Desiree Lamas Queens, New York


Desiree Lamas Queens, New York

In 2006 this whore Desiree Lamas from Queens, NY had an affair with my husband.  He is no angel but she knew very well he was married and I had a 3 year old and a newborn at the time. She would call, chase him and leave voice mails.  He would spend most of his time visiting her at her job (She works at a Hotel in Manhattan) bringing gifts and occasionally spending hours or nights in one of the hotel rooms. She was the hotel manager so she could basically screw my husband any given day. My husband’s way of telling me he was screwing her was very painful he bent me over the sofa during one of our arguments he came up from behind me forcefully and pretended to dog style and said this is how I f**ked her with a smile on my face. I was subjected to a very long and painful experience with two babies to take care off. I was in a painful Narcissistic marriage with no friends or family to turn to. I was subjected to stay home and raise my children while he worked and took on the financial responsibilities. My husband insisted he made more doing over time in 2 hours compared to me working full time. I called her and begged her to please stop and she made it clear she would not because they love each other and she was also going to f**k him no matter what. She was also in a relationship with her boyfriend (baby daddy) and was also hiding the affair. She is a mother of two kids from two different men. The affair lasted for two years. My husband was hiding most of the affair. Eventually she moved with her boyfriend to Maryland for a few years.  My marriage resumed and we were happy until June 2012 she contacted my husband resulting in a 95 minute conversation while my husband was supposedly at work 12am. She moved back to New York to pursue my husband they talked for hours and she last told me she would wait till he leaves me to get to him. My husband is just as guilty as she is but she is a woman with kids of her own and should know not to mess with married men!  She had the nerve to move 2 blocks from my house!! My husband got away with so many abusive and horrific behaviors to me and our family but not this time. Mind you we are in our 30’s now. Please expose this trashy whore!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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Discovered at: Desiree Lamas Queens, New York

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