So, a couple months back on OKCupid I matched with this 23 yrs old within an hour she told me she is 18. She took my phone number and texted normal all day. She was insisting on sending her up to date pictures. My dumb self does obviously thinking that person was real.

Later on that night (same night) we are talking normal. But she seems to be off a bit. Taking time to respond. She mentions “Text my sister if I don’t respond back” again me being naive she doesn’t text 10 to 15 min I say why not. Text the sister she is surprised I texted and says OMG she told me about you. Then we have a conversation she says she is 17 and is the younger sister. She is obviously flirty. While the other sister (If that) is alittle lovey talking love.Throughout the conversation it’s weird and then middle of the convo she says I’m 16 not 17 talk to me not her. She makes a statement saying “I turn 17 next month” Lol! Tell her to go to sleep and forget her.

Next morning after reading the conversation I block both users.

Is this a Scam? Has this happened to anyone in this community?

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Published at Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:13:22 GMT

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