Seema Bansal Chadha


Seema Bansal Chadha

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I worked for Seema Bansal Chadha as an assistant until November 2021 when I got my graduate job. I wanted to expose her and this company as I’m finding more and more so that the practices are deplorable, and this amount of creating a fake double life is leading to cycles […]

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  1. They are still there. I think now more. They been in the pool area since 2pm. And I fucking know. They don’t live here. Loud RnB music. Hip Hop shit. Suppise to be one resident 1 guest. Not the whole fucking nigga neghborhood here. The people that live here won’t use the pool when it’s like that. I won’t. I called the office 6 times no anser. I went there to. Closed. They were open at 10am. It’s not fucking even 4pm and closed.If Michelle was here. Shed march right up to them niddas and say something. And probly call police on them too. She’s like that.

  2. 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Hey Michelle. Wassup. I see now you are you are pretending to be Subshine Cornslick. What ever happend to you pretending to be Rusty. And EUNOHOO wassup with you pretending to be him to. Whats going on. Me and my readers wana know hoe.

    • I see now Michelle. Your pretending to be Subshine Cornslick. Lol

      • Hey Sunshine Cornslick. Michelles having a 4th of July pool party. Lol. I k ow you will be there. Shhhhh take pictures

  3. When Michell was a lil girl and her Schizophrentic Mother took her to see Santa.

    Santas asked????? Lil girl what would you like for Christmas

    Michelle replied. Sabta I wana be all grown up.

    Santa said. Hoe. Hoe. Hoe. Hoe. Hoe

  4. Cumshine Horndick sounds better for the name. You should of used that Michelle instead of Sunshine Cornslick

    Bring back Rusty
    Bring back Rusty
    Bring back Rusty
    Bring back Rusty

    • Wassup Michelle. Nice pix. Least it’s not Green like EUNOHOO. Lol

    • 🇺🇸 Michelles. Tomorrows the big day. 🇺🇸

      It’s gonna be the 4th. And all the readers want to hear about the imformous (pool) 🏊

    • The thing I like is how gullible Michelke Corner. She really is. And she reads what I post what 15 times a day. And it flips her out. It adds to her Anxiety Paranoya Bi polor Stress gives her insomnia and all it it contributes to her Schizophrenia. When I met her over 2yrs ago. This is how I know shes nosey and wants to it all people. She asked what apartment I was at. Were I worked. Thats when I told her I am on Dissabillity. And on Food Stamps. She said me too. And asked if I talked to this person at DES. And I said each time its always different. Then I got assigned someone. She said me to. It fucking sucks to have to fight to get what we deserve. Were both Dissablled. And went on. Then she wanted to know what I had and I told her. I have like 8 things. I told her what they were and the meds I was on. She said she was much worst. She has 15 things. And the meds she takes 2 times more than what I am perscribed. She told she lives in a studio on the 3rd floor. The way she talked I think she’s been renting 8yrs. I’d go crazy being in a small place like that. The studios are so damb small at Elevate. I moved in a month b4 it was sold to Elevate. Two guys owned it. And Michelle said roaches. And apartments infested with bed bugs in building 2 and 3. I said great I’m in building 2. And she said expect seeing the Police here allot. Those guys rented to anyone just to fill the space. So they rented to allot of sketchy scubs. She was right. I think in a 30 minute conversation she gave me all the everything aboult Elevate. And the neghbors to watch out for. I think it was aboukt the next year things got twisted. And she laid it in for me and my son. She reported us for smoking pot. And it went down hill from there. Told people I wasnt I wasnt in the service and I was trying to work on peoples sympathy to try and get money 💵 out of them. I put sighns up and on peoples door in the complex showing them I have a gofundme account saying on it things that not true. It was then at that point things got bad. She even talked shit 💩 to the residents here. Bad mouthed me to the maintenance guy and the office. Now it’s a year later. Im still at Elervate and last fall she moved. And even after she moved she continueud it. Now saying tons of people got retraining orders on me. That Charlie a drama queen homo tells her everything. Faggits like drama. And I was friends with Tammi and I heard Michelle and her fought and police invokved. She tried to get Tammi evicted. And a chick named Amanda her and Michelle fought. And a black lady too. Michelle and her fought. But according to Kelsey. Michelles story is different than what other people say. And Kelsey and Tammi fought all the time. And Michelle got all involved with what them 2 were fighting aboult. And that shit made things worst. Michelle a trouble maker. Reports people for not picking up after there dog. I mean let the office do there job in catching them. No Michelle had to be Nazi and report them. And report people parking in handicapped. Shes a rral trouble maker.


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