Serena Muniz 3rd times a charm, Serena Not Fit


Serena Muniz 3rd times a charm, Serena Not Fit

Serena Muniz 3rd times a charm, Serena Not Fit

She’s popular on here, too bad she’s not in real life like she pretends to be. This woman who acts like a teenager has burned every bridge in the state of Arizona. She pretending to be an influence and begs people to Vote for her as “entrepreneur of the year” when she has not worked in years. She preaches how to do this and that, but can’t even afford to live. Everyone knows she’s a complete leech, in fact people in the community found out she owes her recent apartment complex over 40k in back due rent while her recent tit job is financed, & she over here collecting unemployment and not paying her rent. she can always afford to shop, and buy followers tho. Wait, maybe now that her useless self is back on ONLYFANS she can maybe afford to eat and help out her celebrity boyfriend. This poor dude has no idea who this bxxxx really is. Wasn’t she fuking that actor iN LA for a while the whole time she’s had a boyfriend. She doesn’t need a long post to show how awful she is, just go read the other ones. She still owes girls a bunch of money from taking their payments and never training them. Don’t think we forgot about that. Get a life. She loves her dog so much but always leaves him alone and in a cage while she prances around the world on other peoples dime. Some dog mom to a rescue. Poor dog, and her poor parents raised such a crappy human. Yuck.

Published at Mon, 31 Jan 2022 1:30:2 GMT

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  1. So this chick is the most disgusting DRD b1tch ever. Pawns off her kids just to get drugs an fuk men knowing full well that she has DRDs. How do I know this well I was one of the people that went to fuk her and I couldn’t even get her clothes off without telling her to go fuking shower cause she smelled so bad I nearly puked. Maddie is known for fuking her boss and a bunch of other girls and guys just so she can get lines of blow and other drugs for herself. She screws people in front of her kids and thinks it’s ok to do so, it’s fuking disgusting of her especially in front of ur own children. She claims she sober and everything yet that’s the biggest fuking lie out there. Michells she’s the most useless waste of skin there is around and should not have her kids anywhere around her. Can’t believe this fuking twat waffle still has them and does all this fuking sh1t and gets away with it like fuk she’s the most dirtiest slore I know an thinks it ducking funny to play people the way she does well guess what u little fuking slore I’m done seeing or hearing about this sh1t and u deserve to rot in the sh1t ur doing u DRD slore.


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