Complaint / Review: hiphopminute.com – hiphopminute.com launched by hu …


Complaint / Review: hiphopminute.com - hiphopminute.com launched by hu ...IMMANUEL BELCHER (main owner), HUSH MEDIA NETWORKS llc, EAE MANAGEMENT GROUP, Linda Jones (owner), Tiffany Gaines (owner), KIMBERLY JONES, VIP GOLD RENTALS, AMADA RECORDS, david walter wells (owner), EAE RADIO, IMMANUEL BELCHER (owner), amadarecords.store, DJ GRID USA, THE DJ GRID, CREATIVEIMAGEBOUTIQUE OR CREATIVE IMAGE BOUTIQUE, VIP RECORDINGS, PREDICTEDPLATINUMRECORDS OR PREDICTED PLATINUM RECORDS , priceroyaltypublishing, ssglobalmedia, ssglobalentertainment, Jsdl Enterprises LLC, Pressure Media Networks LLC, DIAMOND LEE, ridinhighmusic.com, AND OTHERS has at the equal time normal a new rip-off going with the aid of way of the choose out of hiphopminute.com and it is some different one of their magazines. Do now now no longer buy any producers or preferences from them. They can additionally smash your title due to horrific opinions like they did to special victims. Disclaimer: This is a evaluation of my trip with them and it is truthful. Proof is out there in a easy google search.

Discovered on Sun, 29 May 2022 12:35:2 GMT

Discovered at: Complaint / Review: hiphopminute.com – hiphopminute.com launched by hu …


  1. Jolynn Farr. Can you forgive me. I’m so sorry . To done what I did. An it making you’re PTSD get worst. Plus I’am attension getter. An you got allthem readers reading all your’re post. I wanted them to read aboult me. An I’am sorry fore phone harrassing you to. An my Tim. I was mad he alway’s talked to you. An give you the up an down look. It made me jelous of you.

  2. So now you’re pretending to be Michelle, and then using another name, posting nothing to cover up that previous post. You’re pathetic Jolynn. Annoying idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet.

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    • And Michelles pretending to be you and Rusty. And she keeps the games going

  3. Jojo,
    Look up my Instagram account. You’ll see my house AND my pool 🀣🀣🀣

    • Buy where are you. That can be any ones house. But where are you.

  4. Michelle did not write the first post. Jolynn Graham Farr wrote it, pretending to be Michelle. Michelle has been tormented by her psycho ex neighbor, Jolynn Graham Farr for many months.

    Jolynn Graham Farr from Tucson, AZ is a vicious, psycho stalker and an abusive individual. She has three or more restraining orders out on her from various people. Jolynn is a compulsive liar and she even makes up evil, horrible, embarrassing lies about her own children, so people will pity her and give her money. Jolynn Graham Farr is a freeloading scumbag. She is so horrible, she makes Casey Anthony look not as evil.


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