Jessica Jacobe — Antioch, California


Jessica Jacobe — Antioch, California

This twat’s name is Jessica Jacobe. I guess my story starts off 2 years prior to this. I have known my boyfriend for many years currently weve been together for two years. He started cheating wuth this nasty slut with his first family, eventually ruining it do to the fact that she gave him chlamydia, and his baby momma (while she was pregnant). When my relationship started with him he swore she was just a fling nothing serious. After about 6 months messages started surfacing, time lines didnt add up i confronted her and she swore there was nothing going on. I pass her very regularly and it takes everything i have not to claw her face off. Well its come to my attention that she has been regularly haveing an affair with my fiance. I have two children, and this nasty slut works at concord chuckee cheese, antioch chuckee cheese and the new attraction round1. I cant take my children to any arcade in the area without the stress of seeing her. Im humiliated. This slut needs help. Or a vibrator something to keep her legs closed.

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Discovered at: Jessica Jacobe — Antioch, California

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