1. Ya. I’am a sloot.

    I got say this. Cuz I feal reel bad. I am a lier. Thats right readers I am a lier. Jolyn do’nt have the hots for my Tim. I make it all up cuz I’am insecure og my self. Tims the first one say yes to marry me. An ereryday I worry that one day he will be gone. So I made it up that Jolynn wants him. So that I can the readers to read the drama. By say’n Tim chooses be with me out of anyone. That Tim got it on with me. An I won Tim. Just like As a prize at the carnival. Cuz I wanted a man to take care of me. An I a fraid that 1 day. He be done. Part due to all my illnises an the meds Helps with my dopamine an serotonin. With out me taking my meds I get a messed up. An I take other pills cuz I’m schizophrenic deeply depressed an I act out. So some times things just get all screwed up. An I say an do things. Get paranoid that people out to get me. An I have sleep problems. All my life been like this. I feel like a cornerd rat and strike out at people. So Jolynn I’am sorry that I done what I did four so long. I’am lucky to have Tim. An I need keep re minded my self that. I’am so lucky to have Tim.

    • Jojo, is this true?


      • Hal do’nt you got a last name. Nope you do’nt. Ya. That right this is you Michelle pretending to be Hal. Lol. You can’nt foo us. We all know. Michelle. Ar’yu gona Vote for Trump a gain when he runs. An we kno’u ar’an Atheist ab you do’nt beleve in God. You know if you did. You live be so much better.

  2. I hate Jolynn Farr. I sware to god. I’am going over her place an gona kick the living **** 💩 out of her. Really **** her up. An give her a peace of my mind. I hate her. An I want her dead.

    • Jolynn Graham Farr is posting under my name. I am NOT the one posting those comments. I can spell. She cannot. She’s obsessed with me and has been cyber bullying me for a year now. She says things about me that are untrue, ignorant, racist and just plain stupid. She’s also doxxed me, which is illegal in the state of Arizona. She posts under different names but you know it’s her by the way she writes. Misspellings and reads like she’s drunk. She accuses me of throwing dog poo on her car, calling her repeatedly and other things. All of which are not true. She projects her life onto me, like the fact that she’s on SSI, welfare, food stamps etc. She posts that I am on these government funded programs but in reality, she’s the one on the programs. She harasses me every single day. Jolynn Graham Farr is OBSESSED with me. She posts about me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! She’s a miserable women who sits in front of her computer thinking about how she can post something that will trigger me. What JoJo doesn’t know, is that I filed a police report on her for doxxing me. She just never stops because she’s a miserable woman who lives with her adult son and forces him to give her his paychecks and knows that it will always be that way for her. No man is ever going to want her because of her negative attitude and the fact that she’s fugly, and weighs 300 pounds. So JoJo writes online about me because she has no life and wants mine. I have a house (with a pool), an amazing husband and a great life. She’s so jealous she has to bully me online. Which by the way is illegal in Arizona. So I let her keep digging her grave, and digging her way into a jail cell.
      So if there’s a post under my name that reads like a first grader wrote it, it isn’t me. It’s her, Jolynn Graham Farr.

      • But it’s ok for you to post under Rusty’s name. Lol

        • Michelle doesn’t seem to remember. I appealed that last thing. And I won. The Judge looked all my facts and I Won. And Michelle lost. I’ll appeal any thing you throw at me. And I’ll win that appeal too.I maybe fat. But least I’m not a boney ass loser.

    • Here JoJo,
      Since you don’t believe anything, I’m giving you this link.

  3. Michelle. Rusty and all the other faux names you used.
    But guess what you belived Michelle.
    I never once drove by your house. And same with my Son and Koban. We all made it up. To piss you off and get you to say shit. And you know what. It worked. And I win. Because it pissed you off real good. You been duped. Life is good.

  4. You will never win, Jojo. Because you’re a big, fat LOSER, that’s why. You’re such a lying loser, your own daughter doesn’t want to talk to you. And your son is just waiting for the right moment to leave your loser ass too.

    • What ever you say Michelle.

      And btw. I not once drove by your rental.

      • Wow she has a rental, along with the house with the POOL that she OWNS. Wow! 🤩 Michelle has a lot. Life is good to Michelle. No wonder you’re jealous of her.

        Michelle takes better care of herself than you do. Men like women who look good and have a nice figure. They don’t like out-of-shape, 300 pounder, fat pigs 🐷, like you!

        • Lol. Again I duped you. And yeah Michelle does take better care of herself. Everyone can tell just by looking at her. By the way when she walks and talks. It’s incredible. Cars stop when she crosses the street. Men open doors for her. And yeah her life is great. Her Mother would be proud.

      • Judges makes mistakes sometimes. You won’t be so lucky next time. Your handwriting has been documented. There is physical evidence that proves you’ve been harassing a couple in the city where you live.

        • How do you know all this. And my handwriting been documented. And the Judge didn’t make a mistake.

          But let Michelle know I never once drove by her house. And she fir months actually thought I had. Nope never.

          And Michelle doesn’t have a house with a rental unit. It’s another thing she made up.

          Did you know she posted she made 80k. But as it turned out she made that all up.

          Her old neighbor Judy says. Michelle told her she never worked. She’s Disabled. So when I showed Judy the comment Michelle posted. Judy rolled her eyes.

  5. I’d say. Go out side and get sone fresh air. But. As you say. The sun will give you cancer. Pk. So then stay indoors at home all day. It’s your life. Wasting away.

  6. Michelle. Rusty and all the other faux names you used.

    I never once drove by your house. And same with my Son and Koban. We all made it up. To piss you off and get you to say shit. And you know what. It worked. And I win. Because it pissed you off real good. Life is good..

    • You will never win, Jojo. Because you’re a big, fat LOSER, that’s why. You’re such a lying loser, your own daughter doesn’t want to talk to you. And your son is just waiting for the right moment to leave your loser ass too.

      • And her cunt smells too. How much you wanna bet there’s a hairy, stinky pussy under all that flab and fat?

        • You mean GUNT! That gut covers up over her cunt so much, that the two have fused together! 😆

          • Nah, the folks on Kiwi Farms call blogger Ethan Ralph a GUNT.

            Michelle does not follow that crowd. She does not live online. She doesn’t have to. She has her own life. You need to get one too, Jojo. Stay out of Michelle’s life. Stop being so obsessed with her.

          • I have a great life. And Michelle. Most of what your saying. I made up. And I knew you believe it. And no I’m not obsessed with her. What Michelle needs to do is ask the ones at Elevate she stays in touch with. They will tell her I’m not at all obsessed with her. I mean you. No Michelle I never ever been and never ever will. And I don’t want your life.

          • Your life is not great, Jojo. You have no life. That’s why you’re so obsessed with trying to ruin Michelle’s. You’re still angry at her for calling you out, panhandling people. She ruined your side hustle, scamming people and dammit, she must pay. That’s exactly how you fell. Get over it, and find another way to make money. Try blogging. Since you like to talk shit, make that your next side hustle.

          • Well everyone know’s how Michelle talks. I mean how you talk. Everyone could hear. Your voice echoed.

            Don’t firget to tell Michelle. Oh wait. You are her. Michelle. I did not any time ever drove by your house. Wow the pool is so warm.

        • Interesting how first it’s Rusty commenting then EUNOHOO comments right after. Instantaneously. With in minutes. Mmmmmm very suspicious don’t you think.

          • That’s usually what ppl do when they talk to each other. 🙄🤪

          • Rusty, why do you waste your time reasoning with this cow? 🐄 She does not understand logic. This woman is a menace. Her neighbors can’t stand her. Hell, her own kids have no time for her.

            Just leave her alone and let her go carbo load on that spaghetti pizza shit she makes. Maybe she’ll one day eat herself into a diabetic coma.

          • Dude, it’s not like I’m trying to pick the bitch up. 😂 I’m just sick of reading her boring, catty shit. Assholes like her are why these sites don’t let ppl comment anymore?

          • Good. They shouldn’t be letting her comment anyway. That fat pig need to find more constructive things to do with her time. Losing her FAT GUNT could be one.

          • Hey EUNOHOO. How do you know about tge spaghetti pizza. The last time I posted that I was making it was over a month ago. And that blogg been deleted. And you recently started posting. So how would you know.

            Mmmmmmmm. Because Michelles the only one that knows about it. No one else especially you abd Rusty. So how the fuck would you know. Mmmmmmmm

            Bingo. Michell is pretending to be you EUNOHOO and Rusty. Lol


  7. Michelle did Terry Moore really block you like he said he did.

    • More lies, eh…Jojo? The time you waste harassing this woman, is only giving her more ammunition to use against you in court. Are you stupid, or what? Personally I think you’re ADHD who hyper focuses too much. You need to get evaluated and get some medication for that.

      Next time you’re in court, bring that up. If they know you’re flawed and possibly special needs, the judge might consider getting psychiatric help for you, instead of fining your dumb ass.

  8. Michelle you need more things to to to help fill your day.

    • Toot toot hey. Sloot sloot

      Toot toot hey. Sloot sloot

      Bad girl bad girl your such a nasty slut girl

      Toot toot hey. Sloot sloot

      Toot toot hey. Sloot sloot

      • There once was a fat cow, named Jolynn
        Whose pussy stank like a used compactor bin
        She sucked a dick
        And tried to spit
        But her negro buck was not giving in

        Swallow bitch.

        • Michelle seriously. Couldn’t you have come up with something better.

        • Honey all we can get for our money
          Is a house that’s a money pit
          Unless you spread you legs and open your clit
          That’s all we can rent is house that’s shit.

          That rhymes

          • Well it posted fucked up. But if you read it a few times guys. You will see the flow on words and see how it rhymes

  9. Tim and Michell
    There lives a living hell
    He goes to work every day
    She stays at home to play
    Every day is the same

  10. Michelle lived at Elevate
    Met Tim had a date
    Few months goes by he moves in
    They first lived in Sin
    Then married and got a money pit

  11. Michelle and Tim need a trip
    But they moved into a money pit
    She stays home cooks and cleans
    He works allot and hardly ever seen
    Thier lives are a big make believe
    She what exactly what she needs

  12. Michelle says I’m obsessed
    Her life is a full of drama and a mess
    Michelle swears calls me fat and insane
    But look at her she is the fucking same

  13. Michelle go and do something and just don’t sit around wasting another day.

    I have to be home. Colleen coming here to pick up her Amway. Then I’m going to the pool.

  14. And tonight not like its any of your business. Oh wait. You make other peoples lives your business. Tonight I’m going to Park Place Mall. Theres a ceramic shop. You can buy something and paint it there. It’s allot of fun. And meet people. My guess you will be home and Tim will play his Shoot em up game. That’s how old people live. What ever works.

  15. Funny how you do your best to cover up these posts…Jojo. Embarrassed much? You should be, you fat slut.

    Keep bitching about Tim and Michelle, idc. I’m not them. I laugh when you misspell Michelle’s name and write Michell, like Mitchell. 😆 Dumb, illiterate bitch! 😂

      • What, do you do deliberately? Cover up the posts, or misspell Michelle’s name? I’d say you deliberately cover up posts, because your narcissistic, show-off self can’t handle rejection or criticism. You misspell things, because you can’t help it. You’re either ignorant and illiterate, or dyslexic. Either way, you’re a borderline retarded, special needs, unhinged bitch.

    • Michelle. You should just quit talking in the 3rd person. Everyone knows it’s you.

  16. I just woke up. I was watching a talk show and dozed off. Now it’s time to make supper. But I think just have my son get McD’s. I don’t want to cook. And it will just heat up the kitchen. And they take the food card there. So mines well use it. You know I’m glad a napped. I feel reenergized. Abd that’s a good thing. Some ass hole moved out last weejend. Left the cat out doors. My Son found her. I’m going tell him we’ll keep her. Foxy and Bubba get along with her. I’m naming her June. So when he gets back I’m telling him. He will be thrilled. That’s my good deed for the day. I’m not dealing with the troll EUNOHOO right yet. So Michelle you will just got to keep going on the blogg to see when I respond. I just don’t feel like it right now. But I do miss Rusty. Michelle when you go back on the blogg can you Rusty. The bag on his head cracks me up. Why you picked a green head for EUNOHOO. What the fuck knows. But hey. Ya. Use Rusty. And shit 💩 Rusty works better. You have rust colored hair. Have you thought of borrowing one of Kelsey’s Wigs. Any way’s. Ya Michelle keep checking back cuz I will be righting more later. Sorry I dozed off and kept you waiting.

    • You’re a dunce, Jo. Only a fucking retard, like yourself would blog in the comments section of a cheater site. Why don’t you get an account on Only Fans, and blog away, there? Better yet, get yourself an account on Chaturbate, playing with yourself wallowing in piss, squirt, and your slimy filth. You’ll love the attention you’ll get from men. And you’ll get paid too. I’m sure you’ll get some black men over 40 wanting to beat their meat to your big, fat, stanky ass. 🤣

      • Michelle. I can post the sex sites you were on. Mmmm unless she’s lying. Isn’t that how you met your security guard Tim. A sex site.

        If it’s not true. You may want to say something to her. Because last fall that’s what she said.

  17. I read a bunch of stuff JoJo Far. The things you post on these Blogs. Some thing is really fucked up with you. And I saw you Facebook Page too. I’m surprised they allow you to swear so much on it. Only thing I can reckon from all this is you are severally mentally ill and you should probably consult with a Doctor to start meds. You are deranged and I bet you hallucinate a lot too. And a very neurotic schizophrenia. And you seem to target one person at a time. And you continue on these tangents non stop. Untill the next oerson posts a comment then you target them. I’m surprised you are not on medication right now. And that could explain your deranged behavior. Good luck with everything. And I really hope you see some one. It will only be in your best interest.

  18. I am in love with Michelke. Hey Mikes wana do a throw around with her. Her Tim will be busy playing on his shoot em up game. And Michelles sexually deprived. She needs it all the time. In order for her to fell good about herself. What you say Michelle. Wana roll with real men.

  19. Naaaaa let it be me and you Rusty snag that boney ass and show Michelle what two men can really do. Fuck Miles.

    • You don’t quit do you, you fat slag. You just keep on focusing your jealousy and hate on Michelle. You are mentally ill and should be locked up. At least Kaember will be free of you and won’t have to support your lazy fat ass anymore.

  20. If you want to twot a dumpster pig yeah go fucj that trollop. But Jolynn gotca body that can rock. What her Tin sees in her. Well. He doesn’t have to see anything. He turns the lights out. And Ram Bam thank you Mam it’s over. Lights go back on. A minute late you hear Boom Boom kaboom Boom Boom Boom. He’s back on his shoot em up game. Michelles really deprived.

  21. I think you mean she needs to be Doxxed not fucjed. Who would wana fucj that.

  22. My shows are on. Mo chelle go fucjing get Doxxed. You nasty smelly douch rag pussy cunt bitch.

  23. Keep covering the posts, Jojo. You don’t want others to see you being told what a filthy fat pig 🐷 you are.
    🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖


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