you can live in comfort, by staying home and not working.

    4. You are rude to people and are jealous of them if they look better than you, or live better than you.

    5. You run your mouth all the time, judging others and talking shit.

    6. You constantly play the victim. You especially do this when someone gets on your ass or takes action against you.

    7. You’re a user. You especially use your own children, which other parents find to be vile, disgusting, and unfit.

    8. You can’t get over anything and you hold grudges. You’re constantly attacking the same people over and over, because you truly believe they wronged you, just because they exposed you and your evil, selfish ways.

    9. You’re a narcissist. You’re an egocentric, overgrown child who believes the whole world owes you and revolves around you.

    10. You’re entitled, greedy, and selfish. A lot of your problems stem from being a selfish woman. You are self centered, self indulgent, and a selfish fat pig.

    If I missed anything, I’m sure others will let you know.

  4. A month ago I write a comment on the wall page on Facebook. That’s the first page you see when uou open the app……….. I asked if any one ever heard of Foul Speaker….. I even posted an image of the Foul Speakers Logo…… I have over 4500 people on my Facebook…… A ton of people answered they haven’t…. No one know’s about the Web Site. And if you notice. Tge ones that do and respond to Jo jo’s crazy madness are the same people. And it just keeps the pot stirring. Jo jo writes made up crap. Some one replies. Then she comments on that and it just continues. I’m telling you responding to Jo jo is only going to fuel the fire and keep her nonsense continuing. If people would just stop responding to her and her crazy comments. Then she doesn’t have an audience. That’s all what it is attention. You see no one in the world would pay a minutes worth of attention to Jo jo. But if she writes on a blog…… I hate you Ted you suck Sue……. Hey Bob your’re ugly and snell like you cats kitty litter………….. If everyone ignors her…… She doesn’t have an audience.

    Plus remember. No body reads her pages. She’s not Famous. She’s not TMZ. Jo jo is a nobody that likes to write made up crap to get a rise out of people and get them to respond…………. So if everone stops….. And doesn’t……. Then she doesn’t have audience to keep her performing.

  5. Idk. Seems like she has MPD, posting under so many different names. She keeps the bullshit going and going, whether she has an audience, or not. Her lies and drama need to stop. It doesn’t make a difference if she’s ignored, or not. Jolynn is a persistent troublemaker.

    • Again EUNOHOO is Michelle. Cuz as I said. Wht would this guy any guy. Or any one be so passionate on writing shit 💩 about me. And if it wasn’t Michelle pretending to be him. Why woukd a total stranger that never heard of me. Or know me. Be so passionate on writing shut 💩. And isn’t it funny too. That it Michelle usually the one writing shit about me 💩. And now it’s someone else and less her and more him. But tge fucking context is the same. Calling me fat. Narcissist. Hey wait. Michelles usually the one that calls me that. No one in over a year ever. Just her. And now UENOHOO ( yoy know who is) Michelle we know (you know who is. EUNOHOO) it’s you Michelle.

      Michelle isn’t your Tim home. You should be making his TV dinner for his supper and handing him a Colt Beer. So he can shovel down his food fast. And right on hi Shoot em Up Game.

      I feel bad that him and you got no extra money 💰 to be taking a trip. 😔. A trip is what you both need. Don’t you agree Michelle. Sucks you both are so strapoed for cash 💵 from moving in that money pit. With no pool. No satellite dish. No solor panels. Just a house that needs allot of fixing up. And two dogs that crap in the back. Talking about dog shit 💩. Didn’t you march right up to people and say. Pick up your’e dog crap. And then like a Nazi follow them to see what apartment they lived at to report them to the Office. Did you know. The office didn’t do shut 💩 about the dog 💩. They were so glad that you and your Tim moved. As all the tenants were. 😃

    • Charlie you stupid Faggit. Don’t you fucking get it. Don’t You fucking know Michelle can’t Ignor me. All her Posts on my bloggs. Helps fill her days. Michelle doesn’t fucking work.

      Hey readers look up Terry Moore on Face Book he’s in Tucson. He’s a very rich real estate Agen. Him and the other guy Rich used to own Elevate. PM him. He will gkadly tell you anything and everything about Michelle Hughes Corner. And I think he Blocked her too. Cuz she went off on him. Because she was pist he was talking about her to me.

      Michelle to fucking bad. You like talking about people. Well shut the fuck up you whore.

      • That’s ok, Jolynn. Check out the latest reviews about Elevate Apartments. I warned others not to go there, because of you being such a vile, horrible person, who lives there and that you will make their lives a living hell, if they move there. I’m sure your landlord will love your popularity and how you’re such an amenity and an asset to the place. 🙄😝🤣

        PS – I don’t live in Arizona. I’m closer to the East Coast, and I’m NOT Michelle.

        • *Hopefully this review will help others in the Tucson area to know what to avoid:

          *** – The place looks really nice on the outside, but I’m giving it 3 stars, because it’s older and it has pests. People have claimed Elevate has a bedbug and roach issue. What’s worse is they also have another parasite/pest problem on their hands. This pest is in human form. Her name is Jolynn Graham Farr and she lives at Elevate Apartments, in Tucson.

          Three or more people had to get restraining orders on her, because she is unhinged and is a big troublemaker. Jo has been known to get her big male friend beat on your door, bullying you, for her kicks and amusement. Another tenant had to take her to court for harassment. Jo is abusive and mean to other people. It’s best to avoid this woman by not renting there. Jo stands less less than 5′ 5″, weighs about 300 pounds, has brunette hair and sports a fat, flabby, tattooed body. She is in her mid to late 50’s, but acts very obnoxious and immature. Normally people in their 50’s are mature and keep to themselves, but not this one. It’s best to avoid this woman and the apartments where she dwells.

        • I’m surprised Michelle you didn’t give the Elevate review. A 1 star.

        • I just did. Michelle why did you give 3 stars. They way to much. You should have done only 1 star.

          • Because I’m not Michelle and I have never lived there, before. I’m only going by outside pictures. Maybe if I had lived there, I would have given it less stars. But I only heard about their vermin problem; including you. I never had to personally deal with it, myself.

  6. I figure since you can behind fake names Michelle. I will too.

    Who the fuck do think been. Giving you thumbs up. I’ts been me Michelle. I been doing it to nake you think. My readers are lije what they that you say you.. Don’t get to excited now.. Cuz I know you been. You been…
    All.. Wow I’m getting thubs up. Wow. They like what I’m saying about Jo jo. Nope it’s been me. I’ll stop if you want me to. Just say the word.

    • You won’t quit. Not until the court makes you quit. Psycho whore!


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