1. I want to apologize to Jolynn Graham Farr. I feel so bad for causing her so much Drama an making her sick. Adding to her PTSD an scaring her so bad that she wo’nt leave her apartment. Please ereryone. I’am sorry. So sorry. An Readers write what you think. Love all you.

  2. I hate Jolynn Farr. I sware to god. I’am going over her place an gona kick the living **** 💩 out of her. Really **** her up. An give her a peace of my mind. I hate her. An I want her dead.

  3. The real Michelle spells better than this. You’re hopeless, Jojo. Spell check is your friend.

    • Rusty Are you single. I can use a man like you in my life. 😀.

      • Michelle wouldn’t write this. Stop trying to set her up, Jojo. You know you’re mad. You’re hating on her cuz she blew the whistle on you and had ruined your side hustle you had going with your online begging/Gofundme. People don’t like scammers.

        • I’m loving this. Muchelle pretending to be rusty. An we all know it. Cuz only Michelle talks the way Rusty is. Talking aboult the GoFunMe. Dumn ass. If you look. It’s been online since last summer. An look Michelle. It still has all the money on it. I did’nt use a dime. You such a stupid twat. Now if Michelle really had a pool. Do’nt all you readers think she’d be laying out and swimming an not be indoors all day online. An Michelle do’nt worry Tim will be home soon. You have him on such a tight leash. You know. If he’s minutes late she’s on her phone calling him. An if he does’nt respond real quick she starts to go into a panic and her anxiety starts to kick in. Ya. She does. She spends more time worrying he’s going to one day leave. I still do’nt get why he’s alway’s on his Shoot em up game when he’s home. Any one got any idears why????

    • Ya. Jolynn can’nt spell for ****💩. Jolynn is is one ******* stupid bitch. But Rusty. I hear you got what it takes to give. An I can use a real man. If you kno what I mean. 😉. An I’ll even put lip stick 👄 on if you ask me. I’am game if you are.

      • This is Michelle Corner, I did not write the above comments.

    • I misspelled on purpose Mochelle. Just to have you make a comment about it. And you know what Mochelle. Nigga it worked. Over and over you’d say Jo jo you can’t spell. Then I’d mispell again and again. It was actually fun. I would say to myself how can I misspell for example the word everything ererything. And each time you would write paragraph after paragraph how my spelling sucked. I just laughed.

  4. I’am saucy an sweet. An I know how to rill in the sheets. Come on an meet me in the streets an I’ll go down on my knees. An do it for free. If you kno what I mean. 😀

    • Jesus ******* Christ Michelle. You really think you are something special do’nt. You can take the trailer trash out of the trailer park. But you can’nt the trailer trash out of you. Get real Michelle. Your **** 💩 stinks worst of any hoe in Tucson.

    • I’m Michelle Corner and I did not make the above comments

      • Lol. Then who then. Mabey one of the Trump Supporters from the Republican Party. They out to get you Michelle.

  5. Fo’nt you gota pool and solor panels. I do’nt know why you stay indoors all day. If I had a pool. I’d be swimming all day doing my laps an ererything. Not sit a round the house waiting for my Tim to come home from working the Security Job. I’am guessing tonights supper will be frozen TV dinner. Spaghetti an meat balls.

    • Jolynn, it’s obvious you have ADHD and Narcissism. The narcissism gives you your entitled attitude. You don’t like to work, but you want to be rich. You want to be supported and taken care of, but you don’t want a job yourself. You don’t want to have to be burdened, getting up and going to work everyday. You originally wanted to be an actress, because you craved the attention and love from strangers and other people you hardly know. But being rich and famous comes with a price. You get no privacy. People will be in your business, worse than now.

      The flaws you have may not be all your fault. Your parents were real old when you were born. Your mother passed recently, and she was in her 90’s. So that means she had given birth to you, after 40. Birth defects are common with babies born to old parents. It’s possible you have other mental disorders as well. Go get a psychiatric evaluation.

      • That sounds a lot like Michelle. Cuz she’s only one that calls me that. No one calls me a Narcissist only her. But hey Michelle I give you an your bony ass an A plus and a gold star for trying. You try so hard. But it’s very transparent when it’s you pretending to be someone else. An we are still wAiting to see the proof of you Michelle making 80k. The readers Rem er you posting. That you used to make 80k. So Rusty. Shoot I mean Michelle. We know that if you had a pool. You would be usen it.

  6. I know Rusty he’s a real good guy. 😀. An me an him go wYs back. So Jojo leave him a lone. Get you own.

    • That’s cuz you an Rusty are the same person…… Busted Michelle

    • Michelle. Why hasn’t Rusty written anything like her did all morning. Where he go. He and the other guy were non stop in pisting things. Then right after I posted the real scenery. They went bye bye. Very coinsidal. Oh that’s because they are actually you. No need to now. Since you know months I been playing on your emotions making shit up to just fucking dupe you. And you know what. It worked.

  7. Why do people talk loud in the Hall Way. What’s the fucking point. I was wojen up to talk talk talk talk talk. Who do they think lives here. Michelle. Cuz Michelle be listening to every word they be saying. We all know she’s like that. You say. i’m going to work. She needs to know what you do and where. You tell her you going to the store. She wants to know what you are buying. The medications does that to her. See Readers when you take the meds she’s on. And let me say. They are very strong psychiatric medications. After so many years it does real shit to your brain and body. And it has.

    Ironically. She talks about my shit. Online that I can’t spell. And I’m obsessed with her and all this and all that. Know the truth. I have been just fucking with her head. Yeah I know it’s nit right and not fair. It started when I was pissed off that she reported my son and his friends smoking on my patio. And she went to the neighbirs telling tgem all too. So I wrote some shit on FaceBook. And made a few Bloggs. And boom she finds out about it. Plus the signs tgat I put up asking for help including my GoFundMe page. She put her nosey good for nothing two cents into everything. So my Son said one morning. Mom just fuck with her. Give back as to what she gives. That’s when it all started. Then I started to spell things wrong. Making things up that shit was thrown on my car. In December I put the blame on Charlie for shit he didn’t do. I fucking new by saying his name and circle here and there on the paper work and having her see it. I fucking new she would blame him for shit he hadn’t even done. Because that’s how Michelle is abd her meds make it worse for her. Boom she strikes out. Boom she explodes. Boom she makes shit up that’s not true. Like the 80 thousand she used to maje. Everyone knows she’s never in her life had a job. Neverless make 80k. Oh when I read that. It was like frosting on the cake. I made shit up about calling military police. And all kinds of shit

  8. You see Michelle I knew you’d fall for it. Just like when I said my Son went on the Dark Web. He never did. I never did. His friends never. I only knew about it by watching a movie a few years ago. Michelle. Do you really think my son has the smarts for that shit. Fuck no. And he doesn’t have a friend that’s a computer guru. It was all made up. Because I knew you be fucking stupid to believe it. And you know what. You did. Every fucking word. Just line when I said. I drive by. My son. Koban. None of us did. I knew again you would believe it. And you did. All those phone calls I said I received. No one called. I had you believing someone was. Koban never stayed over. I haven’t taljed to him at keast 8 months maybe longer sane with my son. The pregnancy. All made up. I knew it would fuck with you. Spin around in your head. That you would fester all about it. And you did. My son gave your old number to Fieldworks. He did the same thing to other people. And yeah. Tammi. He got her a job there and got a referal bonus that’s true.

  9. The letter that was sent. I bet you went nuts over that. Lol. Margaret did the writing on envelope. I wet the stamp and dropped it in the mail. She also wrote on the Bloggs. Used my name kaembers name and a few others including your name. My son did alot too. Koban didn’t. Like I said 8 months ago was the last time we heard from him. And yeah I posted some. Maybe most. But my son Margaret did alot of it. And as for me being a fucking CEO. Lol. I’m as much a fucking CEO as you made 80 thousand dollars a year. My son started it once for a joke. And hey. We kept it going because. Fuck Michelle lets face it. You bit right into that one. It was like giving candy to a baby. And it all comes down to the way you are. The way your mind works and the hard core medications you take. It fucks yp your rational thinking and lets say. Your responses proves it all.

    • Then shut your fkng mouth about me. Have fun talking to yourself

      • There’s a lot more to see and read. Keep on going. You’re doing well.

        • Jolynn, why did you say that? So, you’re telling Michelle that your abuse is going to go on and on. You remind me of Glenn Close from “Fatal Attraction”. Boiled any bunnies🐇lately?

          You need to get over it and leave people alone! What you’re doing is against the law. You can’t doxx, stalk, and harass people.

          • That’s funny Michelke. That’s exactly what you said a few weeks ago. Are you doing a cut and paste. I bet you are.

      • I’m sure you be using the Rusty nane to post things. It’s ok Rusty won’t be mad. Rusty is you.

  10. In September me and Koban did go to Charlies patio. If it wasn’t for his fucking neighbor catching up. I should of made sure no one was around. Oh well. Koban banged on the slider. And I know it freaked Charlie out. And his dog went wild. And as fir your Tim. Lol. And you really thinking I wanted him. And jealous of you having him. Fuck no. I never even once shiwed any interest in him. That I think you manifested it. And I just went along with it just to fuck with you. Oh ya. When I heard you got married and she told ne you eloped at City Hall. I had to throw that into your face. And I did. And you went fucking nuts fucking crazy. But no. I don’t care what you want to say to others and think. I not one time wanted Tim. He’s a Security Guard for gid saje. He’s lucky he has you. Not to many Woman would want a Security Guard. Certainly not me. But even if he had a much better job. Still I wouldn’t want him. But fuck when you said I’m jealous of you and that. I had to continue it on. You opened Pandoras box. I just continued the ride just to fuck with you. And Richard and Ben and Carlos and Steve. Yeah I made all that shit up to Charlie you and a few others. I contacted people that I knew you taljed too and said how much in love I am wuth Tom Dick or Harry because I knew people would talk about it. And be talking to you about it. And. Look they did. And you taljed about it alot and look. It worked. It really worked. And as for me being up all night online looking for men to send me money because I’m so fucking poor. Last fall actually only one did. Really only one guy did. And my son knows the guys son. And that kid asked his Dad. And hobestly his Dad did. I told Charlie and he said be careful it could be a scam. I thought charlie was making a joke and making fun of me so I got pissed and texted him a few swears and unkind words. And I think he told you. Then I did the GoFundme and put the posters around and went door to door. Then the whole me not being in the service went around. That pissed me off. So that’s when everything started to start. And I contributed to it. And that’s when you got so involved wanting to know more and respond to more. And look it worked. Then you looking morning noon and night for new content. And I provided it. Just like what you hear about. Fake News. I made alot of fake News. And you bought all into it. I’m still questioning if you actually are a Republican and Voted for Trump. I think you said that to see what i’s say. I’m all for who ever wants to for the candidate they choose. But I don’t really buy it. The shit you post and that. Sounds like how a Democrat would respond not a fucked fat ass Republican Elephant.

  11. As for me going in the office and telling them things showing them things. No I never did. But I had you so convinced that you actually called. I never thought you would. But you did. As for Terry Moore. Lets say. He told you he never spoke to me texted ne PM’d me. He doesn’t want to to create drama for him. If I never chatted with him. How else would I kniw he gave you a larger fridge. You bitched and bitched. To shut you up. New fridge. And he said you have a king size bed because if all the guys you had over. He said you had a fuck buddy. And Terry said hiw the fuck you are going to get a king size bed in there. You said watch me. And he told me more things too. And that you want a husband. Disability only gives out so much money and with things increases in price. Disability doesn’t. So he indicated the reason for a husband. Any husband. To be able to get more. More from being married. Congrats it worked you found Tim. And Elevate and the neighbors were thrilled you moved. Talking about that. Being married to receive the benefits of having a husband and getting his money since you don’t work. Well. And my son helped keep this facade going. Yes Michelle my son works two jobs. But no he doesn’t give me all his money from both jobs. He gives me 600.00. Only 600.00. He has restitution he has to continue paying the Court. 75.00 a month goes for the instalock he has to pay. He was arrested for drunk driving. He was 17yo. He still pays that plus still paying his Lawyer monthly. So out of that’s paid and his cell phone and his pot. He saves 400.00 I think. So no I don’t take all his money. But we had you believing it. And it worked.

  12. And no I don’t stay up all night. Not as I get you to believe. I made it all up. And yes it worked. You actually believed I did. Lol.

    And you call me dumb and stupid. A fat bitch. Obsessed with you and your pathetic life. And you call me a narcissist. Schizophrenic. Oh yeah. My brother never raped me. I told charlie that because I knew he’d tell you. An I knew you’d post it online. My Sons Father is a dead beat dad. And we are still hoping that one day he will be paying back alimony and chikd support. But it diesn’t look like that’s ever going to happen. If I think of anything else. I’ll write about it more. Thank you for spending the time reading all this. How how does it feel to be duped by me and a few others. Making you belive in things that were never actually real. Say hi to Rusty for me. He sounds lije a terric friend. I hope that Tim diesn’t get jealous of him.

    Wow look how the time flew. It’s supper time. And your Tim be home soon. Hurry and grab the frozen TV dinner. And microwave it. Hurry snap snap. Because when he’s done eating. He will want to be playing his Shoot em Up Game.

    • Jo, you didn’t dupe anybody.

      What kind of idiot tells people their brother raped her and fathered her child, when he didn’t? Who says shit like that?! Nobody, unless they are insane or toxic compulsive liars. What were you hoping to gain from saying all that? Money? We’re you trying to scam money from your neighbors, hoping they would take pity on you? You need to come up with a better scam than that. You can’t hustle worth AF!

      Your grown children need to wake up to you. You are doing them harm, by lying about them. You lied saying that your daughter was pregnant, when she wasn’t and you lied about your son, saying a product of incest. I wouldn’t blame them if they stopped talking to you. You’re toxic! If my mother lied about me like that, I would NEVER forgive her.

      • Michelle you told ne you made 80k a year. What kind of idiot dies that. Michelle I made that all
        Up that about my daughter was pregnant and your Tim was the Daddy. Just to piss you off. And it did. I knew it would. I knew it would furiate you. It made you pissed. It worked.

        • Yes, but it backfired, you dumb cunt. Now your daughter knows that you were making up rumors about her being pregnant. I hope she disowns you.

          • How does she know what mochelle. Lol. I doubt she replied to any of your messages on FaceBook. Plus she knows all about yiu. Me and Kaember told her about you and Tim. And Mochelle. I told her. And she said that’s a little weird Mom but sure. So 2 months ago I did. She knew about before I even put anything online. And she told me about the weired lady to Wendy. She said Mom. A lady sent me a message about me having a baby. She was amazed how fast word travells. I said Arianna. You how these pages work. She’s the one that introduced me to Blogging. So no my daughter doesn’t hate me. She more less hates you and everything you represent. She knows you been harassing me. And she seen the other bloggs. And she and her friend Hemi wrote comments last fall. You responded to a few of the ones you made last fall.

          • No it didn’t Mochelle…. My daughter knows.

  13. I’d say come over here to use the pool. Since you and Tim don’t got one. I doubt anyone would report you. Nobody cares. You were the only one that did.

    • They have a pool and they don’t have to share it with anyone else. You are seething with such jealousy over that, too. That’s why you keep bringing it up.

      • Michelle you forgot to brag about the Solar power you have.

        And no I’m not jealous at all one bit. See my rent is paid by the state. So I pay nothing. The same as Tbone and Maria in. My building her rent too is free. What is there for ne to be jealous over. Michelle you got a mortgage. Which is pretty much like rent. Tim pays it. But that’s less money you and him have. I don’t have to pay rent. The Government does because I’m considered low income. But I still keep all my Disability. And I sell Amway. It doesn’t make a lot maybe 100 to 200 a week. The more my team sells I receive 15%. For doing nothing. Last week I signed up 2 more people. Michelle I have 16 people under me. So I receive 15% of what all 16 buys. And the person above me gets 15% of what I buy. And 2% what my team buys. When I new person I have to sign up. They buy a starter box that’s 500.00 dollars worth. I reciece 10% from every starter box. Right there I recieced 50.00. Anyways what ever I make each month from Amway I keep. So if you put that with my disability and the 600.00 my son gives me and the money his Dead beat Dad sends me monthly. It adds up. Oh ya. And I recieve the food card. 180 a month. Do the math Michelle. And my rent is covered. And TEP has ne on the plan where they take off 18.00 a month from my bill for ever. Michell you should really get a hobby or something to help fill your day more. So no Michelle I have never been jealous of you or wanted Tim. But nice try though.

      • Mochelle. Again. I am not jealous of you. Why and what reason for.

        And have I ever told any one. Ummmm no. Mochelle. Nigga you are wrong

  14. Oy Ya. Michelle I still never drove by your house. Same as my Son. And any of his friends. We all didn’t ever drive and honked honked. I bet you asked every person too if they thought I did a drive bye. I didn’t. But you for months though I did.

    • I had 2 PM’s tonight. One Woman not mention names. She know’s Michelle she has two farrets. She says that Rusty and Michelle are the same person. And the other Woman hates Michelle. And Tammi says the same.

      • You have psychosis, Jojo. Who are these women you talk to? Are they in your head? Are you having conversations with people nobody else can see? You’re delusional.

        • Mochelle 2 you know. One witjs at Walmart down where close to you and your Tim live. The other ones a Nurse. You know them from Elevate.

  15. Mochelle. Hey nigga. If when you talk to Kelsey. Tell her I am making Chex Mix. And I’ll have a bag for her.

  16. Mochelle. Can you name names of anyone here at Elevate that you can say they actually likes you. That invited you and your Tim over to visit. I know the answer to that.


    And don’t say because you and Tim are to busy or that bullshit. Because even when you lived here. No one invited either one of you.

    You say I don’t have friends. Lol. I may not have allot. But it’s fucking more than you got. Lol

  17. Hey Mochelle. My son said this. Why is it that Rusty and EUNOHOO post so much every day. It’s been on average 5 to 10 postings each. He says very suspicious. Because one posts. Then the other and the other. Right in a row.

    Mochelle it’s because it’s you. You the only one that spends the amount of time posting shit on the hour every day. You have all the time in the world to do so. You don’t work. If Rusty and EUNOHOO were real humans. They’d be busy at work. Working. And I doubt thier jobs allow them to blogg all hours of the day. Lol. It’s because they are you.

    Look at my FaceBook. See what a few people write. Trust me it’s worth looking.


  18. Jolynn, don’t call yourself a Dr. You don’t even have a 2 year Associates Degree from a community college. How could you be a doctor? If you made it through high school, that would be surprising enough. You have the reading and spelling comprehension of a sixth grader. And you have the mental maturity of a three year old.

    Other people and I don’t have to explain friends to you. We don’t have restraining orders against us, like you do. You must be one hell of a pest to get all these people filing restraining orders on you. You are the one with the haters, bitch!

    • Moshelle dumb ass. I only called myself Dr. Because I knew you would make a comment. Besides. Stop calling yourself EUNOHOO.

      While I’m commenting. Remember house you keep saying I’m jealous of you that I rent. No I’m not and why would I be.

      If I owned a house. City of Tucson probably wouldn’t pay all of my rent and power.

      I would have to mowe my own grass and clean up stuff on my property.

      I’d have to hire a pool guy. But that you don’t have to. You don’t have a pool.

      I’d have to pay for home repairs. I’d have to buy all the appliances. Fridge stove.

      I’d have do my own interior exterior paint.

      Pay for a new roof.

      Pay for a plumber.

      Pay taxes to the City of Tucson.

      Pay an inspector to look over the property.

      Pay a gym membership. We have a gym and you don’t.

      Tim has a huge mortgage and has to pay interest which after years adds up.

      I don’t have all those expences to deal with like your Tim have too.

      And I get my rent paid for my the state. Forever till I die.

      So no I’m not jealous of you one fucking bit.

      I win

      • It’s truly sad the state pays for all your bills, so you can sit on your fat ass all day, harassing people and talking shit.

        It’s going to be so funny the next time you’re in court and people bring up all those restraining orders that other people have on you. Too bad I don’t know Michelle, personally. I’d ask if if I can sit inside the courtroom, just to lol at your stupid ass! You are such a LOLCOW!

        Kaember if you’re reading this (which I’m sure you’re not) move out. Leave this lowlife user bitch of an unfit, horrible mother you have.

        • You can and so can’t Rusty. Because the both of you are Mochelle. And I guess you forgot too Michelle. You said the same thing in December pretending to be someone else. As for the restraining orders. You still haven’t provided any proof that there are 4. Mmmmmmm Because Mochelle. Just like I made all the circles on those printouts in December. And lying saying it was Charlie Wilkens. And you bought right into that. And actually believed it. Lol. See. I know just how to work it. After that. I’m surprised he still talks to you. Lol.

          • If you have ANY restraining orders, it means that you have pestered someone beyond hell and back. You have MORE THAN ONE RESTRAINING ORDER! That means you are an annoying, mentally disturbed, bunny-boiling psycho cunt!

  19. Mochelle. Nigga you should PM the guy that had the complex b4 Elevate took over. If he hasn’t yet blocked you. Monday he said he did. But there’s a chance he hasn’t. And tell him you know him and ne message each other. Cuz how else would I know what he said to you about your King size bed. And that you bitched and complained and threw fits over and over until he to shut you up getting you a larger fridge. Cuz yhe one in the studio was to fucking small. That’s just a few of the things he said. But yeah. How I’d even those 2 things.

    • Stop comparing your section eight apartment to other people’s homes. Your obsession with Michelle and Elevate Apartments is disturbing. Go find another hobby. Get a life, you useless cunt!

      • No Moshell again no I’m nit obsessed with you.

        You should really talk to your Tim on taking a vacation. You really need one. I know you can’t afford it. But fuck you are all stressed out and mad all the time. When was the last time you even laughed. When was the last time a friend called you to have a girl day shopping or even going out for lunch. Mmmmmmm I bet not in a fucking long ass time

        • Her life is her business. Worry about your own, you dumb bitch!

          Your obsession with Michelle and Elevate Apartments is disturbing. Go find another hobby. Get a life, you useless cunt!

  20. Mochelle it’s time you pretend to be Rusty. EUNOHOO needs a break. So switch screen names.

    • Other people hate your ass too, bitch. Explain the three restraining orders. Michelle could not have filed three. Who were the other two?

  21. Come on Mochelke bring Rusty out. I line seeing the bag on his head.

    • Fuck you, you fat slut. Rusty has a day job. Like your worthless ass needs to get, cunt.

      • Mochelle no he doesn’t. Rusty isn’t a real person

        • Neither are most of those friends you talk about. Nobody likes you, hence the restraining orders. Nobody wants to be friends with a bipolar, hosebeast psycho cunt, like you.

          • Lol. Michelle why use a different screen name.

            Oh I know why. So you can call me nanes and shit 💩 abd pretend it wasn’t actually you. Ha ha ha ha.

            So yeah. How many from Elevate came over to see you huge home. How many here invited you to do a lunch. Or said Mochelle let’s go shopping. Zero.

            Saturday Kelsey and I are going to the place on Panano and Speedway to look at plants. She wants to get some stuff and I recommend them. And she asked if i’d go. I said sure.

  22. And I don’t care what people say and think about me having Tucson pay my rent and stuff.

    The thing that’s odd is. You harass ne about it. But you never gave Tbone any shit about it. I asked him way back. He said No Michelle hasn’t. Then I said read this. And he said wow. And he said. She better not say that shit about me.

    • Tbone? That sounds like a negro buck’s name. Are you fucking him, Jojo? Is he giving you the Alabama Black Snake? You like that bbc, don’t you? Keep fucking him, you coal burning whore. He keeps you busy and away from guys like me, and other decent white men. The brothas can have our scraps that we don’t want. Tbone got you the gibs too, helping the state take care of another unemployed misfit. You worthless cunt!

      • He’s been at Elevate for years Michelle. And you know him. He lives at the one bedroom in building 3 first floor facing the pool. His apartment is close to mine. When I see him. I’ll show him what you said. And he also new Les very well.

      • Funny Michelle that you say that. Cuz. You know him. You and Tbone talked all the time. And he knows Lester. Member him. Lester croaked in December. He went in the Hospital for his legs. And he died in there from Covid. I met some of his Family when they came. They gave away everything.
        Yesterday I showed Tbone and Judy what you said about him. And ya. And you Pretend to be this EUNOHOO guy.
        I daid you know. She has carrot color hair. She’s the Woman with the 2 dogs and most to everyone here hates her. He said is she the one that asks a lot questions and talks to much. I said bingo that’s her.

  23. Oh I see Judy smoking. I’m going to print a few things I’ll be back. But Mochelle. Keep posting. I’m having some good laughs.

      • Judy says. Yes that’s you and Rusty. She said everything your two alias’s say. Exactly how you post. Not word for word. But always the sane contexts and message you are trying to get across. And She noticed too that you would post second later Rusty then you and Rusty the EUNOHOO. Calling me fat. A bitch. A cunt. She yeah. No doubt it’s Michelle.

        She has no respect for you. Oh yeah. She said that neighbors after you left. Seemed more glad you moved. She don’t remember even one saying. Michelle’s a good neighbor. Like people heard when Lester died. They were sad.

        That says allot on hiw people think if you. I’m so glad I happened to see he out my window smoking. It was so wirth showing her the comments.

        Did you know Judy’s retired. And she social security wasn’t much so she get’s SSi and SSDI. And the food program. And she made it sound like. Michelle better not say shit 💩 about it. I said you would if she found out.

        • Aw, shut up… Jo, you don’t have readers. You don’t have friends. People have been filing restraining orders to keep lowlife, malingering beggar ass, fat sluts like you away from them. Just shut up, already, you fat cunt!

  24. Jolynn Graham Farr writes crazy posts, pretending to be her ex neighbor, Michelle. Michelle has been tormented by her psycho ex neighbor, Jolynn for many months. Other neighbors were burdened with Jolynn too.

    Jolynn Graham Farr from Tucson, AZ is a vicious, psycho stalker and an abusive individual. She has three or more restraining orders out on her from various people. Jolynn is a compulsive liar and she even makes up evil, horrible, embarrassing lies about her own children, so people will pity her and give her money. Jolynn Graham Farr is a freeloading scumbag. She is so horrible, she makes Casey Anthony look not as evil.

  25. i first met Jo jo’s son when I moved into the complex I used to live at in Tucson. It was a few months later then I met Jo jo. and I can tell you I totally wish I never met them. long story short. She has done nothing but harass me and my old neighbor Michelle. Almost a year ago I had no choice but to put a restraining on her.

    there is some thing really wrong with Jo jo. seriously wrong with her. And everyday Jo jo writes stuff crazy things. No normal person would be that obsessed with writing things continuously day after day. And the things she writes are so untrue. She makes all the crap up. makes things up to piss people off in hopes she gets their attention and have them respond in a way…… that she can turn around and act like a victim…. and say people are picking on her and the whole poor me.

    Jo jo’s been doing this for about a year. like I said I have a restraining order on her. On another guy name Koban she knows. last Septemer in the afternoon… Jo jo and Koban…. both came over to my patio banged on my slider door. and yelled at me cussed and said all kinds of crazy things. My neighbor next door poked his head out and asked me if everything was ok. She said to him mind his own Fkn Business. that was when I filed a restraining order against her. And my neighbor witnessed them. He’s the one that told me that I should do the restraining order. one. And I did.

    there were other pages on here that I wrote comments of everything Jojo’s done. I swear I must have written 100’s of comments. Well Jo jo paid and had those pages taken down. And on every comment I wrote. She’d respond with a fck you. and other crazy things…….. I am just so sick and tired of all this. it’s been a year. Maybe longer. It started a few months after I met her. And it has been non stop ever since.

  26. Hey all you in Tucson. I may live far away. But I can say. Jolyn is one of the nicest peoples I grew up with. I known her since we went to school. And me and her got it on great. I remind her how gorgeous she is. And I saw. I see all the guys looked up up and down smiled and said nice. Jolyn can get any guy she wants. And look at you Faggit Charlie Wilkens no guy wants you and I know why. I read it on Michelles postsings. She says you got aids. And you gona die be cuz of it. And Michelle if he knew that and you tell ervryone at Ellevate. Now all them know. He would be mad as a fucker. You really need to shut your pir hole. And get this too. All people online have all said the same things about you. I should make this about Jolynn how fucking great she is. But thing her readers should see the real you. The trollop hoe you are.

    I’ll let you get back making the TV dinners for your supper. Don’t forget to pull the rag outa you. Oh wait. Your in you late 50’s. No more mentrating for you grandma.

  27. Me and my son went to Best Buy yesterday. And he just connected me up with my bran new computer. I gave him my old one. He’s clumsy. Spilled coke all over hls old one. The other day he was pissed. Thru a fit. Cuz he broke it. So he’s happyer now. Cuz the one I had that I give to him better than one he thru out. But my new one wholly shit it’s fast. It should be for 2200.00 and that’s with it on sale. It be 3600.00 brand new. Mines refurbished. I love it.

    I bet you wish yould get an new one Michelle. But you have higher expences. You should of stayed at Elervate.

    • Who cares what you have? If we knew the truth, your “new” computer is about as hot as satan’s house cat. With the company you keep,..they more than likely help themselves to anything that isn’t bolted down.

      No one wants to stay there at Elevate with you. You run them off. Three restraining orders…😆😂🤣😆🤣

        • I told you she’d be back. Instead of wasting her time here, she needs to go apologize to her children for making up lies about them and ruining their lives, just to satisfy her laziness and inflated ego.

  28. It’s interesting how. EUNOHOO postes a comment than right after Michelle does. Lol

    Then another time EUNOHOO posts a comment and then next Rusty does. Then Michelle.

    It amazes me that they are just as active on here as you. And no one else is. Just the 3 of you.

    And as like I said Michelle posts a comment. Then next its Rusty and then it’s EUNOHOO or it’s EUNOHOO then Michelle then Rust.

    No body else but you three. Mmmmmmmmmm

    Do I care. No. Not at all one bit. I like pointingvthese things out. Cuz you just try so hard. I mean it could be your Tim. I doubt that cuz. I think he’d rather be doing his Shoot Em Up game than be doing you.

    Any hoo. Do I care. Not one bit. The thing that I love doing is making you care. And you do. That is you do care. Cuz. Mo Chelle you can take the carrot top colored bad hair dye job out of the trailer trash park. But the trailer trash will always be in Mo Chelle. Who’s white but she acts like one them niggas.

    • Nobody cares, Jolynn…except you. That’s because you have no life. Find another hobby other than obsessing over your enemies’ business. Go get a job, and shut up.

  29. I’m the one giving all the thums up. I’m doing it to so that Michelle will think it’s the readers are reading the crap she says and giver her there thums up approval. Lol.


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