Rachel Jones Can’t Clean Worth A Sh1t, But Will Fvck Your Husband.


Rachel Jones Can’t Clean Worth A Sh1t, But Will Fvck Your Husband.

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This slore presents herself in a very professional light as a “business owner”, yet has sex for money with married men. By day, she is a cleaning lady. But when she is not mopping floors and scrubbing toilets, she is sneaking around with married men. When approached by the […]

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  1. See I am right all aboult this an I can speak on ereryone else. This woman sucks balls. Lies. Makes **** 💩 up aboult me an other people. Pool my ass. Soler panels. She’s full of crap. Oh ya. She said she made 80k a year once. Bull fkn shyt. An my readers said thats all crap.

    • You are obsessed over Michelle. Nasty fat pig! You need to worry about your own shit. Mind your own business, you fat ho! Get a job, you lazy fuck! Stop depending on your son to provide for you. Clean that nasty shit hole apartment you live in! You are the reason why that place had bedbug and roaches, with your filthy dirty ass! Your apartment is as sweaty and dank, as that rotten, hairy pussy of yours.

      You fucking mental case! Instead of worrying about Michelle, like the jealous pig that you are, why don’t you worry about your own damn kids and stop making up lies about them. You make Casey Anthony and Susan Smith not look so bad. Filthy, nosy ass, lying whore!

  2. Michelle Corner. Is more known now than ever. All my readers love to read hers postings. They been PMing me on Face Book why she not been posting. My readers love the Drama.

  3. TO… Jolynn Graham Farr of Tucson, Arizona

    Jo, you’re an asshole! People say the same thing to you, because you are evil and they’re pointing out your wrongdoings. It does not make all these people (who are telling you things you don’t want t0 read or hear), the same person.

    Jolynn, people don’t like you because:

    1. You’re a troublemaker. You are known to physically go over to people’s homes with your violent fuckbuddy/friend to start trouble.

    2. You’re a malingerer who pretends to be sick, for money and attention.

    3. You abuse your own children by making up lies about them, and by overworking them, so you can live in comfort, by staying home and not working.

    4. You are rude to people and are jealous of them if they look better than you, or live better than you.

    5. You run your mouth all the time, judging others and talking shit.

    6. You constantly play the victim. You especially do this when someone gets on your ass or takes action against you.

    7. You’re a user. You especially use your own children, which other parents find to be vile, disgusting, and unfit.

    8. You can’t get over anything and you hold grudges. You’re constantly attacking the same people over and over, for you truly believe they wronged you, just because they exposed you and your evil, selfish ways.

    9. You’re a narcissist. You’re an egocentric, overgrown child who believes the whole world owes you and revolves around you.

    10. You’re entitled, greedy, and selfish. A lot of your problems stem from being a selfish woman. You are self centered, self indulgent, and a selfish fat pig.

    If I missed anything, I’m sure others will let you know.


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