Courine Borowski — Oxford, Michigan


Courine Borowski — Oxford, Michigan

You know that girl in the friend zone that is nice, but secretly far crazier than you could have imagined. You think you are friends with her, but behind the scenes there is a horror movie type obsession happening. In her head, she’s having a relationship with you. She’s planning your wedding on Pinterest. She’s telling her work friends about all your romantic encounters. She’s printing out your newest profile picture and adding it to the collection on the creepy stalker cork-board in her bedroom that resembles a shrine to the delusion of a relationship that never happened. That is this girl…. but it gets worse. When you do start dating someone, really dating someone, she goes all “Single White Female”. She doesn’t care that you’re not into her. She can’t let go. She is now going to do everything in her power to end your new relationship. She’s going to post fake ads on other websites to make it look like you’re cheating on your current significant other. She’s going to add you to this site. She’s going to blast meme after meme about you all across social media. She’s going to threaten to kill herself and she’s going to text you like non-stop until you have no other choice but to block her from your phone. She even made up a fake new boyfriend so she could try to come across as happy and unconcerned with your life while hiding in the shadows and plotting the downfall of your current relationship. For a while, I thought it was innocent. I thought she was just so pathetic because she was lonely. It took some time to realize that she is just completely crazy. She is definitely suffering from some sort of delusional disorder. She belongs on this site, as she is currently trying to destroy my happy relationship. If you meet this girl, stay far away!!!

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