Complaint / Review: YouTuber diANtinatalist – Fraud. #1106029


Complaint / Review: YouTuber diANtinatalist - Fraud. #1106029Diane Bandy “diANtinatalist” is NO Vegan. Real Vegans don’t eat PIZZA!

YouTuber diANtinatalist is having a full-on temper tantrum in this video, because her favorite pizza place has been closed down, due to Covid and staff shortages. She is actually crying like a spoiled, overgrown child in this video, because she can’t have her pizza.


But diANtinatalist claims to be a vegan. Vegans don’t pig out on pizza like this overweight porker wants to do. Even if you order a vegetarian pizza, it still has cheese on it. Vegans don’t eat dairy. If that pizzeria she is crying about has been there for generations, more than likely, they are making pizza the same way they always have: with REAL dairy cheese. That fatty ain’t getting a pizza 🍕 without cheese, I’ll tell ya that! Diane Bandy is too FAT to be a strict vegetarian and or vegan.

Diane once disappointed her vegan buddy, Terry Grigg when she went to visit him, in the U.K..Terry got offended when Diane was ordering food in a restaurant that wasn’t vegan friendly. He saw for himself what a selfish, hypocritical liar she was, and he wanted nothing to do with her, after that. Diane only claims to be vegan when it suits her. She claims to be vegan because it’s hip, trendy and young. She wants to fit in with the younger generations who claim to be environmentalists and vegan. Diane is only that way, to a point, to where it suits her egotistical wants and needs. She likes preaching to others about it and calling them wrong, for not being vegan and living life the “correct” way she does. Diane Bandy is no more of a vegan than an adulterous preacher is a true, devout Christian. Diane is too much of a buffet pig and a selfish, overspending hoarder to ever be a proper vegan and environmentalist.

Most true antinatalists are not rich. They are minimalists, who do not have a lot. Many don’t want a lot, for they find that as being wasteful. They also find that having children is being wasteful. Diane will NEVER fit in with these people, because she’s a selfish hoarder and she’s wasteful. She just doesn’t have the kids. Diane is no true antinatalist. She just hates babies and does not want children anywhere near her. That is the only thing she has and will ever have in common with some, (if not most) of the people from the antinatalist crowd.

Diane Bandy loves to gripe about there being too many people on the planet. For years, she has been known to complain about there being too many worthless wage workers, and not enough healthcare workers or college educated people with worthy degrees out there, working. But the minute there aren’t any entry level, restaurant/hospitality workers around to cater to her hunger and her comfort, she is crying like a spoiled baby, just like she is, in this video. Make up your mind! What is it that you want? Without the people around, you don’t get pampered, princess!

This lazy woman has no room to talk about who’s working and who’s not, when she hasn’t had a job herself in years! This lowlife, unemployed reject really needs to shut up!

Her “diANtinatalist” YouTube channel has many followers, now. Yet, most of her videos have less than a hundred views. The only videos that have 300+ views are the ones of her showing her A$$! The videos that get the most hits are the ones of her crying in her car, complaining about how horrible life is. So that right there proves that her viewers are only subscribed to her for the lulz. Diane Bandy – diANtinatalist is an LOLCOW! People have even made reaction videos to her, mocking her. They make fun of her complaining about life sucks when her hypocritical self is taking trips around the world, drinking margaritas, and enjoying life. They see her as a joke! People obviously get amusement watching this individual make a fool of herself. Come to think of it, she didn’t have many subscribers at all, until she was put on blast a few years ago. People must want to see this radical $hitshow for themselves.

Discovered on Tue, 7 Jun 2022 12:35:1 GMT

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  3. Michelle did not write the above comment. Her psycho ex neighbor, Jolynn Graham Farr did. Michelle had to get a restraining order on her and move from Jolynn.

    Jolynn Graham Farr from Tucson, AZ is a psycho stalker and an abusive individual. She has three or more restraining orders out on her from various people. Jolynn is a compulsive liar and she even makes up lies about her own children, so people will pity her and give her money


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