Serial side-w***e


Serial side-w***e

Serial side-w***e

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Cheater History

Malena Skelton – Roberts

This homewrecking side w***e will most definitely not feel even a bit sad she is destroying your family or f*****g your husband. Has done this with many different husbands and families. Has no couth and will send you pictures of her rotten s****h with your husband’s d**k in it. She is most definitely the nastiest trash s**t I’ve ever seen. So what’s the allure you ask? This nasty w***e will do anything you ask. Including letting you p**s in her mouth. Yes that’s right. This toilet bowl guzzler has no problem doing anything to make your man look her way. Lazy and doesn’t work cuz she’s searching for another man to take care of her so she has all the time in the world on her hands to devote to trying to steal your man but she does it all while lugging around her one child so she can act like she’s a good mom, but devotes no time to cleaning her filthy house. She deserves a metal on the nasty trash w***e top 10 for sure. Do not trust that b***h. She’s got herpes and she’s not afraid to share with your man. All accusations are 100% verified and heard from the horse’s mouth herself.

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