was i catfished for a year


was i catfished for a year

was i catfished for a year

I met this girl on a discord server and at first we was friends eventually we made a server me her and one other friend and we developed a friend group. towards the middle of the year me and her got really close and i found out she had a crush on me so eventually we decided to do a long distance relataionship.

4 days into the relationship she ended it saying i love too much and wanted to be friends again. a week later she wanted to get back with me and she face revealed she sent a photo then deleted it after a second. what doesnt add up is she sent me a gamertag about a year ago and there was a tumblr page connected to it however the girl in that tumblr page was her pretending to be another female and had another girl as her pfp. was i catfished she admitted to lying about her name recently, and her po box was fake when we sent each other gifts (she never did, only i did) i confronoted her saying the address was fake and she admitted to that saying she had a fear of men online which made no sense. Was everything in this relationship fake, the tumblr page, her giving me a fake name, and she never video called me, we voice called maybe twice.

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Published at Tue, 23 Nov 2021 08:33:55 GMT

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