Don Thornton Cadillac Reviews


Don Thornton Cadillac Reviews

Don Thornton Cadillac Reviews

  • Nov 25, 2021

Son took our car in because it had rough idle in the morning after it been sitting overnight and very slow loss of coolant, had to add coolant every couple months.

They diagnosed it with bad spark plugs and said it needed crossover gasket. Cost 1200 dollars. He told them the cadiliac forum experts said the chances of it being the spark plugs would be very very slim because the car only has 50,000 miles on it but they said “its the only thing it could be.”

I got in my car the next morning and still noticed idle issue so i wanted to know if they fixed the coolant loss, well, a couple months later still had to add same amount of coolant. They fixed nothing!

They refused to refund any money even though they fixed nothing and said they would only give a discount off a complete head gasket motor job because they now say i need a 5000 dollar motor job!

Buyer beware!

Published at Sat, 27 Non 2021 21:33:3 GMT

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