Shyla Lee Smith Pepsi addict POS Mom


Shyla Lee Smith Pepsi addict POS Mom

Shyla Lee Smith Pepsi addict POS Mom

This fukin deadbeat mom is such a sloot and pepsi addict. She tels every dude she has the chance to fuk how her baby daddy beat her but she still fuked him for years after they split. all she wants is attention and free drugs. Her kids never have any food, they want to be with their dad all she does is look for her next party. She will fuk anything that pays her any attention. If your looking for a stage 5 clinger who will drain your supply here she is

Published at Mon, 29 Non 2021 18:3:1 GMT


  1. This snitch loves to get ppl caught up for a get out of jail free card all while she can be a junkie on the side and not just that she runs around posting ads of herself all day long so she can have sex for money to do drugs feeding her nasty addiction for shooting up h3roin She loves smoking meth and staying up and standing in the mirror for hours caking on her makeup and trying on every bra she has to see which one makes her boobs look bigger just to take selfie after selfie and she will take hours just to edit them thinks she the hottest out there well think again. she isn’t done yet after all those selfies after making sure to post on her and snap chat which is pretty much her only fans cause she loves the camera more than her boyfriend. I mean fiancé. That’s right guys she was engaged to This guy until he got put up for selling drugs not that long later she’s married now. What a Surprise. They always leave when they go to jail and a week later have another one waiting…. of course she acts like an Angel and Denies ever doing any of this but I’ve been there to see it all. Karma will come back to bite you sloots, watch out. In person you’re not even pretty your attitude really helps that too but caking all that make up on and pushing your boobs up really high just makes you look even more like a sl0r3. Find some makeup remover or stop wearing out those filters.

  2. EUNOHOO I mean Michelle.

    I found the Shame Shots page you made of me. Thanx for posting my pix. And you say I start shit 💩.. Nope. And you done a bunch pages. The other pages are linked. And don’t say it’s not you. Cuz I kno it is. You are BUSTED.



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    August 2, 2022
    Even if you say Michelle you didn’t do the Shame Shots. Then who. ???? Oh must be EUNOHOO then. Which is still you. Cuz the EUNOHOO is listed making a comment.

    Remember when I said I had proof. I kept sikent till just now. And I posted a comment today to on that page. Michelle you are Busted. And Leonardo has the screen shots of the Shame Shots page.

    I thought today be a good day Michelle to expose you.

    So readers. On my Golddiggers I posted a link to the Shame Shots page. Michelle made that page a month ago. Lets all say it….. Busted.


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