Annoying And Fake Amanda Chartrand


Annoying And Fake Amanda Chartrand

Annoying And Fake Amanda Chartrand. Someone needs to tell her that everyone sees through the fake. Amanda…

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  1. I want to apologize to Jolynn Graham Farr. I feel so bad for causing her so much Drama an making her sick. Adding to her PTSD an scaring her so bad that she wo’nt leave her apartment. Please ereryone. I’am sorry. So sorry. An Readers write what you think. Love all you.

  2. I got say this. Cuz I feal reel bad. I am a lier. Thats right readers I am a lier. Jolyn do’nt have the hots for my Tim. I make it all up cuz I’am insecure og my self. Tims the first one say yes to marry me. An ereryday I worry that one day he will be gone. So I made it up that Jolynn wants him. So that I can the readers to read the drama. By say’n Tim chooses be with me out of anyone. That Tim got it on with me. An I won Tim. Just like As a prize at the carnival. Cuz I wanted a man to take care of me. An I a fraid that 1 day. He be done. Part due to all my illnises an the meds Helps with my dopamine an serotonin. With out me taking my meds I get a messed up. An I take other pills cuz I’m schizophrenic deeply depressed an I act out. So some times things just get all screwed up. An I say an do things. Get paranoid that people out to get me. An I have sleep problems. All my life been like this. I feel like a cornerd rat and strike out at people. So Jolynn I’am sorry that I done what I did four so long. I’am lucky to have Tim. An I need keep re minded my self that. I’am so lucky to have Tim.

  3. I hate Jolynn Farr. I sware to god. I’am going over her place an gona kick the living **** 💩 out of her. Really **** her up. An give her a peace of my mind. I hate her. An I want her dead.

  4. I want to say congrats to your son for graduating with honors. That’s a great achievement. You should be very proud. I wish my son could have. My son’s a great kid. But he also struggled in school. He wasn’t a mainstream student. He did the best he could and he did graduate. I am proud of him. My daughter tajes General Ed. I’m hoping she will go to College. I think she’s going into the Service like her Dad. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing. But she so thin. I worry about that. But they have skinny ones in the Service. So we will see.

    • Oh shit. I posted that to your page by mistake. It was meant for someone else.

    • You think spelling Michelle’s name wrong is going to spare you from getting charged in court? There are too many witnesses. Too many restraining orders. You are going to fry, cunt. 🤪😆

    • I forgot to change the name to mine. Mochelle never sent it. It was me.

  5. Jo, you don’t have readers. You don’t have friends. People have been filing restraining orders to keep lowlife, malingering beggar ass, fat sluts like you away from them. Shut up cunt!

    • Michelle not one fucking person put a restraining order on me. It’s just more of you and your lies

      • You have more than one restraining order on you, you dumb bitch. People hate you, because you’re such a loud, annoying fat pig 🐷. You can’t leave people alone, so they have to sic the law on you. Worthless cunt!

        🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖

      • Sure they did. Charlie did and so did Tanya who lives at Elevate too.

    • Moo chelle then prove it. Prove that I got restraining orders. Or shut your drama making mouth you trollop

      • You have more than one restraining order on you, you dumb bitch. People hate you, because you’re such a loud, annoying fat pig 🐷. You can’t leave people alone, so they have to sic the law on you. Worthless cunt!

        🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖

        • Who are they. Tell me. Who the fuck are they. You miserable boney ass skank

          • I don’t know, because I’m not Michelle. I just think it’s fucked up that a woman can be that fucking toxic, that more than one person has to file restraining orders on her.

        • Still Michelle. You should me no proof of these restraining orders. Who are they from. Cuz. I never got any. If you show no proof. Then it’s another Michelle lie.

          I been asking you since May.. Shiw me the proof. And its 3 months later. And Michelle has show zip/ zero/0

        • I been ask’n Michelle for 3 months. Still she has nothing to show. Xcept her mouth. And that mouth does allot of taking. And nothing to show.

  6. Don’t waste you time. I don’t give a rats ass. So what if I have any. It’s just a fucking restraining order. Big fucking Hooo. If you ask abyone they won’t two loads of shit 💩. The idiot you voted for. Donald Trump he has line fucking 14 from different Woman. So there. Why not post on here he has a dozen too.

    • And I’m sure he has filed many restraining orders against other people. Fat middle aged slut like you who try to line their pockets, wanting his money, thinking you know him, ARE THE PROBLEM! You are already a burden to the state of Arizona, you white trash, welfare beggar whore.

      • Who. Who has Michelle. Cuz so far you shown no proof.

  7. I don’t know about you Moo chelle. But I’m going to do things.

    Have a great day shitting around and wasting your day checking for any updated comments. Don’t worry. I’ll post to give you something new to read.

    • Nobody cares bitch! Nobody wants to read or hear your shit. That’s why people file restraining orders on you and take you to court. They want you to fuck off, you FAT CUNT!

        • No need for her too, Jolynn. Much has a pool. That just kills you, doesn’t it, you fat jealous pig! 🐷

          🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖 🐖


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