Trashy Heather Schumacher


Trashy Heather Schumacher

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This girl should just go out everywhere naked. She wears everything too small and is a skank. Her face is so busted she lets it all hang out so people don’t look at it. Unsure if she is a floozy but the people she hangs out with suck for […]

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  1. They are still there. I think now more. They been in the pool area since 2pm. And I fucking know. They don’t live here. Loud RnB music. Hip Hop shit. Suppise to be one resident 1 guest. Not the whole fucking nigga neghborhood here. The people that live here won’t use the pool when it’s like that. I won’t. I called the office 6 times no anser. I went there to. Closed. They were open at 10am. It’s not fucking even 4pm and closed.If Michelle was here. Shed march right up to them niggas and say something. And probly call police on them too. She’s like that.


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