1. Fuck all of you nigga’s. Keep your entitlement to yourselves. No one wants to hear all of your shit. Slavery been over for at least 200yrs or more. And you of you mother fuckers want more more and more. I’m sick of all your shit. Taking jobs from prople can do job better than you.

    • Nice try JoJo. Why are you always posting as me or some other name? Don’t want to get busted!? You will. It’s only a matter of time.

      • I’m so glad I don’t know her. I never met a woman who has three restraining orders against her. A bitch like that wouldn’t have made it that far, near Philly, without having a bunch of rough women, jumping her and kicking her ass.

        • Prove it pill popper. Show documents to support your claim. And Michelle. No one but you brings it up about Restraining orders. Peove it. Lol

          • I don’t have too. Charlie fills me in on everything.

          • He’s Gay. All the fucking Gays are like that. All Faggits are Drama Queens.

          • What that faggit needs is to go and get fucked. Tell him I said so. Lol. Tell him don’t drop the soap in the gym. Lol. OMFG I’m on a roll here. Bring on more Michelle because I have tons of come backs ready

      • Michelle you done the same thing. But wait it’s okie for you. But what no one else came. Lol.

        Prove that you not Michelle behind the mask of both of you. Prove to us that you two are two real people. And not her. I dare you. Lol

      • Shut up, Jo…you stupid bitch. Rusty has a pic on his name. You don’t. You can’t fake his name, because you don’t have the pic, or the right email address, so STFU! Go take care of your crotch rot.

        • Michelle. How many times have you pretended to be someone else. And you can play it up. But everyone knows Rusty and EUNOHOO is you. Because what is posted under Thier names is exactly how you post. It’s a facade just lije you. 😃

  2. Michelle when have you and your Tim take a Vacation. I mean a real Vacation. And I don’t mean visiting his Family. Or his Children that’s if he has any. 🙀OMG🙀 I just thought of this. I wonder if they would even like you. I wonder if they would call you. The Ugly Step Mother. Now that’s a whole nother story to talk about. Wholly shit 💩. If he has kids. Would they like you. Any ways I don’t wana get side tracked. Back to talking about Vacations. I know you and your Tim never took a Honey after you both tied the knot at City Hall. You both probably went to The Village Inn to celebrate. Then to Elevate to tell everyone. But have you in him actually went on a Vacation together. A real one. One you bought plane tickets. Or a Cruise. Or even drove to Sedona. Mmmmmmm my guess not. You have a huge mortgage. Trucks to pay off. He works you don’t. Well you do receive Disability. And face it. That’s not very much. Well if you two went on a trip together even camping in a tent. Eating hit dogs and baked beans and toast. Wait a minute that’s like Army food. Shit on a shingle 💩. Well I need to stay focussed here. If you both took a vacation together. You’d be less of a living bitch like you normally are 7 days a week. 🤤

  3. I asked my son. He said if people wanted a picture they can do it. He said I should grab a picture I have of you and pretend to be you. Mmmmmmm now there’s an idea.

    • Your son is an idiot. He has to be to work two jobs to support your fat, lazy, worthless ass, while you don’t work. All you do is stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. You’re a loser and a no-hoper. Get up off your fat ass and get a job, you lazy cow! You are shiftless, useless, and a waste of space. Your son needs to move out and stop supporting you.

      • Michelle I already answed that yesterday. You already posted that. Come on bitch. Think of something new. I know you can do it.

        • You didn’t answer anything. You just started spewing more shit. All you do is talk shit. Shut up, cunt.

  4. Oh shit Michelle. It’s going to be 6pm soon. You Tim will be home and expecting his supper to be waiting for him. Tine for you to pull out the frozen tv dinner and microwave it. When it comes to being a domestic wife. Thank god there are frozen TV dinners. Or you’d be fucked. We all know you can’t cook for shit. Lol

    • Unlike you who throws spaghetti noodles on a pizza, and think you’re this gourmet cook.

      The more you complain about what a wife Michelle is, only proves your jealousy and envy. Why are you mad, because you can’t get a man? No one wants your double chin, fat ass, big gut and stinky pussy.

      • Michelle only you know that from what I posted 2 months ago. Rusty and EUNOHOO wouldn’t. And the blogg that I posted the pasta pizza my son loves. That blogg was taken down over a week. And I have not mentioned the pasta pizza. Since.

        And for the record. I made all that up. That’s fucking disgusting. Spaghetti on pizza. Yuk.

        You are BUSTED.

  5. Michelle. What would you do for a Klondike Bar.

    • Jolynn, what you do for a big GoFundMe? Probably anything, you worthless slut!

      • Come on Michelle. You can do better than that. Seriously. I’m still looking at the picture my son found of you and one that you like today. When I see Kelsey next. I’m going to show her. And see what she has to say. I’m sure she will agree.

      • Michelle. That’s cuz you don’t have a pool to shiw. And the picts you put there. Not even your house. But hey big Star for giving it a good try.

        • Hey Michelle the picture you chose for Rusty. I will say that’s a good one. Because it goes along with what I keep saying. That you Tim has to put a bag over your head when wam bam thank you mam. Then goes back to playing his shoot em up game. So when I saw the picure of Rusty. I said OMFG how fucking ironic is that.

      • And Michelle. Why did you pick a picture of a green guy. Wasn’t there more to choose from.

    • Mom that’s because she diesn’t have a pool. If she did you know she will be showing one with her in it. Michelle brags. Remember how many times she bragged about when she and Tim got a house. She told everyone. And Jason said to us later. Here we are struggling and Michelle flaunts she’s buying a house. I said don’t let her seeing smoking. She will tell you what the Law states. Then report you.

      Isn’t that right Mom.

      • Jolynn, don’t bring your son into this. How would he find the time to post anything, working 2 jobs? He wouldn’t be on your side anyway, if he had a clue of how much you use him and that you lie about him and his sister. You are one big bag of ultra-psychotic fuckery, Jolynn. 🙄

        • Michelle. As always. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Row row row your boat
      Gently down the stream
      Merely merely merely merely
      Life is just a dream

  6. Mochelle. Hey just think all the postings you responded to and commented on and told people. About me. That I do cyber sex at night for money. Take all of my sons money. That a few checks given to me bounced. That I owe the bank money. Shit thrown on my car. Notes left on my door. Obscene phone calls. That I went to a Jewish Church to get money and stuff. That I had all these online BF’s. The best was pisting that I drove by your house honking. My son came up with that one. That my eletric was high. The Dark Web. And I purposely misspelled words. I knew you would make fun of me and call me stupid. Lol. I made all that up and more. And you bought it. You actually though all that was true. Nope. None of it. And the whole CEO. That was a good one too. The 1st time I posted it. I bet you texted everyone. Lol. As I figured you would. And you did.

    Mochelle nigga please I can’t believe you fell for. All that. And you jumped right on it. Talked about it people. You pisted how much online for over a year. It all was fucking a facade. And you bought all right into it.
    Do you really think my son knows all that shit 💩 about computers. I tied his shoes now he buys shies he can slide into. He doesn’t need to tie.

    And I don’t even pay all of it. City of Tucson pays 80% of it. Or some sevice. If it’s 100.00 I only have to pay 20.00 OMG YES I have the TEP statements I can show you.

    And I kept making shit up and you’d respond. I was laughing my ass off. You believed every fucking thing I made up.

    I Duped the fuck out of you. And you bought every thing. Abd you say you’re a snart Woman with a high IQ. Well anyone can pass playing in the sand box.

    I fucking Duped you good.

  7. Nah, you’d actually be useful to some loser creep if you were keeping him entertained with cyber sex, or real sex. But even that’s too much work for you. You want people to just give you money for nothing in return. Freeloader! You want money for doing absolutely nothing.

    It’s no surprise you get public assistance to pay your bills. You’re all over the welfare and whatever government assistance your unemployed beggar ass can get. LOSER!

  8. Jolynn Graham Farr writes crazy posts on here, pretending to be her ex neighbor, Michelle. Michelle has been tormented by her psycho ex neighbor, Jolynn for many months. Other neighbors were burdened with Jolynn too.

    Jolynn Graham Farr from Tucson, AZ is a vicious, psycho stalker and an abusive individual. She has three or more restraining orders out on her from various people. Jolynn is a compulsive liar and she even makes up evil, horrible, embarrassing lies about her own children, so people will pity her and give her money. Jolynn Graham Farr is a freeloading scumbag. She is so horrible, she makes Casey Anthony look not as evil.

  9. I met Jo jo through her son. I met him when I was walking my dog. A year ago is when every thing started. When she started harassing me my Neighbor Michelle and other people. Last fall I had a restraining order placed on her. My neighbor next door to me hew witnessed Jo jo and Koban screaming and yelling at me. So it’s not like no one hasn’t seen her and her craziness. People have. It’s been non stop. Every day Jo jo writes some thing. all crazy things. And everything Michelle says is right about Jo jo. And I can list others that know her nuttiness. Dude. there is some thing seriously wrong with her. And I have told Michelle over and over. I wish like hell I never met her and her son.

    • She is nasty, Charlie. It’s sad that the apartment manager didn’t do anything to her, about that. After all, Jojo tormented her neighbors on their property. Jojo needs to be evicted from there.

      What she did to Michelle’s husband is unforgivable, too. I know why she dit it. Jolynn likes using her kids as an excuse to bully other people. She can’t do that as much anymore, since they’re now adults. That’s another reason why she doesn’t want her kids to grow up. She can’t use them as much anymore. So that’s why she made up that lie about Arianna getting pregnant and that Tim was the father. Not only to stir up drama with Michelle, but also Jojo is this sick bitch who fantasizes over having that control over her children back. A baby is a way to get that control. What a lowlife piece of shit! Her kids were better off with their father.

      Now, Jojo was saying in another post that Arianna is now moving to Quebec. Last month Jojo said her daughter had a baby and was moving home. You can’t believe anything this woman says, she’s so full of shit! Jojo is fucked up in the head.

      • Silent Night
        Holly Night
        All is Calm
        All is Bright


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