1. I’m the one giving all the thums up. I’m doing it to so that Michelle will think it’s the readers are reading the crap she says and giver her there thums up approval. Lol.

    • Jolynn, instead of wasting your time doing something so asinine and meaningless, you might want to consider looking for another place to live. Since you’ve been exposed as a fraud, a troublemaker and a toxic neighbor, the property managers at Elevate Apartments will soon want to evict your ass! You’re bad for their business.

  2. πŸ‘

  3. Thank you Simon. Thank you for the email you seny me on my Face Book.

    Simon it made my day. And your right. You are absolutely right.

    I am so glad I got you in my life. You are an added gem. You make me smile.

    I hit the nail on the head. You are 100% pecent correct.

    Thank you again Simon you are a gold star.


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