What Happened To Cicely Leora


What Happened To Cicely Leora

What Happened To Cicely Leora. I’m sorry but this broad has gone wayyy downhill. Her plastic…

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  1. Than you readers for a few comments. It really cheered me up. It made my day. It made me feel good. It was great. I really needed it. If it was’nt fore all you my days woud’b so blah an boreing. So thax you much. All yoe Readers are great an thax you’fore you support. If it was’nt four you I woud’nt be here to day. I 💘 all you. Keep up the good work an keep reading an leav’n all you comments.

  2. Jojo, worry about your own problems. Stop pretending to be Michelle. Your bad spelling gives it away every time. Deal with your own issues and get your shit together. According to this, you are a train wreck:


    • EUNOHOO when Tim gets back from his Security Guard job. Let him know. Then go and microwave his TV dinner. Cuz god kno’z you can’t cook for **** 💩. Remember the time playing cards an drinking Boubon. He said that. You can’nt cook for **** 💩 an Kaember said. Good thing for frozen foods. An he lol’d.


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