Nicole Absher Southern Belle For Hire


Nicole Absher Southern Belle For Hire

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – What a Sweet Southern Belle. Nicole is eager to please anyones husband. Just name the time, place, and sexual desire, and she will aim to please. She will even bring friends to the party… why take one piece of trash when you can have two! For the services provided, […]

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    • You love that place, you filthy fat whore, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking about that shithole so much. You love taking the black dick on your dirty kitchen floor, while roaches are crawling in your hair. Skank!

  1. Michelle Corner. Is more known now than ever. All my readers love to read hers postings. They been PMing me on Face Book why she not been posting. My readers love the Drama.

  2. Does anyone know anything about Charlie Wilkens. All I been told. He’s Jewish and his Family is very rich. But he don’t act rich. So I don’t get it. How can you be a rich Jew and fucjing cheap.

      • I messaged Daphne see what she got to say. I made sone shit 💩 up. So that get her to respond. I just don’t get it. Why he doesn’t look rich. Why are Jews so fucjing cheap.

      • You shut the fucj up Michelle. Keep your nasty dried up crusty cunt to yourselfs.

        You can take Michelle out of the trailer park. But you can’t take the traiker trash out of her. Just talking to that boney ass bimbo. You can tell she white trash

        • Michelle Corner is white trash


          Charlie Wilkens is white bread

        • You fucking whore, JoHo! How does it feel to suck so badly as a mother? You are just as lousy as Casey Anthony; another narcissistic, attention starved, piss poor excuse of a mother. You make your son support you and you make up nasty rumors about your daughter. PIG! 🐷

    • No one is emailing you shit. No one likes you. People block you and get restraining orders after you, because you suck a big bag of bloated donkey dicks! Stop covering up posts with your lame bullshit, and stop nosing into other people’s business, you twat!

      • But you are messaging me Michelle. So that’s not no one.

  3. I am interested now. Arnt you Michelle. I mean. When you meet people you wana where they work and all that shit 💩. And you not at all wondering how much money he has. It has to be allot.

    • I’m not Michelle. She’s more than likely sleeping, because she has to work. Unlike you, she has a job.

      You’re just a fucking pig who has too much time on
      her hands, nosing in other people’s business, talking shit. 💩 💩 💩

      • I know for a fact that EUNOHOO and Rusty are two different people. And I know a fact that it’s not actually them.

        • Rusty and EUNOHOO are not real people at are. Two screen names used by some one else pretebding to be them. Like look at next post. I’ll pretend to be Michelles Tim.

          • You’re fucking retarded, Jo. You lazy, unemployed worthless fat fuck! What a horrible mother you are, making your son work two jobs to support you, while you troll message boards all day, harassing people and talking shit. Get two jobs and a life, you fat fuck! 🐷

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  4. Hey Michelle it’s me Jolynn pretending to be small dick Tim.

    Oh man I wish my dick was bigger. I feel so inadequate compared to other guy. They are so much bigger. And dick is so small. What am I to do. No other Wonan wanted me because I am so small. The only one. Is my stay at home wife. Just think if I had at a bigger one. The hot Woman I desire would want me. Michelle so desperate to marry a guy any guy that my snall dick didn’t matter to her. Now look at my life. I earn all the money. While my wife stays home and watches the Bloggs for new postings. Man my life sucks.

  5. Now I’m going to pretend to be Michelle. The boney ass carrot color bad dye job crazy bitch.

    I had very little money and every dollar always went to bills. Then I met Tim on a hookup site. We started dating. And I went up to everyone that lived at Elevate that would listen and told them I met Tim. Then later on I convinced him to marry. And I ran around again telling everyone. Then after that. We found a house to move into. Trust me. I ran aound Elevate and told people we are moving out of Elevate into a house. If it wasn’t for me marrying Tim none of this would happen. He is my whole life. I depend on him for everything. He’s the money maker. I’m the. I’m the stay at home Wife. And ya. My biggest fear is one day he’ll leave me. And then what. Well i’d make his life a living hell and take 50% of everything he has. And he can take 50% of what I have. So what is 50% out of nothing. I got the answer half of nothing is 50% of. $0.00. He’d get my half of nothing.

  6. Now I’m going to pretend to be Charlie

    Hey guys. I’m Jewish. I’m Gay. And I am rich. My Mother croked last year and left me allot of money. And I work. And by me working I’m taking a job away from someobe that really needs one. As Michelle would say. I’m greedy. I’m also a man whore. Cuz I fucjed every guy in town. And know what. I don’t care about them. I just care about getting laid. Then I throw them out the door. And say hit the road Jack. Don’t call or ever come back.

  7. Now I’m Jojo. I’m a nice loving woman with a big heart. People here at Elevate like me. I have two fantastic kids. And I was one Hella Soldier. And no I’m not Jewish. I don’t have orance carrot colored dyed hair. And I don’t come home from a long day handling Security. I am just little ole me. Selling Amway as a side hustle. Yes I am on Disability and I have the foid card. I’m going to lie about it. And I’m not ashamed. I am a fanstic woman. And I am single and ready to mingle.

  8. JoHo, keep covering up the posts to cover up your embarrassment, you stupid fat pig! 🐷
    🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖


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