Melissa Baker Kansas


Melissa Baker   Kansas

Dear Melissa,

You know who I am but you know nothing about me, you don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t know my marriage. All you wanted was something to make you feel better with your miserable life while destroying someone else’s. But that’s what homewreckers do. They prey on others to try and make themselves feel better. I pity you. The fact that you can somehow find satisfaction by sleeping with someone else’s husband your life must be pretty fucked up. You may think I’m the weak one, it was my husband that cheated, but in all reality it’s you that is weak. You’re too weak to find a single man, you’re too weak to fulfill your own needs you attempt to pry into someone else’s life. What you should realize is that your kids see how weak you are and they learn from that. So not only are you low but you’re teaching your children to be low as well. I am praying for them, praying that you will get your act together and start teaching them right.

As for my husband he will face his own consequences, he has to answer for his mistakes not me. I will not defend him and I will not make excuses for him. His behavior was just as selfish and weak as yours. And I will be sitting back enjoying the peace in my heart when karma gets you both.


The Wife




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