Nichole Niki Patarozzi — Morris, Illinois


Nichole Niki Patarozzi — Morris, Illinois

I am in a lesbian marriage and this girl was my wife’s best friend. She is supposedly straight. She stayed at our house for a week at Christmas and was all nice to my face but I could tell something was off. Of course I was told that they are just friends and I was being paranoid. A couple of months later my wife asked for a divorce with no good explanation as to why. Last week I caught them both at a hotel. They spent 5 nights there while I stayed home taking care of my wife’s mother. As I suspected, this “straight” girl has been screwing my wife for months. She broke up our marriage and the two of them are now planning a future together. Of course my wife will be the one hurting when Niki is done with the thrill of this fling and goes back to men.

Discovered on Sat, 19 Feb 2022 13:52:41 GMT

Discovered at: Nichole Niki Patarozzi — Morris, Illinois

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