Mk Marcel


Mk Marcel

Mk Marcel. b1tch sucks d1ck behinds dumpsters so she can afford her drug habit, smokes meth…

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  1. I had anotger one the days. My Tim went to work. I’am with both dogs. Its so ******* hot out side. Thax god we got AC. It put’s me in a bad mad mood when it’s 100 out side. The heat ***** up my body. An tge meds I take a few times a day do’nt help. See it warms me up. So I feel hotter than my body is. Not Menopause. I all ready went tho that. The ******* meds. Think of it hav’n a sun burn. An you do out doors to 100 degrees. **** it’s ****** hot. So I stay inside all day in the AC. Yu no even if I had a pool. It’s to ******* hot to even use it if I had one. I never used the one at Elevate. Plus all them ******* niggas usen it. Pissing in it. An there ******* nastyness in the pool. Reason I never went in. I just stayed in side. I do’nt sound like a downer but. My day all ways the same get up. Try an stay cool. Tv then make Tims supper. Then he goes an play his shhit em up game an I do tv. Thats it. An ya we have sex. An I could have it alk day if I coud. But Tim once in what ever time hes in the mood. When he is. I never say no. Cuz who the **** knoz when he will want to. An it’s so fast. Bang bang boom. Then he’s back on his ******* game. Any one else out there go an have the same days I have. Pretty boreing right. Ya I is is’nt.

  2. Michelle did not write the above comment. Her psycho stalker ex neighbor, Jolynn Graham Farr did. Now you see why Michelle and her husband had to move?

    Jolynn Graham Farr of Tucson, AZ is a big fat LOSER. She stalks her neighbors and makes up lies about her children. Jolynn is a piss-poor excuse for a mother. She’s a lazy, jobless cunt who forces her son to support her. What a FAT PIG! 🐷


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