Man from Morris county


Man from Morris county

Man from Morris county

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A man from Morris county
Is a s**t, liar and piece of
Low life trash who uses women
He had a penal implant
That he can barely keep
Up and a nagging piece of
Spanish trash who has a cleft
On her chin like an ugly b**t face. She got a gap
And hides jer Down syndrome
Eyeball with shades to hide her
Ugly face. He runs when she calls She don’t have s*x and uses the h**l out his broke a*s

Both are desperate to
Get business deals
In insurance. They are scam artist. She needs to go
Back to her country. She is here illegally and he is a drunk and druggie addicted to p**n. His black a*s should be on Megan’s list. Nasty a*s

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