Home Wrecker Jenalee Hardy


Home Wrecker Jenalee Hardy

Home Wrecker Jenalee Hardy. Watch your boyfriend around this tr@mp. It doesn’t matter if you’re friends with her…

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  1. I want to apologize to Jolynn Graham Farr. I feel so bad for causing her so much Drama an making her sick. Adding to her PTSD an scaring her so bad that she wo’nt leave her apartment. Please ereryone. I’am sorry. So sorry. An Readers write what you think. Love all you.

  2. Ya.

    I got say this. Cuz I feal reel bad. I am a lier. Thats right readers I am a lier. Jolyn do’nt have the hots for my Tim. I make it all up cuz I’am insecure og my self. Tims the first one say yes to marry me. An ereryday I worry that one day he will be gone. So I made it up that Jolynn wants him. So that I can the readers to read the drama. By say’n Tim chooses be with me out of anyone. That Tim got it on with me. An I won Tim. Just like As a prize at the carnival. Cuz I wanted a man to take care of me. An I a fraid that 1 day. He be done. Part due to all my illnises an the meds Helps with my dopamine an serotonin. With out me taking my meds I get a messed up. An I take other pills cuz I’m schizophrenic deeply depressed an I act out. So some times things just get all screwed up. An I say an do things. Get paranoid that people out to get me. An I have sleep problems. All my life been like this. I feel like a cornerd rat and strike out at people. So Jolynn I’am sorry that I done what I did four so long. I’am lucky to have Tim. An I need keep re minded my self that. I’am so lucky to have Tim.

  3. Michelle did not write the above posts. It was a psycho, stalker former neighbor, Jolynn Graham Farr who wrote that.

    Jolynn Graham Farr is a big fat LOSER. She makes up lies about her children and is a piss-poor excuse for a mother. She’s a lazy, jobless cunt who forces her son to support her. What a FAT PIG! 🐷

  4. And how would you know. Lol. I know that cuz you and Mo Chelle are the same. See you can take the trailer trash white nigga out of the trailer park. But you can’t take that ghetto nigga talk out of the white boney as twat Michelle out of the trailer park. Just talking to her you know she’s lower than low rent.

    How did Tim like his supper the Frozen TV Dinner. You should take him to Red Robbin Yumm


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