1. 🍫🏘🍫🏘🍫🏘🍫🏘🍫🏘🍫🏘

    One the neghbors here at Elevate over the weekend put a sighn in laundry room letting us all know she’s moving and having an apartment sale. I couldn’t go Sat or Sunday. I made contact saying if she don’t sell her plants to email me. She did. No one bouted her plants. So gave her money πŸ’΅ and got them all for 50.00 bucks.

    That was 1st time I seen her. She been here 6yrs. And no not once have I seen her. We talked a good minute. I was surprised she never even heard of me. But no one talks about me here. Her son lives with ger too. I asked if she knew or seen Michelle. She doesn’t believe so. She knows the owner if Sassafras. And Scott the owners of Taj. She said she wished we met before. We’d make good friends.

  2. Who cares? This ain’t your personal page for blogging and being an attention whore, Jolynn.


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