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  • Oct 17, 2021

I was contacted by “Rebecca” stating she wanted to purchase an item I had advertised on Facebook Market Place. At first, she was going to overnight a cashier check for the purchase, roughly one week later I received notice she was USPS Priority delivering the check.

The next day she emailed stating that her husband’s secretary might have sent the payment for the item and included payment for the moving company. So the check received was $2200 too much.

She asked if I would deposit the check into my bank on October 18th and forward the excess to the moving company. I called the credit union the check was cut on, they informed me the account number was invalid, and there was no account holder by any of the names she has provided to me.

After Googling her email she has no social media presence, her phone number provided did show she has attempted this before with Facebook Marketplace transactions, stating the seller needed to return the overpayment for the moving company, then later stating her husband didn’t want the item and the seller needed to return the purchase price, Unfortunately, the seller was charged back the entire check amount because it was a fake check.

Published at Fri, 22 Oct 2021 22:33:3 GMT

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