A catfish of sorts


A catfish of sorts

A catfish of sorts

I say of sorts because my girlfriend and I have been together for the last six months. She lives 20 minutes away so we see each other regularly. I am starting to wonder if she is hiding something.

First of all I’ve never been in her house. She lives with her mother and brother. She insists that she doesn’t want me to see what her house looks like because it’s dirty. I told her I don’t care what her house looks like because I grew up in squalor in a very unclean house with dog feces, cockroaches, and the heavy stench of cigarette smoke. Even after I explain this she still won’t let me see the inside of her house

I’ve also never met her family. She met one of my aunts via FaceTime because all my family lives in other states. Finally I was supposed to meet her family on Thanksgiving, bit conveniently at the last second her mom and brother test positive for COVID.

I’ve been catfished in the past, so needless to say sirens are going off right now. I had been in a relationship with someone across the country who’s mother conveniently turn for the worse the day before I was supposed to board a plane. I also understand that this is her first serious relationship, so I always take that into consideration. I wonder if I’m overreacting, or if I have legitimate concerns.

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Published at Thu, 25 Nov 2021 04:27:01 GMT

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