Over the past 5/6 years, every so often I’ll get a message on either Facebook, LinkedIn, IG from a man I don’t know who claims they’ve been speaking to me on an online dating app. It isn’t me. It’s someone who has been using my images and a lot of pretty accurate information about me/my life.

All the men who message me are fairly local to my home town and one even approached me in a nightclub one time. The latest guy messaged me and after I explained it wasn’t me, he sent me photos the catfish had sent to him of my face photoshopped onto another girls half naked body.

My question is, what help is there for people in my situation? I see so much info about helping the person who had been catfished but nothing about the person who’s photos (and in my case, whole identity) had been used.


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Published at Sun, 21 Nov 2021 21:31:04 GMT

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