Shanda Makarenko Embarrassment


Shanda Makarenko Embarrassment

Shanda Makarenko Embarrassment. This girl cheats on every bf she’s ever had and lies threw her…

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  1. Michelle. Rusty and all the other faux names you used.

    I never once drove by your house. And same with my Son and Koban. We all made it up. To piss you off and get you to say shit. And you know what. It worked. And I win. Because it pissed you off real good. Life is good.

  2. You haven’t won shit, Jolynn. You suck. You lost!

    Jolynn Graham Farr is a big fat LOSER. She stalks her neighbors and makes up lies about her children. Jolynn is a piss-poor excuse for a mother. She’s a lazy, jobless cunt who forces her son to support her. What a FAT PIG! 🐷


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