Got Catfished Now I Feel Like A Pedo (ADVICE NEEDED)


Got Catfished Now I Feel Like A Pedo (ADVICE NEEDED)

Got Catfished Now I Feel Like A Pedo (ADVICE NEEDED)


This is my first ever post on Reddit so forgive me if I fuck up something. I just started feeling happy, having too deal with clinical depression since I was a 5YO. I’m currently 15YO this story takes place when I was 13YO. When I was 13 I was lonely, depressed, had low self esteem and I shit ton of anxiety. In school I would get suspended every week for acting out in the classroom, messing with students, messing with teachers, you get the gist… But because of my IEP for my ADHD, I was expelled last trimester when I should’ve been expelled on the first. (8th grade)

Fast forward some time, my friend Markus 15YO (obviously not his real name) Introduced me too his friend Woodley 15YO. Woodley was fucking hilarious, I liked him. He had a little sister Lola 11YO which would always kick it with her friends Liz 11YO and Coco 12YO. Everything would seem good, but overtime I started too catch how Woodley would treat his little sister. I would talk too Markus about it and he would agree, though we never said anything. Example, telling his sister too rub his feet, demeaning her/calling her names, and always just treating her like she was a dog.

Couple months pass Lola’s freind Coco, told her that she would slit her wrist and abuse her meds/pills over text. Woodleys sister and Liz started crying. This hit me HARD, as I would do the same (abuse pills). Woodley was laughing about it, Markus and I just looked at each other in disbelief. Me and Markus finally confronted Woodley, something along the lines of “Bro that’s fucked up. why you laughing?” Woodley proceeds too tell us, “She’s (Coco) is just doing it for attention”. After some argument (don’t remember, the exact exchange) Markus and Me, comfort Lola and Liz. Me and Markus would always try too be nice too Woodley’s sister and friends.

Time passes by I’m freshman ,I was kicking it with Markus and Juan freind of mine. Fucking around throwing pillows at each other laughing, I decided too hop on Instagram live for fun. In comes about 5 viewers, all of them I Know exept one named Juanita. I ended the live and immediately hit up Juanita, because she was cool. I asked her too send what she looks like and bam, like a dumbass I said the classic “she bad asf say I won’t make her my wife bro I love her”. Ofc Markus and Juan laughing because we been over this before, I would find a girl post her on my Snapchat story say she my girl and next week have another girl and do the same. Juanita she was different, and don’t forget she had titties. We would talk day in and day out, I would ask her about her 200 snapscore and 5 followers but ofc…. Titties. Juanita always knew what too say, almost like we knew each other forever. She told me a story how her mom told her too jump off a bridge, because she was contemplating suicide. She told me everything I wanted too hear, but I felt like we had a genuine connection. We talked about sex, and before you know it.. nudes, though I never asked for anything in return I wanted too show her my Pplongslong and my dingily wonton. She liked it.. she loved it.. “send me more”.. Okay! Soapy wongslong, Bink è sôn come.. 2 more videos.. probably about 2 more weeks of talking, and my inner voice finally got through too me. Things started adding up, calculations, masturbating, trump getting accusations?? Yep… You’re ass is getting catfished.. I’m not going too lie, this shit actually hurt. I’ve been in two relationships in this point of my life, kissing dry humping usual freshman shit. Nothing has hurt when that reality hit, I felt safe talking too Juanita. Then ding goes my phone, Juanita wants too cut things off with me.. because she’s off too mexico? Probably sent about 30 text on Instagram, ranting on how “it’s okay you do you, be safe take care, I wish you well ect”. In reality I was hurting, knowing that I sent those text probably some old white dude with cranberry testicles that likes kids. This cycle repeats once more. she’s back from Mexico? Yay, 3 weeks pass by! Back too Mexico.. and we haven’t talked since.

Present time I added a new girl on Snapchat today, and she told me how “this one girl catfished you, and you fell in love with her”. Turns out it was Woodley’s sister. I feel disgusted man, I’m a sophomore now I believe Lola is in 8th grade. Not only because I trusted Juanita but because I stood up for Lola, and this is how I get repayed. You played with me, I should’ve known better man. I feel like a creep, I threw up just thinking about it. I have no doubt that her friends were in on it as well, it’s fucked how none of them where like “alright jokes up haha funny”. Today my anxiety and depression started coming back too me, I haven’t felt this way in a while. It’s like my stomach is sinking in on me, and my head can only focus on this no matter what I do.

I need advice.

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Published at Tue, 23 Nov 2021 09:01:30 GMT

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