1. As her neighbor, I have seen a lot of men and women in and out of her apartment and they seem to be enjoying themselves from what I hear next door. Everything you need to know is on her website. Rebeccacislak.com. She’s an alcoholic whore and will give it up for a drink and a smoke. Good luck with her.

    • Hi Michelle… I think Hellen is a better fake name than the EUNOHOO… You should continue using it…
      I hope you have a fantastic day like the one I’m having. I just wone up. And I gotta rush. Me and Lori are in less than an hour are getting together at 1pm. I only got less than 30 minutes. It’s going to be another great day.

      • Why do you accuse every poster of being Michelle? That HELEN poster is obviously from Toronto, which is nowhere near Tucson. Other people post on here, you know. You sound like a paranoid fucking loon, accusing every poster of being Michelle.

        • EUNOHOO. Who the hell else would it be. No one else has the time and dedication. Plus you don’t work nor leave the house. I think you’re an Agoraphobic. Afraid of leaving your place.

          • Whatever Michelle does is her business. Stop being so obsessed and jealous of her.

            Where she goes is none of your business. Where I go is none of your business!

          • I don’t care what you do or where you go. I just know you don’t go any where. Well at least to a job. You stay home all day. You are a very sick mentally ill person. That I don’t think can function in the real world. Yeah Jo has a lot of problems. But she does make an effort to change. You seem stuck in this contant every day loop. And you don’t know how to get out of it because you can’t. You tell yourself that everyday. You are not good enough. Why bother I’ll just fail. Why even try. My Mom did this to me. And you’re fear is losing your husband. One day he will be gone. So you wrap your whole world around him to try and control him. That’s your life. Yeah. Jo has her problems and they are a lot. But she makes an effort. And you don’t even try.

          • You don’t know me bitch. You keep accusing me of being someone else., while I troll the fuck out of you, you dumb cunt!

            Jolynn Graham Farr from Elevate Apartments in Tucson, Arizona is a fat fucking pig! 🐷 She pretends to be several people on here. The bitch is batshit, and she sucks as a parent! She makes up lies about her own children, and forces her son to work two jobs, and steals his paychecks. She also takes money from her ex husband, in back child support pay, that she doesn’t need. Jolynn also collects welfare, and illegally sells her PUSSY on the side, to desperate, ugly Mexican men. This woman is 55 years old and has a phone sex scam going on, where she posts pics of some girl half her age, claiming to be her!

          • Shut your ignorant, fucking mouth, Jolynn! Just shut the fuck up!

        • Like hell I’m paranoid. I’m not afraid to leave my house. I leave my house every day. I work at TMC. And no I don’t have to take the kind of drugs you take to function every day.

          • All you do is cuss and swear. I thought Jo was bad but you are far worse. And line I said she maybe what she is. But she makes an effort and you don’t Michelle at all. You live in your miseralble world. And that’s all your doing. You made that life of unhappiest. But you don’t do a thing to change that. And your mad. Angry. Very Bitter. And that’s all you know and ever will know. And no one wants to be around that and around you.

      • I’m surprised Michelle isn’t using the pict with the man with a green face. Like she has with the other fake ones. What am I saying. She probably will. I leave work early around 4. I always leave Fridays early. Have fun this weekend Jo.

          • I’m not Michelle, but you are Jolynn. You are seriously fucked in the head and need to be locked up!

  2. Jolynn Graham Farr from Elevate Apartments in Tucson, Arizona is a fat fucking pig! 🐷 She pretends to be several people on here. The bitch is batshit, and she sucks as a parent! She makes up lies about her own children, and forces her son to work two jobs, and steals his paychecks. She also takes money from her ex husband, in back child support pay, that she doesn’t need. Jolynn also collects welfare, and illegally sells her PUSSY on the side, to desperate, ugly Mexican men. This woman is 55 years old and has a phone sex scam going on, where she posts pics of some girl half her age, claiming to be her!

  3. Sorry, this post is about a slut named Rebecca from the Toronto area. I don’t know who Michelle is or what you all are talking about. But if you’re looking for a free fuk in Ontario, her website is rebeccacislak.com and she advertises herself and posts naked pictures. I am her elderly neighbor and wanted to share my opinion of her. This woman is trash. I hope she is evicted from my building. I don’t mean to start anything about anyone that is not Becki Cislak. No harm intended. Have a good day everyone.

    • Ya right michelle. We know that you are pretending what… Now be this Hellen… So hiding behind the screen name EUNOHOO isn’t enough for you michelle…

    • Lol. You are an Eldery Woman posting with language like that. I don’t think so. Yes this is again Michelle your not Hellen.

    • The EUNOHOO is not a real person. Its sccually Michelle Corner. That used to live in the same complex as me. So dont be fooled cuz this guy EUNOHOO is acually Michelle pretending to be him. So she can continue to harrass people under a false name…
      Ask evreyone on the other bloggs. They will tell you all aboult Michelle. And that shes schizophrenic just like her mother.

  4. What in the world does Michelle have to do with this Rebecca woman? I am not even talking about anyone you know. Are you from Toronto? Then this post has nothing to do with you. Why are you attacking me for speaking my mind? And yes, a 74 year old can trash talk just as good as younger folks. Maybe even better. Have a good day, I hope you find who you are truly mad at but I assure you, it’s not me and has nothing to do with this woman Rebecca.

    • Helen, I apologize for the idiot Jolynn Graham posting on here. She is a selfish woman who thinks the whole world revolves around her and that nobody else has problems, or other issues of their own. She is so narrow minded, and selfish, that she refuses to believe there are other things that go on, which have nothing to do with her. She believes that nobody else is posting on here, except her friend, Wendy and her enemies Michelle and Charlie. She is also paranoid and thinks that every poster is this Michelle that she doesn’t like. This Jolynn woman is nutty, paranoid fruitcake, and it’s best to ignore that scumbag.

      As for this Rebecca, yes, she does sound like bad news. Most men aren’t stupid, though. They can spot a gold digger a mile away. If she is a user, lots of men will quickly turn the tables on her and use her. Just inform the men she’s a gold digging tramp who only wants their money. If they have any sense, they’ll stay away from her.

      • Thank you for explaining her behaviour. Yes, this is a very public site that thousands of people view and post on all over the world. I’m in Canada, there are certainly more than a few people here. I was just puzzled why she was so upset about my opinion of Rebecca. Makes no sense.

        Thank you again and letting others know exactly what REBECCA is like is exactly what my goal was to do. I watch men fall into her web and I can be afraid to say something in person, Becky can be very scary! But this was my outlet to hopefully have people look at her own website and see for themselves who she really is.

        I appreciate your help dealing with this random person who is upset about something that has nothing to do with her.

        • Don’t let the EUNOHOO fool you. She’s acually Michelle Hughes Corner… I think she pretends to be Rebecca to… To harrass people under a fake name so nothing she says can get traced back to her. Michelle do’nt got any freinds and when she lived at Elevate Apartmens in Tucson. Not one person liked her.
          You know shes so derranged that she lied to charlie wilkens saying she was in court 3 times against Hojo and it was all made up. A complete lie… Along with telling him that the police showed up to arrest Hojo. But they did’nt. She made it all up. Lied to him. I don’nt think he knew untill it was posted online that Michelle Corner completely lied to him aboult evreything…
          I think he knows now… Because of the other bloggs.

        • Ya. Dont get duped Hellen… Michelle Corner. And the EUNOHOO. They are the same person. Michelle pretends to be the EUNOHOO to be able to harrass people online. If you Google Michaelle Hughes Corner Tucson. Tons and tons of bloggs pop up. And you can see and read what people say aboult her and harrassing people online under her fake screen names

  5. RebeccaCislak.com. She is my disgusting neighbor also, just a few doors down from Helen. She has men and women passing through her apartment at all hours and walks around the streets with rats on her shoulders. I’m elderly, and God tells me to not pass judgement, but this women truly is selfish and likes to have an a lot of alcohol and, shall we say, company. Pray for this child. Or visit her as she asks you to on the website. The choice is yours. Just please, try to be quiet for the sake of others living near her.

    • I hope Michelle aka Gayle… You have a fantastic day like me. It’s going to be raining all day. Hopefully your Tim do’nt gotta work. And him and you will well you know. Do the bag over your head thing. My Son asked if your Tim spanks you when him and you. Well you know…
      Well hopefully today will be a good day for you. I know its a strougle to be happy and positive. But if you just give it a try and smile thats a start. Deppression sucks… My old neghbor were I lived b4 Elevate she was a manic Deppression. And like you. I’d say good morning. She’d say. Whats so good aboult it. She never smiled too. I dont think I ever saw her laugh… I’ld say well have a nice day… And she’d say. Ya if it be a good day. And I wud here her complaining aboult the neghbores… I do’nt think anyone liked her. Then miraculassly she meets a guy from one those dating online hookup sites. And she moved…
      Okie dokie I gotta go.

      • Again, the person Rebecca Cislak is not who you know or should care what people say about her. However, If you would like to help spread the word of this wrong doer, gold digging, homewrecker, feel free to plaster her face on hookup sites and maybe get some of your frustration with “Michelle” out of your system. My only problem is Becky Cislak. From TORONTO. Website: REBECCACISLAK just plaster that all over hookup sites (particularly Toronto area) and there you go. Her website tells everything you need to know and will surely garner her some unwanted attention. Someone you can humiliate and harass who actually deserves it. Seriously, I have no beef with you but you sound like someone who likes revenge. Me too! We are just after different people. I’m hoping if you can do that she might finally be evicted from my building. Have fun with this bitch. Please! Feel free! 🙏


        • RebeccaCislak.com. Sorry I posted the website wrong. Really, have a good day and I am sorry for any misunderstanding here. I think we all want homewreckers to burn in hell for eternity. On that we can agree.

          • Hey Michelle… I mean Hellen I’m sure Rebecca do’nt give a rats ass what is posted online… Lazt nite my son went on the web and couldn’t even find her FaceBook or anything… She don’t exist… Just like you and michelles other screen names… Rusty. FAZ54. Nunsence. RamzPaul. EUNOHOO. And other screen names to…
            But hey nice try Michelle trying to dupe us… But as you seem to 4get we aint stupid…
            BA-HA HA HA HA HA HA

          • If you go to shesahomewrecker.com and just search “rebecca” she has two posts there. Her Facebook is very public as well.


            I somehow get the feeling that there is no getting through to you. Is the person this “Michelle” is mad at named Rebecca? What made you post on this thread that has nothing to do with you? I really don’t understand.

            Now that you have basically buried my grievances with this woman I am truly angry with, I will find another outlet to vent on. There is no point arguing. I am somehow in the middle of drama that has nothing to do with me.

            Oh and Gayle is my hood friend. I asked her to come back me up here because this post is all about Rebecca Cislak, not whoever you are mad at. I’d like to get back to the subject at hand and that is Rebecca Cislak is a problem. Did you check RebeccaCislak.com? There is no dead link it is a live site. Anyway. Please stop lying about me and allow me to air my issues about someone causing me hassles in my life. I didn’t come here to get more from strangers.

            Still puzzled why you decided to comment on someone from Toronto and you think I am someone out to get you. I’m so confused.

            I wish you prace in your life.

          • What’s intresting is this… No one else calls anything a thread but Michelle… And no one posts aboult my spelling but Michelle…
            And also… I mispell things on purpose… Because a dead give away is… Michelle and alk her fake names remind me… That my spelling is horrible and that I posted this thtead and that thread.. Look and read the bloggs ooops I mean blog… See if anyone online posting posts say thread… You will no one does… Just like no one says…. Word….. Or whats cracking…… Or crackalakin…… But definitely no one says…. Thread… Except Michell Renee Hughes corner in Tucson. Arizona…
            So it’s a dead give away that Michelle is you…
            BA-HA HA HA HA HA HA

          • We actually want Michelle to go burn in hell… She’s an Athiest and a huge Trump supporter. And she’s on SSDI. That’s Dissabillity in case if any1 wondering.

          • Helen,
            You should report her to the admins. I’m the Michelle she’s always talking about. She hijacks other people’s threads in order to bury her comments. Jolynn is a very foul woman. She posted my friend’s social security number, DOB, address and phone number. We don’t know how she got that info but I’m waiting for her to post mine because I got something for her if she does. She’s been harassing/stalking me for over a year and it’s all because she’s jealous of me and the life that I have with my husband. Any time ANYONE else posts a comment she automatically thinks it’s me. Because that’s exactly what she does. Posts under fake names.
            Anyway, I’d report her to the admins if I were you. Maybe they’ll get sick of her crap and finally block her.

          • Exactly, Michelle. The admins need to block her IP address. She should not be allowed to post on here. The nerve of that woman, always thinking the comments section are her own personal blog. 🙄 What an attention whore Jolynn is. 😒🤬

          • See what I mean Hellen… Michelle says threads to…
            Very suspicious… That you Michelle and even the EUNOHOO have said threads… But no one else does…
            Hey Hellen lets say for a sec you are a real person…. And not Michelle pretending to be you. Here’s how you can proove it…
            Email me at.. Jolynngrahamfarr@yahoo.com

            And I’ll email evreything I have on michelle that will show you how crazy she is… She even told people she was in court 3 times suing me… But there wasnt any court… And I have a letter from the court saying so… Along with a letter from the Tucson Police saying… That no cops went to my apartment to arrest me… She told people that police went to my place to arrest me… Evreyone knows michelles full of shit…
            And no… I did not post any thing aboult anyone of michelles freinds. I did not post there social security number or date of birth… Check the bloggs. See if theres anything with there info… I can tell you there isn’t…
            Michelle is a lier. She makes all this shit up because she’s schizophrenic…
            Oh wait you allready know this… Cuz you are michelle.

          • EUNOHOO… Aka michelle…. Michelle you know The administration won’t Block people. Trust me I know… I emailed them. My son emailed them. Koban emailed them. Wendy emailed them. Lori too. And look… Nothing was done…
            Hey Michelle… Have you heard from your gay Charlie. He got the letter I sent. With the proof fron the court. Saying me and you were never in court those 3 to 4 times as you claim… And also sent him statement letter from the police saying that police never came to my place to arrest me. And michelle told him there was court and police at my door to handcuff me…
            Hey Hellen heres charlies email… Charlieowilkens2@gmail.com. heres his number. 310.988.0422 he used to be neighbors where michelle used to live. Ask him… Text or email him. He knows Michelle lied to him… And he know manipulated him to post things online. Report Jolynn for than and for then. .. Ya she used him as her pawn. They were freinds for years. I dont think they are any more. Michelle just used him. She asked him to contact Wendy to gather information aboult me. She asked him to report me…. Michelle tried to have my Dissabillity taken away. Saying I commited fraud… SSDI investigated me… And found there was no fraud…
            Ask this guy Charlie… See what he says… he will telly you..

        • Okie dokie Michelle. We know you are pretending to be Hellen…
          You cant fool us. We are way smarty than you think… In fact. We are way smarter than… We will not be duped by Michelle… Tims boney ass oranged hair trailer trash on SSDI Dissabillity wife…
          Ba-HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

        • Okie Dokie Michelle… What ever you say…. We love the Drama… We love it.
          Michelle…… You should keep ptetending to be this Hellen… We all agree that we tired of you pretending to be the EUNOHOO…
          Koban pist as fuck at you Michelle. .. He says he did a drive by last night… In one his freinds cars… I told him to send pix as proof… And I be posting it on my FaceBook…
          Did you read charlie’s post aboult you and you Tim’s info being posted online… He’s such a Drama Queen… BA-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • That web link doesn’t work Michelle… It’s a dead link…
          And my son went on the Dark Web to look her up… She do’nt even have a FaceBook page…
          Mmmmm very suspicious Michelle…

    • First Hellen posts aboult this Rebecca… Then this Gayle… Just to try and thro us off to having us think they are two real human beings…
      There as real as Michelle accually had court those 3 times… There as reas as the police came to my door to arreat me. They real as the EUNOHOO… There as real as Michelle not martiet to her Tim…
      They all Michelle trying dupe us…
      Ai t gona work bitch… We ate way to smart.
      To be duped by you. Michelle.

      • Michelle is nothing but white trash. AShe fucking lies all the time to harrass people.

        • Hi Koban…blocked any toilets lately with your massive, fat, pipe choker turds?
          💩 🚽

          • The administration wont block me or anyone… Remember michelle you had people contact them… And what did the administration do… They did Nothing..

    • Michelle must of refrest the poster in order to do all that.

  6. I woke up early. Looks like a nother wet day. I was gona meet up with two freinds for breakfast but not if it’s raining. I love rain. I just do’nt like driving in it. And same with the craft fare. When it’s raining no one will go out… I made 90.00 at the fair last Sunday. Which is okie… I was hoping to see allot more doggy gift baskets and treats. But 90.00 better than making none. So today I think I’ll stay in bed. Keep warm… curl up and watch a few movies…I boughted a few more from Bookmans. My Blu-ray collections getting huge. They selling them now 3 for 5 bucks. So yaaaaah. I picking up as many I like. So that’s my plan for to day.

  7. I can say… I am having a fantastic day…
    I dont know aboult Michelle Corner…. I can only guess. Today is just like any other day…
    Home. Alone. A deprived wife… That sits and waits for her Tim to get back. From his long day Security Guarding… She dont work… She hasn’t done shit 💩 since the Army and is on SSDI.
    We are so happy here at Elevate. When she moved out… Elevate been so quiet… Rvrey day she was reporting people. It got to the point where Krystal would tell Janet… Here she comes… Then when Michelle would leave krystal would say. Than god she’s gone.

  8. Well it never rained… So me an Lori are going off shopping… Lunch… I do’nt know but were ever we go. We will have fun…
    I dont know Michelles can do it… Sit home and stay in and do nothing but posting on the posters and bloggs…
    She’s hom… My son checked this app he got from the dark web. You put in the cell number and it gives the LOC info where the person is at. .. Cuz she’s not posting and the EUNOHOO not posting… Its the afternoon. Michelle must be talking a nap. Her Meds do that. Makes her droussy… To the point she knocks out… Her Tim much love that… Cuz if hes hom when she’s napping… He do’t gotta heat her nag him all the time… Talk aboult the bloggs… He can play his Shoot em Up game in peace…

  9. And still Michelle corner run her mouth and Queefs in her husbands face…… But can not back up her claim of the police coming to my door nor there being any court days… She can’nt provide proof because she lied and made all the shit up….
    And thats what she does so well. Making the shit 💩 as she goes.


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