Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville – Disappointed Customer Dec 04, 2021 @ Pi …


Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville – Disappointed Customer Dec 04, 2021 @ Pi …

Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville - Disappointed Customer Dec 04, 2021 @ Pi ...



We stayed at your resort hotel on November 4th and 5th. We had two rooms.

We had came to Biloxi with our 3 adult children to visit my son who is in the military before he deployed

1. When we checked in we were told that your pool-water park was NOT open and no other pool hot tub was available. I was never told or say that disclosed when I booked the rooms in fact that was the entire reason we stayed with you. I could have got a way cheaper rate at other near by hotels.


When my sons went to their room – they had NO shower curtain of all things a shower curtain how do you at that point shower with out flooding the floor. He first called the front desk no one answered. He then went to the front desk personally the lady on duty told him I am sorry those people are gone for the day we can get you one tomorrow WHAT – so can we move rooms? NO I am sorry with Covid restrictions in place we cant do that – hmm so I just paid a lot of money for a room and they cant shower until the next day?

Seriously that is HORRIBLE customer service

3. One of the rooms was DIRTY – honestly if you are so worried about COVID – Id be afraid of the room not being sanitized. Their was dirt in the bathroom floor and yes I have photos of it – their was plastic hang tags from clothes like someone had purchased and torn off – their is no way it was dusted within at least a week. Yes I took photos of the room due to the disappointment of such a large name and resort having such horrible service and cleanliness.

Again your front desk was NO HELP.

I was beyond dissatisfied with our experience – on what was suppose to be a wonderful family time before our son left.

We all came from various parts of the US for this – so imaging our disappointment. I have been and stayed at your Florida location – and never experienced this – if this is the service and establishment you represent your giving Jimmy Buffet a bad name.

I hope to see you work to improve your customer service and definitely cleaning – of all things a shower curtain I am still shaking my head.

Thank you

Curtis and Amie Crawford

WA State

Location: Kennewick, Washington


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