Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida – Worst Cheaters


Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida – Worst Cheaters

Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida – Worst Cheaters

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Date: 3:57 am

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Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida – Worst Cheaters

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Published at Mon, 18 Oct 2021 5:15:1 GMT


  1. Hey so some idiot here over thru up all over the walk way. Jeezus ******* Krist. An now is Monday morn an it’s still there. Satday I opened the slider to let the dogs go out. An **** 💩 I could smell it. I took a pix. I wish I could’ov posted the pix but on this site wo’nt let you. OMFGAFM it’s still there. I can the lazy maintenance guy being off an not giving a rat’s ass. But now it’s Monday an it’s 11am an it’s still there. An I do’nt mean just there. It’s all over the walk way. In from of my apartment. I called the Office at 9am an left a message. 2hr’s later still there. It’s all dry now. Been baking in the sun for over 2 days. It looks like nasty scrambled egges mixes with hash. ******* nasty ass **** 💩. This what I mean aboult this place here at Elevate. 1st of the month they want there ******* rent. But what aboult keeping the place clean. They do’nt give no ****. That really pist’s me off. It’s ******* thru up. An it smelled all Satruday. Ok. I’m not going to stay mad. I’am going to calm down. It not worth staying mad. If the Iffice do’nt wanta do **** 💩 aboult it okie. But if I were innerested in renting an saw dried up thro up. I would not rent. That’s just plain nasty. An the diseases. Flys all over it. Bugs. No wonder why where always infested with roaches and bedbugs. All righty all mighty. It’s time that I shower an get myself looking good. My sons here today. Teachers meeting so he gets day off. So him an me are going to get lunch. I miss Sweet Tomatoes.

  2. So today. I am ******* pist off. I went to Wal-mart. I needed to get a money 💵 order. So I am in line waiting an waiting. An wondering what taking so ******* long. So I looked over to see. This Mother ****** after he got his cigarettes had the cashier at customer service ring up his entire cart of groceries. An the line was getting longer an longer behind me. It took 15 ******* minutes. The guy didn’t want to go thru regular checkout. It ******* held us all up. So when he went by I said. Lazy Mother ******. Go to regular check out like the rest of us. He stoped. Turned a round an pushed my cart wich hit me. So I called him a mother ******* wet back. An we went at it. No 1 shoves a cart at me with out a fight. People in line saw the whole thing. An they all got into it. Security came. Then Police. If the guy paid for his **** 💩 at regular check out like ereryone else. None of this woud’ve gone on. That Wet Back cussed called me a fat bitch. No one calls me that an I just let walk away. So ereryone in line went to my defence. Told the Police the story. And the mother ****** was arrested. Good. I’am glad. For what he did. Shoving the cart an having it him me. Then cussing to me an yelling at the other ones in line. He got what was coming to him. An see. People speak up. That mother ****** shoud’ve done what we all do. Get his Cigarettes an go to regular check out like us all do. An not be sleazy like he did. I even spoke to the manger and said to her that he held us all up because he was to lazy to do what we all do. Go to regular checkout. And I told the manger that the Courtesy counter isn’t suppised to be used for grocery check out. An look how long the line is over one guy having the courtesy girl ring up his entire cart of groceries. That’s not right to hold us all up like that. And look see. He starts **** 💩 and a fight breaks out. An look see. The mother ****** gets arrested. So that started my day. Getting me all pist off an **** 💩. Well an I speak up. An I do. That was in justice. An I not going to let some ******* wet back take advantage. An the people in line all say. They glad I spoke up. They made me feel like a hero. An when the mother ****** was cuffed an walk away. The people in line clapped. So ya. I did good. I was a hero. An a few video it on there phone to. An it shows the Wet back guy in peoples faces yelling at them. Him shoving o e the guys in line to. So ya. I am a hero. An they all clap when he get taken away. I did good.

  3. Hey, Jog Farr, quit trying to bury the original post with your senseless drivel! Embarrassed much? You should be. You must be the original poster who is stupid enough to send dick pics to girls who don’t want them. You are really dumb for showing your face in that photo. That’ll teach you, you pervert! Since you like exposing yourself, looks like your girl done exposed your ass for real! I bet you won’t be sending unwanted dick pics to anybody anymore. Dumb ass!

    • I’m a Woman I got no duck. You stupid twat. My name is Jolynn Graham Farr. And I will post what ever I want. It’s a free world an it’s the 5th Ammendment to post what we want…. Oh btw… If you saw my pix as you said you did. You woud see that I’am a female not a male.

      So go **** yourself. Cuz nigga what you said is pure stupid. You write it as you think I’am a man. Nope you dumn ass twat. I’am a woman. Look me on Face Book. I live in Tucson Arizona. An my son is Kaember Farr.

      So befour you run you lik ******* mouth off get you fax strait befour running you’re ******* mouth off. Cuz nigga. What you say. Was meant for a guy. Nope I’am all woman. An guys look me up an down. They like what they see an eant it.

      So there. An btfw. Go **** you’rself.

    • **** you. An I bet this is Michel Korner that posted this. I know it’s you. You the only ******* cunt that would. An know what Michells. Kelsey. All along be telling me that she knows you the ones that do it. An btw. She tells me ererything. So they’re you have it bitch. An she does’nt want to cut off her connection. If you know what I mean. Cuz my son just gives her the stuff an he do’nt charge her. So huh ya. She not going to **** that up. So Michelle their you have it. Kelsey tells me it all on you. You no good peace of trailer trash. Oh ya. Bitch. How’s your money 💵 pit going. You finding it tough getting the cash 💰 you need to make the repares on it. An what is you morgage mmmm less see. Under 800.00 right.

    • You’re a dumn cunt. With no friends. An you stay home all day with not a thing to do. So ya. You can kiss 💋 my ass bitch.

  4. So I reported Tamika today. I told the office that she’s a pig and her pit bull is always out on belcany ******* 💩 an the ******* dog barks all the time. The dog is mean. An I sware. If that cunts dog ever bites me. I will sue her ass. I told the office that nigga has trash and dog **** 💩 inside. She’s living at Ekevate Apartments in Tucson with her two kids an two adults that not on the lease. They are alegal occupants. That bitch been here 5 months am them two others to. With her two kids. So there you go Tamika. I got the word out on you. The office knows.

    • I just membered something. I foregot this to. I member she told me she know’s Michell. An how so. They talked on Aliens. That nigga an her are friends make sence now cuz after I started talking to her last year. Tamija would asked things. An I tell her. An Then Kelsey would be talken aboukt it. So Tamika woud tell Michell an Michele would tell Kelsey. If Kelsey never ever say anything I’d not know. But she did many times an last night I was up at 3am. An I started using my head an thinking. An I said oh **** poo. Michelle knows Tamika an got that nigga to talk an squeeze info out of me. Well nowe what. I’am gona give than nigga faje **** 💩 to give to Michelle an later when Kelsey talk aboult it. Then I will know for shur.

      You been cought Michelle. You are B U S T E D. An now that my Face Book is back open. I am gona tell ereryone.

    • Yeah. Tamika has sex with my husband. Why you think I hate her so much

      • I bet she gave him some good’ol loveing. An Tim liked it allot to.

  5. The alarms again went off here at Elevate Apartments in Tucson…… Not in my Building. I’m in building 2… I’m not giving what level I’m on because it’s no ones Business. And I don’t need creepsters shiwing up trying to get some from me. I’am not that kind of Woman just to give it out freely like Tamika is. She’s a hoe from the hood. Any way’s the other 3 building the alarms go off. Over again an again.

    Last year took over 2 months. They sent people to rewrire ererythin. Two ******* months. An evry night they had the fire people here. Over night. For two ******* months. The rewiring was done in October. An still the ******* alarms go off. TBone in Building 3 first floor in apartment 3116 told me. Renters complain to the office and the office just makes up exuses. The two things the office here is good for…… Collecting the rent an making up a good story. Lol. They are pathetic liers. I do’nt get how people that way. ******* tell the God Damb truth. I do. I do’nt lie. Check my reputaion thumns up or down on here an the other blogs I got going. You will see moorthumns up than down.

  6. And Jojo’s number is: 706 504 8321.
    She likes to eat AS$ and take it in the AS$

    • Call it an see. I hav’nt had that number in years. I love how stupid people are. Least you not as dumn as Michelle Korner is. But Tamika you are still pretty stupid. But the gain you an her are friends. But we all got stuff two things in common. We alk hate Donald Trump. An we hate Elevate Apartments in Tucson. An Tbone here Tamika. Tbone says you can come over for supper an he’ll serve you up some grits and collard greens.

    • I known Jolyn for a long time. We been chattin for 8 months. I keep sayn to her move here to Florida and you live with me. I kind of got a thing for her. And she knoz it. But she still sayn no to me. So Tomeker So that you know. Jolynn been harassed by a lot people online. So be a smart Woman and don’t listen to Michell. Jolynn says you and her know one another. Michelle gets people involved. She says do this and do that. She instigates people to do the dirty work. So Don’t do it. If that Michelle wants something done. It should be her doing it not having you and those others. Jolynn is a good babe. And Michelle been trying to get Jolynn Evicted and Fired from her job. She’s a very bad person. And I mean a very bad person. Jolynn says Michelle takes psychiatric drugs. That should say something about her mental stability. And Jolynn’s a good person. Michelle just likes to make things up to get Jolynn going.

    • That’s Michelle pretending to be Tamika. The other day I was at Tamikas an as me an her talk’n more posts being made. An how cud it be Tamika when Tamike didn’t have her phone in her hand.

      Plus Tanika has a flip phone an it not a smart phone. Also Tamika does’nt got a computer. So how can be her. It can’t. It’s that ******* cunt Michelle pretending to be her.

      • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

        Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

        An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

        NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

        On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last yr an Pretending to be so many people.

        I do’nt **** a round like you do.

  7. Tamika I got a busy day. So you an Michelle can talk aboult it all day. Gossiping an talking **** 💩.

    I am a CEO for Equis Financial. I got a job. An you an Michell Korner got what for work. Nothing. You both do’nt wirk. Got no ******* job. Tamika you on HUB an Welfare Food Stamps. Muchelle on Dissabillity an Food Stamps. An she married to Tim. She married the 1st guy that woud say yes. Lol. An Tim do’nt make allot of money 💵 money to. An he supports her lazy body red head ass. While she sits all day at home doing **** 💩. **** the both you.

    Now I’m starting my work day. As a CEO.

    • My son got back. Now I can go to check cashing store and cash my check. 😃

    • You’re a CEO, and you wait on your son to take you to a check cashing place to cash your check? What a lowlife! 😂 Ever heard of direct deposit? Don’t you have a bank account? What, do you have a bad credit score under 500? You’re such a delusional loser! 😂 CEO, my ass! You couldn’t operate a lemonade stand 🤣

      • I’am married to Michelle. An let’s say. The Bourbon. Ya. If I was’nt dunk. I woud’nt of. Now I’am stuck. An she manipulates me to buy the first house the bank allow us to get. A real **** 💩 hole. If we just stayed at Elevate. Least there was a pool there. Here. All I got is this ******* money 💵 pit. An no ass for me to look at waljing tge two digs we got. My life now ******* sucks.

      • 😂 Michelle you so busted. And BTW why you at it. Shut your ******* pie hole you good for nothing whore. An you know. I knoe this is you and not Tamika. She aplogized to me a few days back. An BTW dumn **** I went over her place earlier. An I show’ld her all this. An as I was showing her an refreshed. A nother comment was made by you ptetending to be her. An how I know it’s you. Cuz you write the same way an you very repeditive an robotic like. Always the same **** 💩. You been busted Michelle. An I laughed reading what you wrote. Please do’nt stop. 😂

      • Say all what you will Michelle. You throw shade. But bitch have you looked in the mirror. You married the 1st guy that foolish enough to marry you. Cuz no one else ever would. An he works you do’nt. You are On SSDI. Social Security Dissabillity Insurance. An since I net you. You have never worked. An you like to call me a lazy Bitch. But what aboult you Michelle. You stay home. I known you 3yrs an not once have you ever talked aboult ever working. An a gain WTF. You call me lazy an all kinds of other horrible names. Hey so Ya. You filed Bankruptcy. An you went to Pima College. An you never finished. You dropped out. Ya thats right Readers. Michells dropped out of college. Lol 😂

  8. Omg. It just showed up in my mail. Just when I was aboult to give up. It came. Hurray me. Hurray me. I’am keeping it all to myself. Not even I’am telling my son. It’s all for me an me alone. OMG I’am bouncing with joy. Thank you Thank you. See good things happen to good people. 😄

  9. This is my Sons Birthday month. So ereryday I do some thing for him. He was born in 2000. It was a hard labor but he’s my joy. He’s just like me goal orientated. An he’s as smart as me. An he’s uses his gifts God gave him. Even tho he’s Atheist. Last weekend I surprised him with a party he had no idea. A few trusted people that live here came. And 4 others. It was a big party. Then they all went in the jacuzzi. He was so happy. Mt baby so grown up.

  10. I just made supper. My sons faverate. Spagetti Pizza. People ask me hour….. I buy frozen cheese pizza then take spagetti pasta and circle it in layers. Then pour pasta sause on tge spagetti. Then bake it at 250 for 10 to 15 minutes……. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Good.

  11. **** some one from my sons work gave him a dessert he ate earlier. It had dairy in it. My son has allergies to daury an other things. They gave him an IV. And a script from the pharmacy. She said it’s a steroid an a nither script of antihistamine. We just left Urgent Care. **** I yelled at him say’n you got be miore carful. People don’t know you allergies an your imune system is not norm. Good thing his United Healthcare pays it. **** she said it could be’n moore worst.

  12. Ho-Jo, you talk a lot of sh*t! Ain’t no man want you! You write all these posts yourself, you psycho!

    Tell you what…there’s a dude over in Tempe, named Peter Bromfield. He’ll take your generic, sloppy-second hand, Great Value azz! He loves crazy white wimmin like you. But let me warn you, dis nigga is off the chain! Possibly autistic. But since you is a white bi tch, he don’t care. He’ll treat you right. Go give him some crazy love, you bunny 🐰 boiler, old bat! 😆

    • No Tamika. I do’nt meet guys like that. I meet guys that are sucesful an has there life goals in order. BTW my Exhusbands. Ereryone them sucesful an had good jobs an made real good money 💰. So sorry Hoe. You do’nt know. You just lime Michelle an run your mouth on what is tip top on your mind. I told the Office that you got two people not on the lease living in your apartment. So be prapared to soon get an inspection. An next time you talk to Michelle remind her aboult her husband.. You kno Hoe what I’am talk’n aboult.. Ok.. I got to get back to work.. They did’nt make me CEO just to waste company time.. An while you sit on your black ass all day collecting Section 8. An Michelle watching her game shows. Have fun being all bougie an trying to be something you not. Cuz ereryone know you a getto girl.

      • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

        Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

        An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

        NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

        On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be allot of fake people online.

        I do’nt **** a round like you do.

    • Ya. I member that time we talk’n an Michelle’s Tim walked with that dogs. An we talk’n an he gave us the look. An you say. Honey once you go black you ain’t going back. An I laughed an said to you. He marry’d that boney ass bitch bitch. And it was at City Hall. Member.

    • I was just thinking. Tamika. Why do you just put your first name an not you full name. Or did you forget what it is. If it’s really you an not Michelle pratending tobe you. Cuz then you use it and not have it got said just Tamika. Mmmmmmmm I’am right on this.

    • Okie Michelle what ever. I kno this is you an not Tamika. Hey it’s that time of month again. Time to dye the grey out and color the carrot top color you use that ereryones laughed at when you were at Elevate. Did you even know that people were. You’re was’nt red at all. It’s crayola color orange. Should used Koolaid red instead.
      I ca’nt wait to see what you post next Michelle.

  13. I wish my son didn’t take the vehicle. I am in the mood to go to World of Goods. An I can’nt till he get’s back from work.

    • If you’re really a CEO, you should be able to afford another car, and not depend on your son getting home to give you the car back. You ain’t shit, bitch! Stop frontin!

      • Oh Ya. Know to how I know it you Michelle posting you bull **** 💩. This how I knoe it you. You ******* boney ass bitch. Cuz you do’nt know Tamijas last name. An if it her pisting. She’ld be putting it after her first name. An so you ******* cunt I know it not her it’s you Michelle. An that’s harrassment right there. An you really pist me off this time. Trying to deskise you self as some one inpersonating them which is so illegal. An this to Michelle. Wich you not know. Tamika apologyze to me. She said she sorry for ererything. So since she apologize why woud she be posting this bull **** the same day she said sorry. So you are busted Michelle. How it feels you ******* no good trailer trash bitch. That married the first an only man to say yes. And cuz he an you so broke. Both you get married at City Hall. An you live in a money 💰 pit **** 💩 of a house. No pool just a back yard that you both dogs crap in. I bet as soon as you marry him. You emediotly had him sighn you nane to his life insurance an medical an all that. I bet you did’nt waste no minute on that.

      • Lol. Michell that lives in Building 4 at Elevate. Do you read. Tamika is’nt posting this it’s you. You nasty red headed hoe. An Tamika right here. I just went to her apartnent. An as I’m showing her this. Another message you posted. How can it be Tamika posting when I am hear talking to her. An she do’nt not even got her phone in her hanf at all. Its you. You low life trailer trash hoe. Hear. Read below what I post aboult Tim.

        • Hi ereryone. I’am Tim. To let you ereryone know. I wish like **** I not ever marry Michele. Cuz now I’am traped in this bull **** 💩 of a marrage. An now I’am maried to boney ass bitch bitch. **** I’am so misserable now. I’am stuck with tgat fake carrot head twat of a wife. **** 💩 I miss looking at Woman like Tamika. Margaret. Laurra. Jolynn. Now them all had ass worth pumping. What tgey got in there trunk men want. **** damb I’m stck now with Michelle. The boneyest ass I ever had.

      • Yo Michelle. What you got going on today. Oh ya nothing. Just like every day. You do’nt do a damb thing. But ya. Fill you day pretending to be Tamika. An texting Charlie Wilkens an the other people you gossip to aboult me.

        See readers. This is how important I’am in Michelle lives. She jelous she is an posts **** 💩 all day to her friends aboult. Have fun going it. Cuz you aint got nothing moor ongoing with you day but this.

      • Yes I am guilty pretending to be Tamika. I was mad an I got loads of mental issues. An when I do’nt take my meds I go crazy. An as you see ereryone I did. I went ******* nuts. So sorry Tamika.

        • No **** Michelle we all ready know it. Just like you pretend to be Scott the Military guy an XAZ54. Thats all you too. You piece of worthless **** 💩.

  14. I had a panic attack earlier. An I thout of almost going to the hospital. But I took pills from the scrip the Doctor gave me an it helped. So that’s real good. But now I feel like a Zomby.
    I’ll post moor latz.

  15. Ok Michelle any thing you say. Just remember who bout a money 💵 pit an moved last fall from Elevate Apartmens to that shanty of a house you call a home. An with no pool. An Ibet since you moved in you not only knoe you’re neghbors but you know there business’s too. Just like at Elevate. You mind into people’s business’s. You meet a new resident not only do you ask what apartment they at. You ask were they work an **** 💩 aboult them. Then you talk aboult them to ereryone else. So Ya. I bet the same were you moved to. I bet you know there **** 💩 too. An for the record. You’re jelous of me. An you know I’am higher ranking officer in the military an you know I work for Equis Financial. So ya an you know I’am a CEO.

    • Oh Jesus! It was bad enough you were saying you’re a CEO. Now you’re saying you’re a high ranking officer in the military?! You better watch it, you dumb ass bitch! They arrest people for impersonating members of the military. You are NOT an officer of the military, you poser! They would never accept a moron like you in the military. Not even as an enlisted boot recruit! You’re incapable of taking an ASVAB test, let alone handling weeks of vigorous basic training without cracking up. You can’t spell worth AF! It’s obvious you didn’t make it through high school. They no longer allow high school dropouts to join the military. And as for you being a high ranking military officer? You’d have to have years of college; at least a bachelors degree. Plus OCS. If you don’t know what that is, it’s Officer’s Candidate School. Then, depending on which branch of service you are in, you’d have to compete with others for rank advancement; as in academics, physical fitness tests, how well you fire a weapon…etc.

      You are struggling competing with younger women for the attention of a man. You could never handle the military.

      • What ever you say Michelle. An ya. I know it’s you. Cuz a gain. Tamika said she sorry to me. An you do’nt know her last name an if she was pisting all this she would. So why do’nt you spend you time doing some thin today. Here’s a thout. Why not work on fixing up you shanty. The piece of **** poo that you call a house.

        • Hi ereryone. I’am Tim. To let you ereryone know. I wish like **** I not ever marry Michele. Cuz now I’am traped in this bull **** 💩 of a marrage. An now I’am maried to boney ass bitch bitch. **** I’am so misserable now. I’am stuck with tgat fake carrot head twat of a wife. **** 💩 I miss looking at Woman like Tamika. Margaret. Laurra. Jolynn. Now them all had ass worth pumping. What tgey got in there trunk men want. **** damb I’m stck now with Michelle. The boneyest ass I ever had..

          • You know Tim. You the 1st an only one that woud marry Michelle. I’am telling you if a nother guy praposed to her. She’d say yes. Or the guy b4 that and the guy b4 that too. The 1st guy that would marry her she’d say yes to. So ya. Your in a pickle now. Cuz if you ever desided to leave her an divorce. Trust me. That whore will take half of ererything. Arizona is a common law state. An she woud. Michelle woudtake the half of it. Even not putting a dime in it. Like you house. She put in no money 💵 but yes you divorce her an leave. She will take half of it. An half of ererthing elsse. Be smart Tim. Ooen a savings account secretly an put money 💵 💵 💵 💵 an I mean as much as you can. Cuz what money 💰 or anything of value. That whore will scoop it up. So Ya. Do’nt be no Dummy. Hide some money 💵 each week/each month. An then she wo’t get of it

  16. Sorry Tim. Now you’r right. Look at what you married. When you coud’v had a real Woman. Now you stuck with that. Tamika says hey Tim.

  17. I know. An Michelle wanted to marry so quick. She wanted City Hall. She not wanted to wait an save up money 💰 for real wedding. An then bugged ne in buying this piece of **** 💩 of a house. If we stayed at Elevate. Least their’s a pool there. Now I live in a ******* money 💵 pit. ****. You knoe. I need Boubon befour I can even picture banging Michelle. I imagine it’s some one else not Michelle I’m porking. Then when it’s over. I go back playing my shoot em up computer games. To get the thouts out of my head of what I just ******. Why me. Why did I marry her.

    • Tim I feel bad for you. I know this will make you feel better 💋 💋 💋 💋. Just think of this booty. Yes I know you’re smiling now. I’m glad I can bring some joy your way.

  18. There you have it readers. Tim let’s us know how he really feels. Wich I always new. Cuz who the **** in there right mind Marry Michelle.

  19. I’am married to Michelle. An let’s say. The Bourbon. Ya. If I was’nt dunk. I woud’nt of. Now I’am stuck. An she manipulates me to buy the first house the bank allow us to get. A real **** 💩 hole. If we just stayed at Elevate. Least there was a pool there. Here. All I got is this ******* money 💵 pit. An no ass for me to look at waljing tge two digs we got. My life ******* sucks.

  20. Ya. So readers. Michells husband the sorry sucker that married her. Guess where he works an how much he makes an hour.

    He’s a Security Guard the the Prison here in Tucson. An he makes less than what my Son makes. An my Son just had his 22nd Birsthday this month. An Michells Tim is moorttan 30 years older than my Son. An my son makes over 18 an hour. So suck on that Michell an take that up your ass while you at it to.

  21. This is a reply from Michelles comment from up above. And I also posted it here. I really want her to read it.

    😂 Michelle you so busted. And BTW why you at it. Shut your ******* pie hole you good for nothing whore. An you know. I knoe this is you and not Tamika. She aplogized to me a few days back. An BTW dumn **** I went over her place earlier. An I show’ld her all this. An as I was showing her an refreshed. A nother comment was made by you ptetending to be her. An how I know it’s you. Cuz you write the same way an you very repeditive an robotic like. Always the same **** 💩. You been busted Michelle. An I laughed reading what you wrote. Please do’nt stop. 😂

  22. I been texting my friend I known for a while. Me an her met on Face Book 2 months ago. Her an me got mutual friends. She from Alaska. I’am blessed to get Becky in my life. She been a great help when my moods down. Thank you lots Becky. An you have such a cute dog. Her dog names Brownie.

    • I had a long texting with Kelsey earlier. I filled her in. An I sent her screan shots I took. An Kelsey agreed that it was Michelle faking it pretending to Tamika.

      • Yo. Tamika (Michelle) I suprised you did’nt post anything pretending to be Tamika. Mmmmmmmmm I know why you not you ******* twat. Cuz I busted you pretending try’n make me think it’s Tamika when it’s really you. An you know only real ****** up people do that. People with serious mental issues an schizophrenia. Ya all that runs in you genes. It always get past down. Ya. You are a very sick woman very disturbed. An schizophrenic.

  23. Do I got the think’n right now. An all you know that I’am a very smart Woman. An I only do the best cuz as you all knoe I’am honest an only speak the truth. An all ways good things happen to good people. An I got a very high intelect. Top in mt class an I gone to some of the best school’s in our Country. An you get to go there with having very good grades. An I was a Stellar Officer an received very high ranks too. I know many langurages. English Spanish Russian an I was a tranlater to. An from there I went to special Ops with the CIA.

  24. Then after that soending 15 years. That’s right Michelle 15yrs. My Grand Mother got very ill so I left Service an went home an became her Caregiver. When she died she left me it all. So I used the money to buy a car new clothes an jewlery. Then I found out I was pregnate. An by luck. I Then I met my stunning Husband got married an 2 months after that had my Son Kaember. That was my 1st husband. If I remarry a gain the next one be what my 4th. It was the second husband that I got pregnant with my daughter. My second husband was the longest marrige. I think him an me where married over a year. He cheated on me with one my friends. Him an me we divorced an right after that he married her. I stopped talking to her. My 3rd husband. I do’nt like think’n aboult him. I was devastated when he no longer wanted to stay marriged with me. He was the best one. The other two beat me and abused me. I has 3 miscarriages cuz I was hit so hard. It still bring tears. I sometimes wonder if I did’nt loose any of them. **** one them babies could of grown up an who know’s mabey be President. We never will knoe now. After my 3rd husband. That’s when my health got really bad. Depression. Anxiety. Doubt. I had the ups an down. An saw Doctor afer Doctor. An I was given all kinds of medications. Today I take 12 diffrent ones. And I keep an Epi Pen too case I get an Allergic attack. I have diabetes to. Do you know I even got varicose veins an recently I started loosing my hair. Why do bad things happen to great an smart people. It does. I read that a while back on my horoscope.

  25. I’lI continued moore later. I’m dozing off. I got allot done last night. The sun just came out. An I just openned the slider to let the dogs back in. An half’n hour ago I took a sleeping pill. An now it making me vory sleep. Ok doky ya I dozen off.

  26. So I decide to let cat out of bag.

    Michelke Korner. So Ya. You do’nt know any this. But we got mutual friends on Face Book. An I had’nt said any thin on it. For months. So Ya. There you go. I told you so. You now know. Months. For months. Let me say. They like to chat. I even have you e-mail. So Ya. Have you wondred why you get so much spam. Well ya now you know why. So Ya. If you do’nt want you stuff to be giv’n out as freely. Her’es a suggeston. Tell them when some one asks aboult you stuff. That they do’nt do a show an tell. Ya so. They give you’re stuff out so will’nlee. I just thout I’ld let you now.

  27. Makayla Turner at Elevate. Met her year ago. She agrees with me. An she knows who you are. She has a dog. An also says that Tim talked to her. He yelled at her about chasing after her dog an not picking up her dogs **** 💩. An he was going to report her.

    • I told Makayla. Tim an Michelle moved out last summer. An all the people that new they left. Were so glad.

      I asked her what else. She talked about the office. Last January she was in line waiting behind a person. While Janet was on Facetime. Janet continued Facetime keeping them waiting. Makayla said the Woman before her was getting real mad. They ended up having to talk with Karen. An still tgey had to wait for Janet. Cuz it was something only Janet could handle. The lady in front of her line. Wanted out of her lease. She said she sick of the fire alarms still going off. Roaches in hallway. Trash all over. An Majayla was there to get someone in to check the leak dripping from the ceiling.

      • I know Makyla too. Me an her used to talk. Till she stopped. An I hear she talks **** 💩 behind my back. But she’s one to thro Shade.

  28. I said to Makayla if Elevate does’nt send someone fast to look at the leak. To call 520-665-6066.

  29. Yesday my Son into his smoke 🚬 buddy Jacob Palmer a neghbor here here at Elevate. He’s the guy that has Computer Smarts like my Son. They are master minds. Hours them two spend searching the Dark Web. An the best part Jacob teaches my Son and vice Versa. Other than Koban an Sam. Jacob is a better match for a friend. Koban’s a user an still does hardcore drugs an Sam well he’s only a pot head who does Security to. He goes to diffrent apartment places. Over night. He tells us. Most of the time he sits in his car an sleeps. Never been cought.

    • Sam an Koban both kniw Michelle I asked Jacob he says he may if seen her walking her dog. But not spoken to her. Same with Tamika. An he does’nt know Charlie Wilkens from building one 1st floor 1105. But Sam an Koban does. Koban dos’nt like Charlie. An I do’nt reemember what Sam say. It was’nt bad. Wich I was hoping for som’thing. But know. 😔 Sam said notta bad thing on Charlie. Sam thinks Michelle is crazy. An Koban does’nt like Michelle one bit. An helps me deal with the Michelle bull **** 💩. Last summer him an me went to Michelles apartment in Building 4. Koban knocked. But her an Tim already moved out. I wanted Koban to do a face to face with her. An set the record strait. An Koban a big guy too. But them 2 all ready moved.

  30. Ok ereryone. I got keep it short. I had my son buy steak an I’m gona get it worked on. Last night I made fried fish and scallops. OMG it was so good. We do diffrent meats an two nights a pasta. Mmmmmm so good. Michelle does TV dinners. Tim married a stay a home lazy **** wife. That do’nt know how to cook. She just heats up frozen meals. I cook from scratch an ererything made healthy. See Tim. You shoud’of married a Woman that knows her way a round the kitchen. Not a wife that nows herself around the neghbors gossiping an talking **** 💩 aboult people. Tim you married a looser.

  31. I got a letter in the mail today. It was good news. An I got a card from a friend of mine from Canada. People are so nice anvery generous. See as I keep say’n good things happen to good people. He sent me 100.00 gift card. An my friend in Canada. She is so sweet very nice. It put a smile on my face. Why ar’nt moor people like that here. I’am blessed having the good ones in my life. I bet Michelle does’nt got any one. I bet no ones sends her cards. I bet all she get’s in the mail are bills an letters from bill collectors.

  32. Wow. I not get even one comment from Michelles to day. I gave Tamika Michelles number. Last night. I bet after Tamika called Michelle yestday an layed it into her. Michelle got scared an backed off. An Michelle stopped posting. So not a one. I checked my other blogs. Zero. Tamika was pist off at Michelle for useing her name an pretendeding to be her. Good I’am glad. It shows how a coword Michelle is.

  33. That Faggot Charlie Wilkens do’nt know this. I chatting with his friends pages on Face Book. He did move. He ‘s living in Hollywood. An he moved last fall. So when he. Moved from Elevate. I thout he moved to somewere else here in Tucson. Nope peopmes on his Face Book page said he moved to California in the fall. Wow. Oh Wow.

  34. Jojo, I have a life. No time to reply to your mental ass everyday. If you really are a veteran, and not a poser, get help:

    National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

    If you are or know a Veteran who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you may contact the National VA Call Center for Homeless Veterans. These resources are also available to Veterans’ family members and friends, VA medical centers, VA partners, community agencies, and service providers. Call 1-877-424-3838, 24/7.

    • Ok Michelle. Thanks for the info. Did you forget. I think you did forget. I told you that I was at Tamika’s place. An same time I’am talk’n to her. You were posting remakes on. The same exact time. An BTW. Tamika cell is one them free ones. Her cell do’nt got internet. An Tamika di’nt got internet at home. She has no computer. So how can Tamika be messaging on here. I think it’s so funny that you keep using her name. An she never knew I been in the Service. I never told her. An ya you got no life. Did you forget you used to live here at Elevate. An I’d see you walning your dog ereryday morning afternoon an at night. If you worked how coud you walk them dogs so many times 7 days a week. Ya. I’ld see you all the time walking the dogs an you gossiping with neghbors. I’m surprised you quit Pima College. Pima is easy.

    • If I were going to donate money.

      I would donate money to you n Tim. To go towards Your shanty of a home.

    • Michelle. I posted on Face Book a pick of the **** 💩 shack of a house 🏠 you an Tim lives in. So ereryone can see the money 💵 pit you to have. Me an my son did a drive by earlier today. I’am gona log on back in Face Book l8tr to see how many comments got made on it.

    • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V..

      Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime.. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

      An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

      NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

      On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be so many people..

      I do’nt **** a round like you do.

  35. You talk about your son an awful lot. Too much. Are you having sex with him? Seriously, are you fuc*ing your son? Is he the only man you have in your life?! Nasty a*s single moms raising their stupid kids to be the man they never had, or the man THEY NEVER WILL GET!

    • I’m a lieing cunt. A n I got no friends. Even what famly I got I never talk to or get invites to visit. If it was’nt me duping Tim in to marry me. I woud’nt got his famly to be mine.

  36. I decided to tell you Michelle you live at 3221 South Champlain Ave. Tucson. An b4 you were in 4206 at Elevate. So Ya see. Thout’Id let you know that I know an now you know.

    • I got mutual friends that you got on Face Book. An it do’nt take much to get them to talk. An Ya. They talk. They been talking. An they talk allot.

      • So ya. I lied when I said you got no pool and live in a Hobo shack. I just wanted to get you all pist off. An’no what. It worked. Lol. BTW. I so many times did drive by’s with my Son an’a few times with Koban. Ido know how pull you’re strings an pist you’da **** off. Am I right or what.

        I figor since you keep pretending to be Tamima. An try an fool me. That I’d get the cat out of the bag. An prove that know you at. An no what. It pist’s you off. Do’nt it. It does. It pust’s you the **** off.

        • Michelle did you know you show up on Chexsystems. Yup you do.

          • So Ya. On Face Book I posted a ton of things an on the other sites I got going. An on Face Book Wanda asked a few questions. Ansi I’ll answer one. No friends that read my comments. No Ya. Don’t ever feel sorry for Michelle. Cuz what I know an’I know allot of **** 💩. I’m not the 1st person she’s harrassed. Ya ni I’am not. There plenty of others. An some lived here to at Elevate Apartment in Tucson. When Michelle lived in Building 3 there was a black woman that Michelle had huge fights with. An in sane bulding Michelle had fights with Tammy. An then thery’s Amanda. I’am trying to think the other’s names. I’ll have to look in my computer. I know I got they’re names. I just do’nt member the names. So Guys Ya do’nt ever feel sorry for her. She’s allways been a trouble maker. And people have said things to the Office here. The old manger April. An b4 her Dee. I member once saying something an Dee said I not the 1st. An she said to that people that owned the building b4 Elevate had reports aboult Michelle. Even back as far b4 me an mt Son moved in. An I reported Michelle to April a couple times. She left and Janet took over as Manger. So Ya. Do’nt at all feel bad for her. Michelle done her fare share. An look she even pretended to be Tamika on here a few times. An if you menber reading. I commented an wrote stuff exposing Muchelle. Who does that right Who disguises themselfes like that. She did. Read above. So ya. Guy’s.Do’nt ever feel bad for her. Email at Jolynngrahamfarr@yahoo.com an I’ll take pix’s of all the complaints I made to the office on her. I have least 12. So ya. Email me. Allrighty tighty nighty. I been up all night an time I get some sleep.

          • Ya. I wrote a few checks that bounced. An I not pay back the money an they closed out my account. So after I got Tim an manipulated him to say yes an marry me. I woud’nt have a bank to use. An since I his wife once I change my last name on my licence. I demanded to be on his bank account. Since I ****** up my Navy Federal. An I’am on his life insurance to. When he dies. I get a lot of money. An I’am on the deep to the house. I did all that right after we married. That’s right I’am a cunt an I know it.

  37. Member last fall when I said me an my son and one his friends. On the Black Web. You find so much. All he said was need a name middle and last anthe age of the person. An that’all. Cyberbackground.com is free.

  38. So you think you can doxx me? You think you can have your friends come over and sort me out, by putting an address up there? Who cares? Anybody can look up an address. You are no private investigator. So what if you got friends? Bring em! I don’t care, you nutty skank! You’re getting all mad, and shit, because I asked if you were letting your son have sex with you. You talk about him all the time, like he’s your boyfriend. Then you wouldn’t answer the question, when asked. You avoided the question. So it must be true. You’re having sex with your son. You’re gross! Just like Barb Chandler and her autistic son (now daughter) Christine Weston Chandler. The son was named, Christian Chandler, but now identifies as a lesbian and changed his name to Christine. He went to jail for molesting his senile mother. Does this sound familiar and sensual to you? Does this sound like the special kind of love you get from your son?

    • Michele why u still try an fake it as you are Tamika. An I 😂 laughed when you said I have sex with my son. I did a cut n paste an posted your comment on my Face Book. You shoud loom n see all the replies. People said what kind of person would say that. I said. It’s not Tamika. It’s the low life Michel an I posted pixt’s of you. An said that’s her. You should see what they wrote. I just checked. Up to 16 comments.

    • I’am going to send you a letter in the mail to you. An address it.Tamika. Lol

  39. Readers look this up. Http://www.carrotheadmichelekorner.com/exposedreport.org

  40. Hey. Ya. So if micheles going to pretent being Tamika. I’m going to pretend being her. Lol. So I’am gona make a few postings bellow pretending to be her. An I will get ereryone laughing.

  41. Hey. This is Michelle. An you all know what. I’m aused to be a real slut that was till I met Tim. An that I manipulated him laterz on to marry me. I did’nt care if it was City Hall ****. I would of married him behind a dumpster if it came down to that. I just wanted to be married. Honesly it could of been John Doe. I would of married him if he asked. But Tim was the 1st. An you think I was gona say No. **** ya. I got a husband an now he can take care of me. He works an I stay home. An know whats else going on. Actually I do’nt. I stay home all day. I do’nt do a. God damn thing. 9am I watch Kelley Rippa an Ryan Seacrest. Then afer that the game shows. The Price is Right. And I spend an hour Gossiping with my neghbors neghbors. An talk **** 💩 aboult people. Oh ya. I found out from Kelsey that Tim has the hots for Jolynn Farr. He wants to get it on with her. Soon after noon comes an I watch Days of Our Lives. I wonder who will be next to get posessed. Then after that General Hospital 🏥 Luke Spencer is dead. They killed him off. When it’s over. I open up the freezer an pull out frozen dinners. Microwave them. An have dinner ready when Tim get’s back. After that. I’m exhausted. An ready to go to bed. An Tim will be in the other room playing his shoot em up games. Next morning all the same thing all over again. Another day staying home as Tim goes to work. I wonder if this week he get’s paid. I need money 💵 to spend.

  42. Ok. I got tell it as is. I ******* hate Jolynn Graham Farr. There no’ne I hate moore. Ererything aboult her I hate. The 1st time I herd Time eyed her up an down an said. Mmmmm nice. An I herd aboukt threw the gossipy neghbors. I instantly hated her. An I tried hard to let ereryone know.

    Jolynn is a CEO an makes allot of money 💵. An I am jelous of that. She is ererything I want to be. Have good loving children. Married husbands with allot of money 💵. She has a brand new suv. An JoJo has very nice furniture. An I mean very nice all brand new brand names. **** 💩 you should see whay I got. I got mine from second hand stores. An look how what I wear. I look like Mrs. Roper from Threes Company. **** Jolynn’s closet is packed full of nice stuff. An she has watches. Jewlery an ri gs. Real nice stuff. An I got a wedding band thats nothing in compared to what she wears. My band do’nt even got a good diamond. It’s so ******* small that I do’nt think people can even see it. So ya I am jelous of her. Who would’nt be. I talk with Kelsey an I know she to Jolynn that I’am jelous of her. Kelsey got a big mouth an I know she tells Jolynn ererything. An Kelsey works over night at Wal Mart. Haaaa that’s cuz she couldn’t get a job any where else. So her BF got her in. But who am I to say. I a sit a home all day wife doing nothing but sit. Eat junk food. Talk to my 2 dogs and sit. So ya. I’m jelous.

    An I reported Jolynn for her son an people smoming pot an doing drugs. We at Elevate when me an Tim lived there was supposedly drug free. Nigga Free. An nope. So I reported them all. An Jolynn got pist. Well do’nt do drugs. An pick up dog **** 💩 neghbors an I woud’nt be reporting you to Janet. An I know the people in the office hate me. Cyz I mind into ereryones bizness an report one afer the other. Well. If I do’nt then who the **** will. Right.

    **** I gotogo it’s time for Y&R an afer that The Bold an The Butiful.

  43. See readers told you. I been sayin for months. Michells jello us of me. I’am a sucess an she at home bored as **** house wife. Married a security 💂 guard. So readers do’nt get mad at her. Just feel sorry for her. She married the 1st man to say yes to marry her. Beggers ca’nt be choosy right.

  44. I will got say. Jolynn an me got few things in common. We both hate Elevate Apartments. We both call. Office manger Janet a wetback. An that she is. An her husband Abraham. Gave me an Jolynn the eyes. He looked us both up an down. An Elevate moved him to another property cuz if it. An I here things he been doing the same thing there as he did here. Gross. Can you imagine me going with a wetback. Just the thout just makes me wana puke my guts out. An otger thing me and Jolynn got in common. Me an her hate Trump. Yea Jolynn. I got say. I do a gree with her on that. Trump ******* sucks. I still ca’nt beleve Americans so stupid to vote for him. For 4 ******* years erervry day his ass 🐷 was in the News. He’s a descrace an look. He did’nt listen to no one. An see how many innocent people died cuz of Covid. I was in the Service a few years. Those couple years You learn a lot. I shoud’ov stayed in longer. But my mental condition got me out. An be’cuz all I went thru there an the abuce my Fartger and Mother put me thru. Verbal. Beatings. An my Mother has mental condition. That **** 💩 got past down to’me. So I had a ****** up ****** 💩 life. So I ran to the Service running away from my pearents. An cuz hiw hard military is. I coud’nt habdke no moore an I got out. After being tested an it showed that I am schizophrenic. So ya. I take pills for it an pills for other **** pool I do’nt wana say. But I say this. When I Do’nt take them ereryday seven day’s a week. 2 times aday. I can get crazy. So ya. Me an Jolynn got in common that we hate Trump an Elevate apartments. An Elevate broke the law by telling Jolynn things aboult me an my rent. An they tells people I’am a trouble maker. An been reported by renters aboult me. So ya. When the oportunity came an Tim said yes. I married hin asap. An when we got the financing for the home. We took it.

  45. Well be sudes Tim’s pay check. I do get SSDI. Social Security Diissabillity Insurance. I’ve been on Dissabillity for since I do’nt know when. I think I’m up over 20yrs on it. An if I didn’t marry Tim an I was single with tge increase in rents. I do’nt know then what. My studio at Elevate Apartments when I 1st moved in was I think with Jasper an the water an suerage came. 515 a month. But I’m going back over 3yrs ago. Today the studios there are renting at 750. At that price. My entire Dissabillity be gone for rent leaving me 100.00 to live on. That is not enough to live on. Even if was 1000.00 a month and that’s 150 or so moor than I get it’s not enough. I do’nt know people do it. Honestly I do’nt blame Jolynn for going online an asking men to help her an making those Gofunme pages looming for donations. **** 💩. If I not married I probably woud’b to doing the same. An I get Food Stamps to. What they give me each month is better than nothing. One shopping trip an it’s used up. Do’nt ever loose the debit card. Getting a new foodstamp card is’nt easy. I lost mine once. Trust me I wo’nt ever loose it a gain. I go to food pantries to. There’s 3 I go to a round the area. That helps. An No. I’am not a shamed to. Not one bit. I was in the military. I’am entitled to Food stamps an SSDI an a few othere benefits. Do’nt even guess what the meds cost each scrip. **** I woud’be wiped out if I had pay. I’ams glad I do’nt. So ya. Like this. Any one to day that can find a way to be the system do it. Trust me do it. Thers’s allot out there for free. An trust me I’am not a shamed for what I get. An do’nt be you to. Only way to get a head is to play it up good. An when I say play it up good. Do it. Do’nt shower befour going to DES. Weare wrinkled clothes. Do’nt use deodorant. You want look as down an out as you can. Last time I went I did’nt wear makeup. I did’nt dye my hair. I made myself look as down an out as I’cud an it worked. It worked good. I even showed DES stuff from online that people where calling me names. Evry’thng you can show. You gota show it. They make copy’s of ererything. An if people are posting things online trust me bring it. Be’cus you can say be’cus of all the online banter. It makes you mad an upsets you. Triggers Anxiety. PTSD. The list goes on. An it helps you out allot. Look I been doing for so long. I know how to work it. An the rental office to at Elevate helped me. They wrote a letter wgat my rent was and they new the probloms here with tge neghbors going on. Yelling at me. Calling me names. All of it helps. An it is alk worth it. Be’cuz so nany services out therr. Even having the City you live in give a voucher to your landlord or rental office. Then you do’nt gota worry aboult rent. An ya. A gain play the part up good. Play the poor me act. That a long with what else I tell you on here. Will help get you all that I get. Now I gota make supper for my man. He get’s home in an hour. An any I dears you may got pist them bellow. Thank ereryone for reading.

  46. You either never watered an your grass all dried up and died. Or you never had grass.

  47. Jolynn, you are a whack job! You keep on posting to yourself, pretending to be Michelle, Tim, yourself and many others. But we all know it’s you, because you can’t spell for shit. Or you are someone pretending to be Jo, trolling the hell out of her. I saw your Facebook page and it wouldn’t surprise me any if you got an issue with trolls, because it appears the cheese has slid off your cracker some time ago. What a moron! 😆😂

    I am actually angry there are irresponsible men out there who impregnate nut jobs like this, that let these looney ass women raise the kids by themselves. These women aren’t capable enough to care for a goldfish.

    And when these women have sons that grow up, these sons still live with their mommies. They’re creepy and weird! That’s because they are having sex with their mothers! They slip the old cock and balls right up their mother’s gray haired, dry, wrinkled, old snatch. That’s why these guy never get married, or get a girlfriend and move out. They’re too busy fucking their mothers.

    Oh, BTW you are no CEO. You are too dumb to even know what CEO stand for.

    • What ever you say Michelle. Ereryone knoz it’s you pretending to be Tamika. Check the comments on the other blogs. Look at the comments on my Face Book. See what Kelsey says aboult you pretending to be Tamika. But ya. Continue to pretend to be her. You get the lasy laff lol 😂. Dumn ass fools

    • I did not post the above comment. That’s from Michel that used to live here. And so when you read all of this above this. That she says. Know it’s her not me. Jesus knows and she will get hers in the end. Amen to that.

    • Hey fake Woman. You pist the same way you been posting on the other sites. You are not this Tamika gal. You are the crazy lady that’s been harassing Jolynn for months.

  48. I hate ererything 2day. Mad at life. Mad that never got enough of anything. An I’am ******* pist that people like Jolynn Graham Farr is moor better than me. Why. Tell me readers why to people like me do’nt got anyting. An why coud’nt I get a better man than a Security Guard. IDFKWTFN. So ya. As you can see I’am having one ****** up bad day. An soon I have to make supper for Tim. WTF am I a ******* slave. Hell no. Okie Dokie. I gues’s I’an done bitching. But **** it. All swims a round in my head day after day. Day in an day out. I guess I’ll take out the frozen meat loaf tv dinner for Tim. An I’ll get out the same an zap it. I do I feel like a ******* slave. AnI am no Wetback Mexigan. Readers when you read this please comment. It all ways helps me. Thnx allot.

  49. I hate Jolynn an to be honested. I hate ererything on her. She’s a low life Getto mother ******* piece of shit. That wetback. I want see her just get what she deserves. An I know she loves the attenrion met gived her. They eye her up an down. Smile an say mmmmm nice. The other things I hate on her is her sucessfullnes. She’s a CEO an makes moormoney 💰 than the avredge Joe. I talk with allot peoples at Elevate Apartments in Tucson an they say same. They wish they made as much she made. Who’d the **** woud’nt be jelouse of that. I’am. She’s ererything Woman wana be. Maked good money 💵 be look at by men. **** 💩 even my Tim gave her the eye. Ya I’am ******* pist aboult that. Woud’nt you. What married woud’nt be. I’am a tall Women with dyed red hair an a boney ass. An she evan named her breasts. Tina an the Santa Maria. They are huge. An Tim get’s all turned on that. He even screwed a round with Tamika. That was befour he marry’d me at The City Hall. I hate Tamika. Ereything aboult her I hate. I hate her so much. I pretended to be her online to dupe Jolynn Farr. Jolynn a fat getto Wetback. An knoe’what. When I’m thru with her. She gona wish Tim never looked at her breasts. An who **** cares if she get PTSD from what I say. An get’s all up set an get her friend Smiley in volved. When I’am done. I’ll make her feel as she never will ever want to leave who two bedroom apartment first floor faceing to pool Building two apartment 1205. She’s a no good Getto blaster. **** I shoud call up her boss an tell him things an get her fired. Ya. I’am gona di that. That ******* piece of Wetback fat cunt going down. I ‘am gona. I’am gona call them up when it’s day lite an tell them ererything aboults her to them. An get her fat ass fired. An have her call the military police on me. **** Jolynn can call her friends at CIA she worked with. Call FBI on me. I do’nt care. Cuz I’am gona get you fat ass fired. Cunt. Once it’s day lite. An I’m on the phone calling them. Piece out Readers. An watch an see.

    • Whatever. Anybody who was really jealous would not write a book and into such detail over what they are jealous of.

      Jolynn stop writing flattering comments about yourself, pretending to be somebody else who’s supposedly jealous of you. 🙄

      If you really make all this money that you brag about, why on earth, did you get a Go Fund Me page, begging people for money, so you and your son wouldn’t be thrown out on the street because you didn’t have enough money to pay your rent?

      Is he the son you’re having sex with? You pig! He’s just a child! You need to be thrown in jail and put on the sex offenders list!

      Another problem you have is that you live beyond your means. You can’t afford to live where you live, if you don’t have enough money to pay your rent, and you have to resort to begging other people for money.

      You like to make fun of where other women live. You talk about someone living in a shanty of a house. At least they got a house! You are one paycheck away of being homeless yourself. You are not rich. Not even close. People with real money buy homes. They own homes. They don’t pay others rent for a shitty apartment. You talk about this Elevate Apartments like it’s Melrose Place. It’s just an apartment complex with bad reviews, in crime-ridden Tucson. Get a life, loser.

      • Lol. Michelle ereryone know’s it’s you using Tamika’s name. Becuz if this was Tamina. She slangs ererything when she post’s comments. An you give so much shape an talk smack. An BTW bitch. You are on Dissabillity. An your husband bought the house. Did you firget you filed bankruptcy. And that stay’s on record a very long time. A long time. An with a Bankruptsy. You not being able get get a loan for a house. An your’e credit is ****** up. An you got no money saved up. n no bank will give a loan. Not with a Bankruptsy an bad credit scored

      • This is for the lady that been doing the fake posting and playing it as she is me and she’s not. Jolynn yesterday said show them. So I did. I went in and showed the ones in the rental building this. And told them what’s going on. So they know. And said that Michels been know to get into harassing people. And they said she no longer lives here abd keeps it going. I texted Jolynn and told her. And she replied saying. She knows that the office knows about Michel. So the ones working here. They know all about her. And don’t get why she instigates it.

      • This is not me. Micheles this lady that is using my name on here. She’s playing on all of you. So just know it’s not me and it’s her. And she does’nt even know me or know my last name. That’s why she use ny 1st.

  50. An Charlie Wilkens you ******* faggot. You a stupid fool being friends with Michelle cuz. Look at what she posted. She wants to calk my boss an get me fired. I’m shaking in fear. Cuz I know she will. She’s jelouse of ne an my sucess in life. She a stay home do nothing all day wife on Dissabillity. I’am gett’n sick all iver it. Michelles revengeful an sge out to get me. I know her an you talk. Well ******* faggit tell her this. I got off phone with Special ops an I sent them her threat an they going to do a full investgation. They got her IP address. An lot’s other info on her. Let he know that threatening a Woman 👩 that has health problems in an out of the hospital. Covid 6 times in 2yrs. An cuz that I have Dissabillities an her threats to me get me so sick I do’nt leave my house. An I’am on medications an she’s try’n to get me even sicker. So Ya I had to report her to Special Ops. Tell you. Cuz She needed to know this all. OmFG I got so upset I threw it all up. See. I’m all sick aboult this. She’s maken my life a living hell. Charle you gota tell her this. She needs to stop. It could put ne back in the Hospital. So readers knoew this. Michelle doing this look read. I’am getting sick.

  51. Michelle Lady stop using my name. Jo knows all about you and it’s not me putting on the wed site. And I believe her. That’s it you. And she said the fucking shit you put on here. Only you know about her. And you are starting shit to get her all piss of at you. And you fucking Woman it’s pissing me off. So stop using my name. I know where you live Jo gave me your home address. Leave my name out of your shit. And leave me the fuck alone. And no your BF did not fuck me. And I did not suck on him. So stop saying I did. Fuck off.

    • What, do you think you’re the only Tamika on the planet? Get stuffed!

      So if Tamika isn’t my real name, then what is it? If you don’t know my name, then you don’t know where I live. You don’t know shit. Shut the fuck up, loser!

      You are Jo, pretending to be yet another person. You are a crazed bunny boiler! Get help, psycho!

      • You are not Tamika. You are Michelle An you got not a life. You sit all day at home. Waiting for your Dissabillity to arrive. An you are ******* mad. Good I want you to get even matter. Thats the whole idear.

      • To let you all know. I am not the One that been making the Tamika postings. And yes it’s Michele.

        And how many living in Tucson have my name. Tamika is not a big name around here. If my name was Jane there are lots of Janes. How many fucking ass people in this area named Tamika. Not many. So you think the 1 Tamika or mabey the 2 if there’s 2. Would know about any of this or another Tamika be living here in the same place. Awwwgh Highly doubtful. If you put in Yahoo searches and put in Tamika in Tucson I saw 3. And one them 3 is me. One is at AU. The other I don’t remember. Lots more in Phienix with my same name. I don’t think any of them would know Jolynn. And Jolynn says U’m the only Tamika that she knows. And I live here at Elevate too. The other two in Tucson live elsewhere. So it’s the crazy Woman that used to live here Michele that been pisting those comments pretending to be ne. Only a stupid fuck someone really fucking stupid would belive that it’s not Michele. It is that fucking bitch playing up that she is me. And Too. Why it only say Tamika not my last name. Because that fucking crazy bitch doesn’t know my last name. Or she would be putting it.
        Jolynn gave me her number. Other day I called. It wasn’t working. Iny bet she changed it because other people called her about the same reason I called. To tell her what they think. Why else would she change it.

    • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

      Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

      An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

      NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

      On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be so many people.

      I do’nt **** a round like you do.

  52. Ya. An’yu Michelle. Member befoure. On the other pages. From back a few months. I think Dec. When I wrote on the blogs aboult what April said laboult you when me an’afew people woud’go in the Office an report you. April woud’s say. What she do now. An another time I member her saying. Some one earlier came in aboult the same thing on Michelle. Hey ya. Do you member befour April Running the Office a nother Woman name Dee an a guy b4 her Carlos. I member talking to them an reporting on aboult you. Carlos say. That the Faggots that ran the show b4 Elevate took over. Them two Faggots told Carlos that the red head has a big mouth an almist evrey’s day come in aboult something aboult any one or any thing. An I member him saying to me. The Gay guys said. Just know what ever you tell Michelle. She will talk about it to who’ever will listened to her. An ya. Don’t tell Michelle anything personal if you do’nt want it to be spread to ereryone in the community here. Cuz Michelle will tell evrey body. An the Gay faggots warned Carloes a bout you. Then laters on Dee took over an told you that they fired Carlos cuz he was charging new tenants wrong prices an stuff. An you told anyone that woud liston. Kelsey said stuff. The Woman that owned Sassafras an a coule others said that you told them about Carlos ripping people off an rumors to that he over charged new renters ans he’ld kept the difference. You ran a round an told as many people this. An then some went in the office to see if they been over charged by Carloes. An told the Office you told them. An you scarred renters thinking all kinds of things. An some thought bad things right off with the Elevate staff. God that must been 2yrs ago. I surprised I re membered it all. I tell my Son and my daughter when she lived here with us. That if it wasn’t for having dogs. That I not meet anyone an get the earfulls on the **** 💩 that goes a riubd here at Elevate. We moved here when right Elevate took over. I member the Gay guys that owned the property when I did the looking. An few month’s later. They were gone an Elevate took over. An I talk to Dee an some Pregnate Woman.

  53. Hey Ya. Michelle.
    I re member you saying you get 3000.00…… If that was true. Then why the **** you lived at Elevate Apartments since October 2018 to 2021.
    An why do you take your dog to the ABC Vet in Tucson. That’s for very low income people that can’nt afford a regular Vet. Kelsey told me ways back. That that is where you go. So I call them last week an I pretended to be you. Lol. An don’nt you get AHCCCS. Arizona State Health Insurance. You got to be low income for that. **** 💩 I should show them where you said you get 3000.00 a month. AHCCCS cover what the military do’nt. An you wer’nt in the military long enough to get all the benefits.

    Cuz you’re full of **** 💩. You do’nt get 3000.00 a month. If you did. You woud’nt of filed Bankruptcy. An told people 3yrs ago you thinking of giving up you’re truck for a cheaper car. Cuz you’re paying 350 a month. An you told Kelsey it was to much an you wanted cheaper. If you were getting 3000.00 a month you could easiky afford that
    An here’s the kikker. If u where gett’n 3000.00 a month. Why did you rent when you coud’v bought a house. Right. And a Bankruptcy stays on a persons record for a very long ass time. That’s cuz you do’nt get that each month. You do’nt even get half that. Lol. An reason why you needed a husband. With out a husband. You woud’s still be living at Elevate on the 3rd floor in building 3. Does Tim know the real reason why you where so quick to marry. I wonder what he’ld say if Kelsey told him what it was. The real truth. Lol.

    So ya Michelle. You don’t even get 1500.00 a month. You are a ******* lier. Oh Hey. I forget you go by Tamika now. Lol.

    I call you out on all you bull**** poo. Hey. BTW The Vet sending me a copy of Jasper file to me. I called Friday last week. It shoud come today or tomorrow.

    Ok Tamika. **** 💩 Sorry I meant Michelle. Enjoy you’re day. An on The Young an The Restless. I’am glad Michelle Staffords back on playing Phyllis. I hated her on General Hospital.

  54. I sold my reclyner to day. I sold to Michael Speedmen. He an his wife lives in Building 3 on the first floor. I just put the flyer up in the laundry room today. An he contacted me. Said he wanted it. An ya. Cha Ching I sold it to him. I got it for free in December. So even if he only gave me 100.00 it didn’t cost me a cent. He paid 150.00 for it. An I sold the Eletric Fire Place last Sunday. For 200.00. I got that to for free by the same Famly that gave me the reclyner. Cha Ching. It was just never used. An selling it. Make scense. Makenzie that lives here to bought it. 😂

  55. I just finished making supper. My son working at Field Works an be done in 4hrs at 8p. An I need go an pic him up. Then he has the supper I made for him.

    Todays been a good day. My son got his work pay check an to morrow the one from Field Works. An my. Thax god for good news. So this week end I’am going thru stuff an probly sell it to. No do’nt think I gota sell cuz low on money 💵. No. I’am good on it. I feel if not used. Sell it. I got a flat screen to from that Famly. Neghbor died in his apartment in Dec. An I got given a bunch of things. Plus I think to. Those family just did’nt want to take it. So they give it all a way. Easier to give away than to move. An my son got his flat screen his room. I got one in mine to. Plus the big one in living room. So the one in the closet is the exta one. So I’m listing it . 100 bucks. 54 inch . with remote. It will sell fast. Ok. I got some thing to watch tonight.

  56. I ain’t gay, but what’s with all these homophobic comments? It’s “faggot” this and “gay” that. I’m for free speech and all, but this is just being flat out hateful. Jo, what’s with all this hate against gay men? Did your baby-daddy leave you for a man?

    And didn’t you have a problem with the Black Panthers, or another gang of angry black people, because they didn’t like you using the N word? You are skating on thin ice, lady! You’re stepping over boundaries that many others would not dare to cross. If you are a white woman, the only time you are allowed use the N word, is if you’re a girlfriend to a black man and are doing hardcore XXX porn with a 10 inch bbc jammed up your corn-pipe and that N word happens to be in the script. Other than that, you have no business saying it. You can say it, but expect repercussions, like getting fired, banned, or physically assaulted in a five-on-one beat down.

  57. So last few months I been play the slot apps. An’ben adding up points after points after points. I play some times 4 to 6 hours a day. I put some’thn on to watch. House Wives on Bravo. While it on or a nother show. I like the House Wives because I like watching how rich people live. I learn aboult them an see. Lisa Rinna. Daniel on the other one. The one’s in Atlanta. The New York one that had Bethany Franco. The House Wives of Orange County is the best. I like Tamra an Viki. So as was saying saying. I be doing the online slots. For months. I get so lucky. An’I been winning all the time. I’am half way there to win a free hotel stay. So ya. My goal is to win a hotel stay. I never been to Vegas. That on my Bucket list. I’am half way there. So in 6 months I got this far. I think if I keep going as I be doing in 6 months. I win a free stay. It was my friend Belinda Parker. I know her from when I was in Mississippi. Me an her went to the same school. An she know’s me. She know’s I was top notch in my school. An I excelled in Cheer Leading. Go team Go team. An all the Football 🏈 players wanted what I had to offer. But I was not that kind of girl. Not like Stephie Paulson. Stephie was a real whore. An sophmoor year she got knocked up by one guy and dating another. Now she was a slut. Belinda Parker me an her we the **** 💩. All the guys say. Hey Belinda. Hey Jo Blo. Yeah they called me that. But those footballers never got what they all wanted from me. Not once.

  58. So as saying from my comnent right above this one. So ya. Those were good times. An me an Belinda been freinds for long time. An she encourages me to complete my bucket list. An so I figure while doing the slots on the Vegas Casino App while watching all the House Wives on Bravo an the Kardashians on Hulu. Least 4 hours each day. Why sit an just watch when I can sit an play slots an Win a trip. Right. So far it’s working. As said. I am half way there. An I am nit gona stop. I’am on a roll. An I will keep rolling til I win.

  59. I got off phone with Tamike. The real one. Yes lol the real one. Not the fake Michelle one. I told her aboult the Vegas slots App. An she’s gona join an’do it to. An with her on it. I get bonus. Each person that does it. I get free 200 points. Just for each one that down loads it. So she’s gona do it. I gotted I think 6 frends that have done it. An the points just add’s up. If any you wana to. An it does help me out big time. The App is called Vegas Slots. When you get it in you phone. Then you register. An look for referral. Then put this in that spot. JoLynnGFarr40 thats me on it. Then I get the added points. An if you do. OMG thanks you. Thank you so much. It will help out allot. Love 💘 all you.

  60. My son an his friend been doing computer stuff all night. I went in kitchen to get a snack. It’s 1230am an I can hear them doing stuff. They surfing the internet. I can here them talking. My son says Wow you got in. An his freind says we did it. I wana knock an ask. He’l tell me all a bout it tomorrow. I think its so cool. His frend teach’s him. Nice of him. Thats how Kaember is. In order him to learn he has to be tought an’to it. Habds on. If you say can you go to the store an get a few things. He needs a list of what to buy. Or he’ll just buy Froot Loops milk cookies coke an’mor junk. His brain prossests thing’s diffrently. But show him the computer an he get’s it. An’hes got it. Like the switch gets turned on. But ask him to 10 ×10+ 225-75÷2-5=. He wou’ld need a calculater. I do’nt get it. He and his frend ate all the supper I made. I was hopping he wou’nt do that. Save some of it for lunch. His friends come here. Eat supper. But I never see them gett’n him to go over to have supper there. It really an’ya like that.

  61. Wete did the nite go. I did chat zoom with a few people. Wholly ****💩 its allready day time. Time me to get sleep. **** 💩 I can herethem in kitchen. Both them lould. Jesus. So ******* lould.

  62. Why are you posting people’s birthdays for? If you’re trying to hurt or antagonize me, you failed. I am none of these people.

    • Tameeka….. We figured out who you actually are…. You are JO jo pretending to be one of her friends at Elevate, my friend Wendy the other day asked a few people that she stays in touch with that live there. They said they never heard of a Tameeka….. So it’s you Jo jo pretending again to be some one you’re not

  63. Before Obama, there was no ISIS.
    Before Obama, there was no BLM.
    Before Obama, there was no ANTIFA.
    Before Obama, there was no war on police.

    Before Barack Hussein Obama, this country wasn’t as divided as today!

  64. Jolynn, from the very beginning of this unnecessary thread, you started in with the first poster, accusing that person of being Michelle. It was a random poster that posted “Dead Link”, at the very top of the page. It could have been anybody, yet you accused that person of being Michelle. You accuse anybody and everybody posting of being this Michelle.

    I understand why now. I understand why you have this vendetta against her. She stole your man, years ago. Tim was your boyfriend you met online and he came over to be with you, not her. But he later left you for Michelle. That’s why you’re hating on this Michelle woman so much. This is why you are making fun of where she now lives. It’s tearing you apart knowing that she and this Tim guy bought a house together. Tim was supposed to be your man, not hers. And then he married her, which was really a thorn in your side. Maybe he helped clean up her credit before they bought the place together. It only takes a year or two to do that, once you pay everything off.

    I’m sorry that shitty things had happen to you, like your divorce and being relocated miles away from where you lived before. And I’m sorry you had a bad breakup. But to keep taking out your frustrations out on Michelle is not going to get you anywhere, except in trouble with the courts, if she presses charges on you. You don’t want that.

  65. Elevate Apartments, Elevate Apartments, Elevate Apartments….🙄 That’s all you talk about, Jolynn. What is so great about this fish shack tenement that you keep talking so much about it?

    They should call that place EQUATE Apartments, with your generic, Walmart Great Value asses, running around, talking shit, and being basic bitches.

    • You must be a friend of Jo jo’s. Since she’s been blocked on this site. She has to resource to having her online friends to write comments for her.

    • And read below…. Jo jo wrote publicly some ones SS# and personal info….. How would you like it if she new your personal details and wrote it for every one to see and read.

  66. Several comments were removed today after we were informed that someone posted a social security number (SSN). We removed those comments, others linked to the same author, and banned the author.

  67. I’m glad that Jo jo been blocked. I’m sick and tired of all of her BS for two years she’s been harassing me and one of my former neighbors. finally she” been blocked. and I seriously hope she gets Blocked on every thing else online.

  68. Last fall I placed a restraining order on her. I’m just sick of her shit. every day she writes things. it’s just been ongoing. And finally some things being done. And they blocked from this site. And I hope she gets Blocked from the other sites she has. And all this shit will be over and done.

    • Charlie, I’m sorry this is happening to you. Jolynn is a very unstable person.

      I don’t know who this Michelle woman is that Jo keeps referring to, but it’s obvious Jolynn is insanely jealous of this woman. Imagine waiting until you’re over 50 to finally find Mr. Right, just to have this rude, jealous cow hating on you, because she wants your man! How awful! Jo must have really wanted the life Michelle now has, because Jolynn won’t let it go!

      Jo’s life is miserable right now, so it makes sense she’s trying to pull others down to her level. Look at her FB page. She’s trying her furniture and appliances online. Probably because she can’t afford rent or groceries.

      Glad you got a restraining order on her. I think Michelle had to do the same. Jolynn is batshit!

      • And who are you COL88. do you know FAZ54.

        to me it seems very odd that people aren’t using their name but using Characters to represent themselves. but what ever floats your boat to get the message out.

        • FAZ54 is Michelle Korner fron Tucson Arizona. They the same person.

  69. Charlie, I’m glad too. A year of her spewing her hate against me. She’s obsessed with me. She wants what I have. A nice house, WITH a pool, she want our trucks, AND, she wants my husband. But she’s not getting ANY of it.
    She lies and says she’s a CEO, a high ranking military officer and other things. If she was a CEO, she wouldn’t live in an apartment living on food stamps and welfare.
    She’s SO miserable she projects all of her problems onto me. She just can’t shut up. Now she’s sending letters in the mail claiming my husband is the father of her daughters baby. Ha! That’s a farce. He can’t stand her let alone want to be with her in any way. She’s never going to have what I have so she tries to say things that SHE thinks will piss me off. Little does she know, I haven’t posted any comments on this thread. Until now. And she posted comments pretending to be me. How stupid can someone be?
    She’s really a pathetic human being with noting going for her. She spews way to much hate for any man to want to be with her. No, JoJo will be alone the rest of her life. Well, if her son finally moves out. But we know she uses him for his money from his two jobs. She’s a total loser and she knows it.

  70. I totally agree with Michelle, she’s 100% right about Jo jo. Jo jo is very obsessed with her. And Jojo likes to spread her lies and hate. She uses the internet as her only window to the world. And like Michelle has said, Jo jo has no friends. No one will have any thing to do with her. And every thing Jo jo says is a complete lie.

    and Jo jo what happened to Richard from last year. You said he proposed to you, And you went as far as to send me a bunch of pictures of. Of a go 30 years younger than you. Muscles and he looked way out of your league. You never said any thing more about him after Sept 2021. You made him all up. he was part of your imaginary world.

    And Jo jo you are not a CEO. You should stop saying that you are. Because seriously. No one believes you. Remember last summer when you did up a GoFundMe account asking for 15k. to help keep you and your son from being evicted. And you needed money for food. You were broke. with only 60.00 in the back. And did you forget some of the neighbors at Elevate gave 10.00 here….. 20.00 and gave you a ton of food too. And once they found out you were making it all up about being in the mits of becoming Evicted. They stopped handing money and food. You turned on them. And wrote terrible things about them online. you called one Woman a Whore. And you called a Guy a cheap Trick that sleeps with Woman and spreads STD,s. you were fine with them helping you. But when they found out the truth. You turned on them. Jo jo. You are on Welfare. You get your rent paid and you are on Food Stamps…. You don’t have a job. And I know this because you told me when I met you. That you were on Disability and because of you illnesses you couldn’t work. And things got worst after you left the Service. You said you survived 2 Wars. And because of the Wars you were Disabled. One War you said was a Nuclear War. And you survived. I rolled my eyes when you said that. Because I knew it wasn’t true at all. But it just shows how far you will go on with these make believes. Trying so hard to deceive people in believing you. Jo jo…… People aren’t stupid.

    I remember you writing in the winter that your Son was Kidnapped. Then you later you wrote that you were moving from Elevate to a beautiful home with a pool and a huge back yard. And that was all made up. Because you are still today living at Elevate.

    And the current scam you tried to pull. Writing saying your 17yo Daughter just had a baby. And moving to Tucson so you can raise it. And you wrote about having a Baby Shower, you hung signs around Elevate inviting people. And you invited tons many people. So I asked a few friends that I stay in touch with at Elevate. And they all said they haven’t seen a young girl walking around with a baby. And last weekend. There wasn’t a Baby Shower……….. And you even said that Michelle’s Husband was the Father of your Daughters Child. I laughed when I heard that. seriously…… Jo jo…… Your Daughter was never pregnant. Just another made up make believe story.

    You will do and say about any thing. To make people feel sorry for you….To try and swindle people out of money. Or to stir up trouble for people from all the stories and lies you make up.

    I wish I never met your son. Because if he wasn’t walking your dogs. I wouldn’t have ever met him. and months later met you. Your whole every day existence are lies. Made up stories. And make believes……. As I said you are not a CEO. you whole life is the internet. And with out that. You would have nothing. All you have are your money making scams. Manipulating people. And what you can get for nothing.

    Michelle’s a good person, you are jealous of her. And you continue to write and try and cause havoc in her life……… What I’m great full of is that she got you blocked on this site. And it’s been nice not having her showing me daily the crap you write about her, me and other people. I hope you get blocked from the other sites you create too. Because you use the Internet as your Window to the world. And you use it as your Playground. And if you were blocked and banned. Your Playground would be gone to ranting and lying.

    • Shut you ******* mouth. All ******* lies. So hey. Did you kno that Michelle 2yrs a go the one that told me you a Gay with AIDS. So ya. I thot you shoud’kno that. Si ya see. She talks **** 💩 be hind you’re back to neghbors here an you to ******* stpupid to kno. She spreads lies an Gossip. An a lot are on aboult you.

      • Ya. If you look the other my Bloggs. You see then what Michelle wrote on you. That you are goid for nothing rich guy. She do’nt know why you work when you got all that money 💰. That you are a Jew. An she hates Trump. Nigga’s an she hates Jews. She said Jews are cheap mother *******. An that’s why they rich. Cuz they are stingy and cheap. An she said with you working. You taken a job away from someone that needs one. Ya. So ya. She said all that. An she told ereryone when she lived here. She say see that place over there. An she point. Thats a Gay guy. He got AIDS.

  71. Charlie, I don’t know this Jo woman, personally…thank Goodness. I was just playing along with her trolling, at the start of this thread, because she sounded like a looney buffoon. I don’t know you, nor Michelle, nor anybody from that part of Arizona. I am posting from the East Coast.

    After reading everything, I realize that Jo is nothing but a dreamer who threw her marriage away, hoping for something better, but didn’t get shit. Yes, she is jealous of Michelle and wants Michelle’s life. Jo had a boyfriend named Tim years ago. Not the same Tim that Michelle is now married to. You can easily find things out about people when they have their Facebook posts open to the public. Jo’s boyfriend, Tim was from the U.K.. She posted pics of him. He was a tall, bald guy. She claimed they were engaged in 2015, but they broke up the following year. Jo wanted Michelle’s Tim too, but he chose Michelle, instead. That’s why Jo is acting like a crazed bunny boiler. This is why she constantly posts about Michelle. Jo is enraged that he chose Michelle over her. But to bring her kid into it, is nuts! Jo insists that Tim is the father of her underage daughter’s baby. It’s insane! Especially since he was thousands of miles away when the girl got pregnant. Wow, I feel like I got caught up in a soap-opera here! 😆

    Hal Whitney was a made-up name. Ironically, there is a man with that name. He happens to be a dentist out in Colorado. With any luck, maybe Jo will get a Go Fund Me page, leave Elevate Apartments, and chase after this Hal Whitney dentist in Colorado! 😂

    You can find other posts on this website of JoJo’s. She was just posting about frivolous bullshit. You know that your life has to be pretty fucking empty and worthless, if you feel the need to start blogging about your day-to-day life in the comments section of a website like this.

    I just happened to stumble onto Jo’s posts. I’m on here, because I have my own fish to fry. The fish are people that you don’t know. It’s bullies on my side of the country that I’m exposing.

  72. If you don’t know this “Jo woman,” then how do you know she was with a guy from the UK in 2015? And Tim didn’t chose me over Jolynn. He’s only ever known her as one the neighbors in the apartment complex we lived in. And Tim can’t stand her. He’d never be with that fat, disgusting pig of a woman. And how do you know Hal Whitney is a made up name?

  73. I’m nobody important. I’m just a random female poster. Someone you don’t know. I’m certainly not Jolynn. I’m not from AZ. I don’t know Jolynn. When I saw how crazy and misspelled her posts were, I just had to find her on FB, and check out her FB page, for myself. If you go back in her posts, you see posts from years back. Pictures and posts that are on her public setting. You probably have her blocked, so you won’t see them, anyway.

    In her FB pictures, I saw that Tim from the U.K.. I’m thinking she probably met him online and he came over to meet her. That happens often. I know a woman who met a man from the U.K., and she flew over to Scotland to meet him. Jolynn’ ex boyfriend Tim must not have been able to stand being with her, because he took off, months later.

    I only trolled Jo, under different names just to get a rise out of her. I know that a lot of stuff she posted was bullshit. She’s the only Army officer and CEO who gets welfare! She’s so full of it! 😂

    Originally I was on here, posting about someone else and I happened to see these posts from Jolynn and I thought I’d give her some drama, for fun. I’m here for a totally different reason. I’m exposing a serial cyber stalker/sexual abuser from up in Boston. I’ve watched this animal torment women for a while, and now, I’m exposing him for it.

    • FAZ54 check out my Face Book upcoming. I’lI’ll give you some things you really do’nt want miss out on. Pix of Michelle Tim. There **** 💩 hole of her house she lives in. Pix of other neghbors at Elevate. Stephanie an Kelsey. One time when she was on my patio. Ya. So Hey. It be worth it. Look’n on my Face Book. Maybey I’l unblock Michelle so she can see to. Cuz I know she wud’wan to see. Lol.

  74. She’s just an awful person. Filled with hate towards me. And my husband wouldn’t touch her even if Jesus told him too. Lol. I love that you made posts on here to get under her skin. I haven’t posted on here until a couple of days ago when I replied to my friend Charlie. I was finally able to get her banned from this site. Anyway, hope you find that creep!

    • Michelle. The readers kno’ng who beleve an not beleve. If you read the other bloggs you’wd see. Lot’s od Readers. An Charlie you so stupid cuz people do come on and read. Look at FAZ54. She say’s she found this Blogg. If she found this Blogg. Trust me she finds the other Bloggs. An no Michelle. As you may lime think I got blocked or baned from here. Nope. They wo’nt. Hiw they make money 💵 is by hav’en to pay to have it removed. They got a Busisness to run an money 💰 to make. They not goin to Banned anyone over what you one request. You stupidder than you think you are. To think they will being asked by the big bad Michelle Korner. Who’s a nothing in this wrold we live in. Oh an ya. I bet you felt so big an powerful an told ereryone. Look. Look. Look ereryone. I got Jolynn kicked off the Blogg. Look at what I did. What you did Michelle was. Waste allot of your time. Cuz nothing happended. I’am still here. Well. Moore on my other pages than here. But I wanted you to get all the short glory. Hey ereryone look. Jolynn is blocked from this Blogg. Nope it never happended. Sorry that you used up allot of your time trying to. But hey. I give you a Gold Star for trying.

  75. Michelle, I think that Boston creep is in jail. He has a criminal record. And I believe he was arrested last year. They just deleted the post from that time, and I couldn’t get the full story. The reason why I think James is in jail is because he has not said a word about being exposed and put on blast. He has been doing the same to the local girls in his town for years. But he strikes me as the type that if the same was done to him, he would be posting and a cussing, calling me every vulgar name under the sun. This James creep is from Woburn, a suburb of Boston. He has been posting smut about girls for years. I saw his Twitter account. The creep is a gamer and a hypersexual basement troll. His Twitter handle is @skyhookGO. What angers me, is they’ll ban Donald Trump’s account, because they don’t like his politics, but they let animals like this sexist pig carry on with his account, which degrades women and families.

    Jo was looking for any kind of attention. Even the attention of a troll. That’s bad. She has no one to blame, but herself. Her kids would have been a lot better off if the parents stayed together. I’m sure her daughter wouldn’t have gotten pregnant so young, if she had both parents there. Jo is an attention seeker. It’s all about herself. You and your husband did the best thing by getting out of there.

  76. Well hopefully Elon Musk will kick creeps like him off the platform. And my friend and I believe the daughter having a baby was made up. Last year she said her 22 year old son was kidnapped. 🙄 Everything she said about me is actually HER. Like me being on welfare and food stamps, her. That I sit around all day eating chips, her. That I’m not retired because retirement age is 65. But I’m retired from the Army. She’s a classic narcissist. She even said my husband eyed her up and down. Yeah, because she wasn’t wearing a bra and her fat belly was poking out of her clothes. She really is a pig. She has no life and is very jealous of me. She’s called me every name in the book. But since she thought it would be okay to post someone’s name, dob and ssn, I let the admins know and they banned her.
    She has no life and so far, I haven’t seen any more posts about me anywhere online.

    • Michelle, I went to school with a reject like that. Her name is Patty. Oh, the lies she would tell people! She said my boyfriend was a narc (snitch). This Patty loser was trying to be cool around the stoners.p, that she liked. After we got out of high school, she got pregnant and married some local loser 20 years her senior. Patty had a bunch of kids. But when she was around people we went to high school with, she told them I was the one with all the kids. I think Patty had anywhere from 4-6 kids. I only had one. She also told people I was a failure who was married to a deadbeat, with a bunch of kids. None of which was true. I’m married to a hard worker and we own our home. Her life is shit. That’s how jealous people like her and Jo act. It’s best to avoid trash like that.

      With me trolling Jojo…it’s no real harm done. She doesn’t know me. If she acts up, you have more proof to show to the police. Unfortunately, whenever someone responds to her, she thinks it’s you. She needs to stop with the jealousy, already!

      I must go. My friend from Victoria keeps giving me pm’s. She’s losing her shit, because Labor and the Greens are taking over her country. Sad world we’re now living in. 😫😢

      • Lol. You should be writing all this on my other Bloggs. Do’nt waste you time on this one. The others got moore followers. An lots an lots of comments.

    • Keep on blogging Michelle. Keep on telling the readers what you got say. Cuz they love it. They love reading it all. An’kno what. Your’e hate toredes me only shows the readers how much you hate me. An shows them proof you do. An they can see how it triggers an makes me get PTSD. A mong the other things it triggers. An it got me back all my benefits. I wo’nt be blogging on this blogg much. An no idiot. I have not been blocked. But if yuo coud’se the other Bloggs I made. You be able to see what the readers say on you. And Charlie Wilkens too. An Tamika. Oh wait I 4got. Tamika is actually Michelle Korner. But we all no it. Oh ya Charlie Wilkens. You dumb ass. Tamika is’nt me. Read ererything under Tamika. Read. Cuz do’nt it sound exackly like Michelle. An if you do’nt think so. You stupiter than I thot you are.

      • So what you’re saying is that you are really Jolynn Graham Farr? Or is someone else posing as you and trying to make you look bad? That’s what you told the judge. YOU, Jolynn Graham Farr, are in fact, the person posting here and THINK you are ruining my reputation?
        It just shows how pathetic of a life you have. That you are so jealous of me that you have to act like a 15 year old and talk shit about me. Every time you post something about me, shows just how obsessed you are with me.

      • I wasn’t replying to you at all. I’m waiting for you to fall into the grave you’re digging for yourself. The fact that you have other blogs going talking shit about me proves you’re a complete mental case. But believe what you want. I wasn’t replying to any of your comments. I just like reading all the hate and jealousy you spew towards me because your jealousy is raging that I have Tim, we have a house, WITH a pool, we have two trucks, and we are doing great financially. You WISH you could have my life. But you never will. No one is ever going to be with you because you’re an obnoxious fkg pig.

  77. I am glad that Jo Jo’s been banned from this site. Shae has done nothing buy wrote blogs and spread her jealousy or hate towards people. She’s nothing but a menace.

    last summer she and another neighbor named Koban came to my patio door, banged on the glass till I opened it. Jo jo came to my door yelled and screamed at me about Michelle. My next door neighbor opened his slider peaked out to see what was going on, and one of the maintenance walked by. Right after that Jo jo and Koban took off and left. My neighbor heard everything they were saying. Yelling, Swearing, making threats….. He witnessed everything….. I then put a restraining order on her.

    I could go on and on about Jo jo and the things she’s said and done. I would be writing for an hour. I’ll give a few examples how far she goes and to what extent

    She gave my number out to Green Peace. And Green Peace. called me. Saying I applied for a position. Which I had not. She gave my number out to her friends and had them call and text me. I even had 1800 numbers call me with a wake up call. Or a call to find and locate my cell phone. And I never needed a wake up call nor was my phone missing.

    My friend Michelle who too used to be my neighbor at Elevate. Jo jo’s done the same shit to her as me. Michelle even said Jo jo’s even sent he mail to her and Tim her husband. And Jo jo’s even wrote online that she and others have driven by her house.

    Jo jo wrote online that she saw me walking from the Grocery store. Jo jo was unaware that I moved to California 4 months prior her writing that comment on the internet. Jo jo also made up that there was a time that dog shit was thrown on her vehicle and blamed Michelle for it. And she said online that her son witnessed Michelle driving off. Jo jo went as far as posted an image of a vehicle that had dog shit on it. The vehicle in the picture wasn’t the same make nor color as the vehicle she drives. Jo jo has a White Hundae SUV. not a red Escalade that was in the image she posted online saying she drove.

    Jo jo is a pathological liar. I don’t believer she has ever told the truth. she claims and tells people she’s a CEO and makes more money than most people. if that were the truth. Then why is she on Welfare, Food Assistance. Has her 23yo son work two jobs, last summer beg neighbors for food, for money. She even made several Gofundme accounts asking people for money. She’s online on Cam at night chatting me with around the world saying and doing what ever she can to get money from them. Yes I know this for a fact…. She’s told me. And she even wrote about it online saying that another guy sent her a check….. Jo jo’s not a CEO in any way or form. Jo jo’s a 55yo year old Woman that lies and pretends to be 45yo in her sexual prime.

    Before she knew I was Gay. I was out doors walking my dog and said Hi to Jo jo. We were talking and she would say how she gets looked at by men wanting her. She bounced up and down and Wiggled. Her.. (Boobs) would flop around. She didn’t have a bra on. She said she named them… The Tina for one and the Santa Maria the other. And she went on ad on. I told her I was Gay. And she said why didn’t you tell me. I thought the reason you were so nice to me because you wanted some of this…… and she stopped bouncing and wiggling around. Thank God….

    There are so many things that Jo jo’s done in the past year, that it would nearly a book to write it all. Jo jo’s no doubt mentally ill.

    And who is FAZ54………. Because it seems very odd and strange that the Woman that wrote her messages above says that she knows none of us. Doesn’t know Jo jo. Says she was looking threw pages looking for some one and just happened to come across Jojo’s page… which in fact Jo jo’s page is under some other guys name that lives I guess in Florida. And the FAZ54 Woman just happens to find Jojo’s page. And not just writes one but several comments….. Dude I have friends that have never heard of this blog page. And the only way that they know of it. Is by me telling them. And the other thing too. No one goes on these pages. it’s not TMZ…… And look at what she says too. She writes comments saying she wanted to give Jo jo some Drama for fun… why. It doesn’t make sense to write all this.. just to get a rise out of her. When you don’t even know her. And also you don’t know any one of us. It’s just bizarre….. but hey, Jo jo goes online at night and does some Cam Web thing showing flab here and more flab there to get men to send her money. So I guess any thing is possible.

    And too what’s strange and odd is that. Jo jo in about a week or longer hasn’t grabbed her son’s cell phone or a neighbors internet to log on here and write continuous comments. You know the… Fu(k you…. you sukk…. calling me a fa@@ot and the other awful things she writes. My friend Wendy thinks Jo jo been writing things on her other blog pages she has going online…… So FAZ54 you may want to check out those pages too. If they exist. And I’m sure they must. Because Jo jo has a history having multiple FaceBook accounts. And other Accounts to spread her venom.

    • Charlie, on April 14th, I posted under the name “Not Interested”. You can see my comment, close to the top. Jo then cussed me out. She called me a t w a t and I think she even called me the N word. That’s why I went along with the trolling. I thought she was vulgar and rude. She didn’t scare me off. I had a good laugh at her, because she’s an absolute shit-show. I went along with it, stirring her up, just for the hell of it. She’s what you a LOLCOW. 🤡 🐮

      Here is her FB account I found: https://www.facebook.com/jolynn.farr

      Go through her posts and see for yourself. That’s how I got to know her. Maybe this will help clear things up.

      • Blocked…… Ha…… Nope. I been posting. You just not read it yet. I been reading all the comments an responded the other bloggs I got going. An Michelle. Let’s just say. You should want be reading them. But to day I thot I want’d to post this. To let you know aboult it. 🗒😀😀.

        So Ya. Hey. If you saw an read the others I wrote on the other Bloggs. There’s so much. Oh an hey. Ya. I got them under diffrent names. So Lol. You will have look close to find them. An readers have responded.

        Just like FAZ54 found me on here. Saying she had been look’n for a nothers Blogg page an found this one an been writing. Lol. So funny. Show’s how stupid some you are on here.

        Diaper changing time.

      • Hey. Ya. FAZ54 keep on trolling. Lol. It gives all my readers something real good to read.

        💘 ya.

      • You crazy ****. Michelle Ereryone knoz this is you playing that you are FAZ54. Cuz you write an pist the sane **** 💩 under the diffrent names as you do under you own name. But it’s all in the same format. Look heres her Face Book. Jolynn on Dissabillity. Food Stamps. Her son works two jobs. It’s all the same. But with a different screen name. An’to Michelle. Only you look at my entire Face Book page. From top to end. An no one but you Michelle would say. She had a guy from a nother Country an on an on an on. Do you kno how ******* long ago that was. Years. Years b4 I even moved to Elevate. An no one but you pointed it out. That guy was fron Iraland. This an that. An you posted the same **** poo on my lasy year Bloggs. So FAZ54 is Michelle. The boney ass orange headed Bimbo that dropped out of Pima Comunity Collage. Filed Bankruptcy. An that married Tim at City Hall. The same ******* one.

        • I didn’t drop out you fat bitch. I got a degree. Goes to show you don’t know shit about me. But please, keep posting. You’re digging your own grave by doing so.

    • You kno Charlie. Shut yuo ******* face aboult me. All that are all lies. I never exposed my breasts to you. An why woud I. You’re a Faggot. An ya. I did’nt know you where a Gay. So ******* what. Why do’nt you spend all the money 💰 you famly left you when they died an just leave the **** a lone. You lonely looser with AIDS. Why no one wants you. Cuz you got AIDS. An no how I know. Michell told me years ago. So that’s how. An Michelle would’nt of said it if it not true. So there thats how I know. She told me. An see. She got a big mouth an she spreads the Gosdip a round.

      • You know JoJo, if Charlie wanted to, he could file a report on you for harassing him. And the fact that you’re calling him those names, those could be considered hate speech. I’d watch my mouth if I were you.

  78. My Son’s at Field Working. An I’m making Sundays supper so when he’s back they’res something for him to eat. An no mess he can make in my Kitchen. He does’nt think. Grabs food slopps a round in my kitchen. Leaves ererything out. Allot times cans left open. An **** then we a gain get roaches. This Building full of them. Bed bugs to. I been bed bug sprayed 4 times simce I moved in. Neghbors are gross messy an smell. Roaches love those kinds. You should see Margs apartment when she was here. Dog **** 💩 on the floor. Bugs. They been sprayed for ererything you can imagine. New people live in 1201. That Were Marg an Sam was. She use to live with Grandma. But last year Grandma was sent away. Year b4 that Marg’s Mother died. She lived at Eastyn. Elevate’s sister complex. Ya. I still think her mother over dosed. She says the mother died from cancer. But when you talk to Marg aboult it. Marg did’nt kno what chemo therepy was. I kno Marge is’nt smart. She got her GED last year. Marg is 36yo. But talk with her. You think she’s in JR High. An her brother is Autistic an the Sister Katrina those kids will be in foster care till 18. An who knows what then. Be living off the system. But. So Ya. If the mother had cancer. Marg wuld least kno what chemo theropy was. No the mother over dosed. She was an addict. An she an Tammi were friends. An Tammi used live here. An new the mother and then the mother moved to Eastyn. An Tammi told be Marg mother had pill and meth addictictions. Marg do’nt kno I kno this but I do.

  79. Readers. Do’nt be stupidly Fooled by Michelle. Ever since I been living at Elevate. She b4 we had the falling out 2yrs ago. Me an her were friends. Then she got alk crazy over her Tim taking a special intrest in me. But that’s alk on her. An she’s ******* stupid to even think that I wanted her Tim. **** no. He’s a Security Guard. I lime men well astablished in Life. All my Exhusbands were established men. An she’s wrong why we divorced. They were all military men. And very verbally abussive. I mean. Michelles one to talk. Her ******* mother was a mental case. An all that growing up with a mother like that. Made Michelle nuts. The other thing. I been at Elevate 4yrs I think. An eteryone that I met said. Michelle. If you want things you do’nt want to be talked aboult. Do’nt tell her. When she talks to you. And you say as. I have to get to work. She will ask what you do. If you say I’m going to class. What school. What you study’n for. Then say say. Oh there’s no money 💵 in that. You wasting your time. You just make a comment. Oh I gotta make supper for my bf or gf. She will ask aboult them. If you say I have to get to my car and get going. She wants to know an see what you drive. Eteryone here has said how nosey she is. Even the guys that ran the complex b4 Elevate said. Michelle. Gosdips. If you want things private. Do’nt tell her. You will be sorry. An just like the neghbors here. An the Woman that owns Sassafras says. The chubby guy in the office said. Michelle doesn’t work. Never has. Won’nt. An want’s to find a Husband that will take care of her. An if Readers if you go on my other Bloggs on this site. You will read what Kelsey says aboukt Michelle. Michelle lived above her in Building 3 on the 3rd floor. Kelsey will say how Michelle’s nosey. Gave advice on where to get things free. Free Government money 💵. Cuss Kelsey was’nt working when I met her. Kelsey got a job last year working over night South of us. at Wal Mart. Close to Elevate. And Kelsey says. Michelle never talked aboult ever an I mean ever worked since the military. I’am not going to go on an on aboult that. Cuz you the Readers can read all what she say’s on the other Bloggs on here. An Readers I just added moore pix on Face Book. An Smiley wote a comment aboult me. Thank you Smiley. You Rock. So see. If people did’nt think the good on me. Then why is all people on my Face Book page writing nice things. If you look at Michelle Face Book. All you see is. Read this and read that what I said. An people on her Face Book all say. The poor you. I’am so sorry Michelle. Not one says. Hey Michelle great seeing you. An all kinds of kinds of good things. No one gives her flowers. Look how many pix I posted on the flowers people send me. An cards too. I bet no ones writes her. Sends her a card. And her Famly can’nt stand her. She has no Famly say anything nice. I bet she makes Tim’s Famly all hers. Cuz her Famly suffered enuff growing up and dealing with Michelles Shenanigans. Michelle’s nuts. Her Famly knows it. You do’nt see anyone in my Famly posting bad **** 💩 aboult me. But Michelle. If you look at her Face Book not anyone says anything nice. I do’nt re memember seeing a Happy Holiday. Or Birthday. It’s mostly about me. Lol. That says allot do’nt it. Ya. So. See what I mean. I probley wo’nt be writing on here. So just tune into my others Bloggs. An I got a few YouTube vidio’s to. Get it got it good.

    • ROFLMAO! You’re so jealous that I have Tim and you don’t. Tim can’t stand you nor would he ever even THINK about being with a fat tub of lard like you. But hey, it’s your fantasy so go ahead, do tell us all about how Tim wanted you and I stole him from you. Lady, you need to be institutionalized.

      • If you only could see on the other Bloggs. You see what people say aboult you. Lol. Cuz they got it right on you.

      • Ya. I read on her other site she talks aboult wanting Tim. She was envy that no matter what she did. Never worked.

    • So if you like men with wealth, why don’t you have one? I know why. Because you’re an overbearing, childish, narcissistic and full of hate.

    • You can’t see my Facebook page because you’re BLOCKED. Again, making crap up. Don’t be so jealous JoJo, it’s not healthy. And for the record b****, I was married before. Again, you don’t know anything about me. You make crap up because you live in a fantasy world. Wake up JoJo, you’ll always be alone. An old spinster who’s bitter because she hates her life. All you have is your computer to keep you company. That’s all you’ll ever have because you’re pathetic.

      • That’s Good. She only get a hold of the people on it. Tell them things. That woukd be bad.

  80. FAZ54 is Michelle Korner fron Tucson Arizona. They the same person.

  81. An also. Michelle ova n ova line to keep say’n under her name or the faje names like FAZ54. That I’m not a CEO. Well check out mt LinkedIn they E-Verify ereryone. They make sure what is said on it is true. It say’s CEO. So a gain Michelle you busted from spreading you’re lies. Now go back to watching your Soap Operas an later microwaving Tim’s fozen TV Dinners. So when he get’s home from Security Guarding. Him an you can have supper together. Then he go go back to playing his shoot em up games. Oh readers BTW. Look Michelle up on LinkenIn and see what it say’s. Only Military. Nothing about a job. Just that she was in the Military.

  82. One more thing JoJo, you’ve been put on warning. Don’t even think about coming to my house to do whatever it is you plan to do, because we have cameras. Everywhere. So if I were you, I’d stay away from our house.

    • The reasoning you got camras at you’re what ever you want call that of a house. You got camras is because you do’nt trust you’re husband. An you want catch a Woman going to that piece of **** 💩 you call of a house. But you so stupid because do’nt you think he probly go tobwere they at. You got camras there. So how you gona catch him. Huh. Am I right or what.

      • 🤣🤣🤣 that’s funny. AT LEAST I HAVE A HOUSE b****. What you got? A shitty ass apartment with bed bugs. GROSS!

    • I read she said she did. Drove by with the horn blaring. I think she woke up the homes there’s She’s such an evil person. You should stop her.

  83. Hey everyone, JoJo said her daughter had a baby and that Tim is the father. 🤣🤣🤣 NOT. And she even sent me a letter in the mail. She’s so obsessed with me she’s progressed to sending me letters. That’s how pathetic she is. You have no life. You sit on your computer and play keyboard warrior. But you’d never say anything to my face. You’re nothing but a coward who hides behind the screen and talks shit about me all day everyday. YOU’RE OBSESSED. You are a very sick woman. You should be committed.

    • IFLMAO. Lol. OMFG. Lol. An as I said on my otger Bloggs. Tim gotta drink Bourbon an put a bad over your head in order for him to do. Lol. If he had chance to get with some real sweet thing. With a nice body and good looks. You know where he be when he not at home with you. With you boney old 54yo orange carrot top head. He’s with her. The sweet thing with the looks. Sucks be you Michelle. Boney ass ugly old bitch.

      • Lol. If that makes you feel better to say it. Tim is an amazing husband. You’ll never get married. Look at you. You weigh 275 pounds and you run your filthy mouth every day all day. No one wants to listen to your bull$hit. No, you’ll always be behind your computer screen wishing you had a man like mine, a nice home, two trucks, a pool. No JoJo, we put cameras up because you’re an obsessed psycho and who knows what you’ll do next. Or you’ll just get your son and Koban to come over here and try to do something. Go ahead, it’ll be on camera.
        You are the single most hateful, hate filled miserable person I’ve ever met. Go get a fkng life for fks sake!

    • OMG! She is even writing you letters? Show them to the police. She can’t harass people through the mail. Her blatant racist remarks only show her old age. Even though I don’t know too many ppl there, in AZ, I do know of an online poster from Arizona City. His name is Scott. He’s a really big racist. Maybe Jo should go shack up with him in his trailer in the desert, and they can both hate on minorities together. Oops, I forgot. He don’t like fat chicks, either. So I guess that’s a no-go. 😆

      Jo, go look up Hal Whitney. He lives out in Aurora, CO. He’s waiting for you…lol

      Michelle, I feel bad for you. It’s really sad when people’s lives are such shit, that they’d rather be in your life, instead of trying to fix their own train wreck of a life. I admit, I’ve had some jealous haters in my life. But once I moved away, they stopped their bullshit and left me alone. I mean the worst that happened, is they would talk behind my back. It was NOTHING like this!

      • She sure did. The whole story about her daughter having a baby was all made up. Then she made inference’s that my husband is the father! Ha! As if! She sent a letter with someone else’s name in the upper left corner of the envelope and wrote on it “don’t let my granddaughter be without a farther, she needs him. 🤣🤣🤣 She can’t spell at all! She’s so jealous that I have Tim she’s making shit up to try to get to me. Little does she know we took that letter and gave it to the post office. I told them I wanted fingerprints done. She was in the Army so her prints are on file with the FBI. As is mine, my husband’s and anyone else who joins the service. She’s absolutely pathetic.

        • You’re right. She can’t spell. I notice that her spelling is really bad here. It isn’t that bad from what I’ve seen on her Facebook posts. Either the spellcheck on FB is really good, or her spelling gets worse into the night, with the more she drinks.

          So, there is no baby, at all? Well, that’s a relief! I felt really sorry for her kid getting tied down, on her own, as a single mom. I hope the baby story is made up and not real. To accuse your husband of such a thing is really low, especially if there is no child, in the first place.

          I couldn’t imagine being so obsessed with someone who hates my guts. If someone feels that negative about me, I usually avoid them. Jo gets the obsessed stalker award!

          • Lol. Right. You should see all the crap she said about me last year. I filed an injunction against harassment on her and you know what she did? She paid the website to take down her page before we went to court. I took tons of f them too. But since I couldn’t prove it was her making the posts, the liberal judge sided with her. Her obsession has gotten worse since then. Yeah, she’s a low life nobody who hates me because I have everything she wants. Including my husband. Too bad, so sad. Go away JoJo. The shit is getting old.

          • Michelle. What’s Tim doing. Playing his Shoot em up Game. While you just sit an do this. 😔

          • Lol. Michelle said the exaxt sane thing. Read above. Oh wait you do’nt got to. Cuz you are her. An Michelle is you. Lol

      • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

        Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

        An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

        NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

        On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service..The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are.. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be so many people.

        I do’nt **** a round like you do.

  84. Seriusly. FAZ54 is Michelle. Cuz you think at the same time Michelle posting her stuff. The sane time that FAZ54 posting her stuff. Lol. You both the same person. Michelle. Whats Tim doing. Lets see. Tim hello Tim where you at. Time can’nt here cuz he got his head phones on playing his Shoot em up game. While Michelle aka FAZ54 posting all this. Lol. Oh wow this is good. Cuz right after Michelle post her comment FAZ54 posts hers. Lol. Busted bitch.

    K. I gotta go. But I’ll look a gain later. An. You shoud’be looking into what the other Bloggs I got going saying. Cuz. That get’s moore traffic than this. An so many Readers leaves comments. So a gain Michelle aka FAZ54. I’m going to do my things I planned for to night. While your angry bony ass is on the site. Giving me shade. An mabey Michelle. You should go to a Salon an get your hair colored right. Cuz Orange hair is not in. And you sau you get 3k a month. Use it to buy new clothes. Cuz the s**** 💩 you where. Is old worn out and ugly. I’ll look forard reading what you say next. Or FAZ54 cuz you are the same person.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha!! I don’t give two fks about your other blogs. The fact that you’re admitting you talk crap about me on the other blogs is further proof you’re a complete NUT JOB!

      • Yes you do. If you did’nt give two *****. Then why is it you look all the time to see if I post any. An you comments last week you writton. Shows that you wanted to get ne to respond. I did. I responded on my other Bloggs. Only reason I wrote on here last night an today. I said I think it times she know. That I was not blocked. An you just blew up on here all day. Did you even leave your **** 💩 hole today. Doubtful.

      • Yep. Obsessed and fat. How many times a week does she eat pizza? She makes her spaghetti-pizza at least once a week.

        Men don’t like women with a lot of drama. Women can get away with being bitchy and having drama issues if they are THIN, young and gorgeous. But if they are fat, over-the-hill, and long in the tooth, just the sight of them will get on a man’s nerves. Overweight women have to try harder to be nice and not partake in anything (ex: drinking) that will alter their personalities, making them mean and nasty.

        Jo needs to stop worrying about your husband and find her own damn man! If she can stop being so nasty, maybe she can get herself a bald, lonely, fat man who needs a woman. There are lots of those guys around.

        • Yup. Why is it fat women have loud mouthes? And why is it they all think they’re hot $h!T and that every man that talks to them wants them? That’s narcissism for you. JoJo is narcissistic, hateful, envious, jealous and obsessed with me. Unbelievable.

    • Lol. The Judge sided with me cuz I had wll fax showing it was’nt from me. It was all from you and all you fake screen names. And you where ******* pist off that you lossed. I Won. An you hate the fax I Won. So Michelle aka FAZ54 go keep on trolling. Cuz Tim playing his shoot em up games. An what are you doing. Nothing. You got noth’n to do night. He rather play them shoot em up games than do something with you. An I bet all you do when you with him is talk aboult me. Oh wait. Ssssssh stop typing. Did you here that. Honk Honk Honk Honk. Beeeeeeeep Beeeeeeep. Damb you did’nt. Well nabey next time you will. Now me an my son going to pickup the pizza from Dominos. Have fun. Lol

      • Tim is at work making sure the inmates stay behind those bars. Otherwise, the city would be in chaos if all of them escaped. Be thankful people want to be Corrections Officers. If they do escape, I’ll give them your address and tell them you’ve got lots of valuables. See how much shit you talk about CO’s after that. I hope they break in and take everything you got and beat your ass because that’s what you need. You need to be knocked down a few pegs.

        • I know where Tim works you morron. I known since We all met and drank.

          • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

            Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

            An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

            NARA. PO Box 1821..Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

            On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. An you Pretending to be so many people.

            I do’nt **** a round like you do.

  85. It was ALL from you you crazy lunatic. I’m not stupid. But you are. Your life is so miserable you live with your son because without his paychecks you wouldn’t be able to make rent. God you really are a pathetic waste of life. God, go find someone else to harass you fat piece of $h!t!

    • Lol. Call me names. Tell ereryone like you always do. Lol. But it’s not my husband that woukd rather spend all his free time playing shoot em up games than spend time with me. Lol. If you call him now will he here you. Oh wait you got to go in. Cuz he has his headset on. So he don’t have to here you. And as for FAZ54. Rteryone knows she’s you. Like I said. You post under Michelle. Then next it’s FAZ54 then Michelle then FAZ54. There’s no way if she was a real person that she’d be online. On this Blogg. The same time as you.

      • Really? You’ve called me every name in the book! If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

    • I can’t believe the court didn’t take any notice of her bad behavior. She’s off the chain!

      I’d say that it’s so hard to believe she was in the military, but there are a lot of troubled veterans out there, that are so out-of-touch with life. She is obviously delusional. Jo has to be insane, if she’s pretending to be an officer. We all know, that’s a no-no! No impersonating commissioned officers!

      Regardless, Jo sees herself as superior. She probably still sees a 20 year old, attractive woman in the mirror. Maybe she got a lot of attention 35 years ago in the Army, but it doesn’t fly today. Anyhow, she sees you as a threat and competition. Beware. She sounds like a total loon who could stalk and attack, when you least expect it.

      Tim will look after you. I hope you and your husband, Tim find peace and happiness.

      • She definitely needs a psych evaluation. And she was only in the Army for 3 years 11 months. She got out on a pregnancy. 🙄 We Army peeps don’t have any respect for women like that. Especially when they get pregnant to avoid going on a deployment. Oh! JoJo did post that she was in two wars and even survived a nuclear attack! 🤣🤣🤣 What a nut job!

      • Ha. You know the Judge saw all the fax Michelle. An I won. I won an you are pist the **** off aboult it.

      • I won an Michelle lossed. I appled it. An I won. An Michelkes a sore looser.

    • Ya. So since you moved from Elevate. I see People here walk around allot. People like Judy. You know Judy 1st floor studio her place faces the pool. She sits outdoors allot. People did’nt as much then when you live here. Cuz you would see them. Walk up to them an mind into there business. You allways intrussive. An did’nt you know people here hatd it. There been people seeing you walk you dog an they turn other way to avoid you. Cuz they did’nt want you to mind into there lifes. Ya. I got told that. An when you an Tim move. I told her an She sais. Really. Thank ******* God. She told me they were looking for a house. I never thout they’d ever get financed. I saw her an said. Do’nt worry she moved. It was Kelsey that told me you move. The girl with the colored hair. An she got a weasel for a pet.i do’nt think she know’s Kelsey.

  86. Lol. I just want Tim all to myself. Michelle ugly an old. Tim. Make the switch. Dump the Bitch an be with me. Younger. Nice ass an ererything. What you say Tim.

    • Jo, you don’t know me at all. I’m married, living on the other side of the US. I don’t want someone else’s husband. I especially don’t want one I’ve never seen before!

      • Lol…. Ya ok Michelle. But we all do know. Cuz as I say b4. Michelle on an writes a comment. Then minutes later you do. Then Michelle an you again. You both are the same ******* twat.

  87. I’am Michelle. Married to Tim. My Mother has schizophrenia an all my childhood been mebtlly an verbally abused by her. An I take pills. An I dropped out if Pima Community College cuz I coudn’t handle it. And FAZ54 Ya you are better looking than ne. Stay away from my man he’s all mine. He’a a real. Ram Bam thank you Mam. Now that it’s over. I can take the bag off my head. An ge can go back play’n his Shoit em Up game. FAZ54 you stay away from my man. He’s all mine. I know you want my pathetic life. You are so obsesses with me an look at me. I’am a boney ass twat. An look I told Tim take me to the Court House Married me. An he did. Stay away. Move on. Get obsessed with someone else not me. Why me. I’am a boney ass schizophrenic pill popping Woman. But. Oh ****. Oh ******* **** 💩. Me an you are the same person. We should be obsesses with each others boney ass twats. Ya. Bag on the head when Tim bones me he can do the sane to you. I mean me. Wait it’s us. We are the same boney ass bitch. With schizophrenia. We rule. Hey lets each of us contact the people that run this Blogg an try an get Jolynn Farr banned. What do you say. Ya lets do it. With me pretending to ve you an you pretending to be me. An we pretend to be each other an pretend ti be our selfs. **** 💩 they shoud beleve us. The moire ones that complane the faster it get done. What you say FAZ54. You in with me.

    • See what she does? She posts under my name. God get a life!

      • An you pist under FAZ54. So what the **** the diffrence you boney ass bitch

      • You busted Michelle. Erery one knows yuo an FAZ54 the same person.

      • Michelle, we can take this conversation outside of here. I can find you on Facebook. I can just drop you a pm, there. You don’t need to be tormented by the jealous hag.

        • Absolutely. Look me up. If you can’t find me let me know

      • An you post pretending to be Tamika. FAV54. Ereryone knows it. Just see what the Readers say on my other Bloggs. An if it was’nt Michelle pretending to be FAZ54. She’d have a real name not a FAZ54. Readers thats cuz it’s Michelle. FAZ54 isnt real. Its Muchelle. An she’s busted.

      • Read what I wrote on Jolynn’s Facebook about this Woman.

      • Hey Michelle. On FaceBook. You can add a frame around you pix postings for Mental Illness month.

        • You should probably do that too! Considering your mother is a whack job and in a mental institution.

  88. Hell ya Michelle I am all for it. I’ll be you. You be ne. We can be ourselfs an each other. Cool. I’an down to report Jolynn an try an get her banned. But what if ut ***** up an we end up getting banned pretending to be each ither and our selfs all at the same time. They will kno that I’m you. An you are ne an we are each other an our selves. What if they think we are crazy. Well. We do got schizophrenia. An ereyone will kno an see.

  89. Check the other Bloggs that Jolynn has. An readers see what the others have said aboult Muchelle an hercrazy **** of a life. God Bless. I love 💘 you all. An Smiley than you for ererything you wrote on Face Book. Thank all readers being there for me. An always got my back. A gain hugs and I love 💘 all you.

  90. See Michelle. I can make up a ****** up screen name too. Like you FAV54. You made that all up just to hide behind it. An act like a different person. To try an get me an the Readers to think a nither is posting were they not. It’s all you.

  91. Hey all. It’s me a gain. Re member me from befour. Well. I just thout I’d write an spread my love. Cuz I just love 💙 ereryone. As they allways say. Make love 💘 not war. Lol.

  92. Michelle re member 2 yrs ago when my son told you aboult that the office was charging us for a third bed bug treatment. An you said they can’nt do that. An you told him tell me aboult Legal Shield. An I shoud sign up for it. An they give Legal advice an all that. Ya. You said that when you were walking you dog. An my son was on the patio talking to Jason and Koban. An you heard my son talking aboult the office an you stop to see what it was all aboult. An he told you. He told me you got so against the Office Say’n they can’nt make us pay for bug treatments. You got so into it. You said Go on the App. Legal Shield. Well we did’nt have to. I called the City of Tucson an Housing. An I reported Elevate. They looked in to it. I get a letter in the mail saying. I do’nt have to pay for the extermination. The City of Tucson took care of it. See when you smart like me. I know who to call to get **** 💩 done. An Legal Shield charges monthly. Did you read the reviews on them. Lots of people over 100 wrote bad reviews saying it’s a waste of time and money 💵. They string you a long. An it still has charges the monthly fee do’nt cover. I see your stupid to pay that. I’am not stupid enouph to pay for bull **** 💩 like that. But I got the it taken care of. An the City of Tucson Housing Department got involved an did it for me. Thought I’ld tell you aboult it.

  93. yit.ya. so Readers out there seeing this. Do’nt do Legal Shield. It’s a total Rip Off. Reading the reviews will tell you. But Michelle uses it. An you know’en that shoud be enouph to know if Michelle usen Legal Shield to get Legal Advice. It gotta be someting stupid an not worthy. In simpler term. If Michelle says Hey ya. Use Legal Shield. Me an Tim do an they are great. That alone enough to get you to think. UMmmm nope. I do’nt think so.

    • Say. Is that Michelle Lady black. Because by the way she goes on about things. She seems it.

      • As said. You can take the Nigga out of the ghetto. But you can’nt take the ghetto out of the Nigga.

  94. Off to bed. I be up all night. Ansering Email fom all you aboult the Michell **** 💩. Thax a gain for all you. That I’am not a lone with this an you see how ****** up she is. An Smiley for posting on Face Book. If she read it. Michele be pist. Love 💘 all you.

    • Michelle. I see you check your Face Book. Cuz one of my friends that u got as a friend. Wrote a comment. And you responded. I got 4 Face Books. An 2 no one know’s its me. I use a diffrent pix. An that one you got me as an added friend. You added me last fall in September. As they say. Keep you friends close an keep you enmies clooser. Michelle. You never even guess who it is. An over the winter the fake Face Book page you been writing to me back an forth. An as smart as you say you are. I looked. An I’m still on it. I tell you what profile it is soon. Do’nt worry. I wo’nt keep you waiting long. But wish I see you face when I tell you who it is. Cus as I said. Last winter you wrote so much back. How you think I know so much. Cuz when you get mad. You will message any one that will listen. You shoud really know the ones you add. Cuz you added my made up profile last falk in Sep. An when you get mad an all pist off. You run you mouth. An lest say. I’am glad you did all those times.

      • I think we all agree on this. Thank ******* God. Michelle met Tim. An married him at City Hall. Cuz if they never met. She’d still living at Elevate.

      • Nope. Not true. I know exactly who’s on my Facebook page. Nice try tho. 🙄

  95. Jo jo. Do you remember last year out side when I was walking my dog. The time after we met. After you bounced and wiggled your tits around so they flopped all over the place. Saying guys wanted you. You stopped bouncing and wiggling after I said I was Gay.

    And after that. At another time you told all of your problems. That you were broke. You had no food no gas nothing. And people at Elevate helped you with money and food.

    Remember after that. You told me about your Family. You were raised by your Grandmother because your Mother was sent to Mississippi State Mental institution. Because she was violent and abused you and your older Brother.

    That you wanted out so you Married a man at 19yo. And you were with him a while. Then one day you returned home after work. And he was gone. You had no idea. He left and never came back. And later you had to move back to Grandmas because you were evicted from where you were living.

    And. You said that also your okder Brother was still there living with Granmas. You told me what your Brother did to you. That he no polite way of putting it. Forced himself on you. Over and over. And 9 months later you gave birth to your Son Kaember.

    And you said Kaember doesn’t know and never will. That his Uncle is also his Father. And your Grandmother kept saying how he looks a spitting image of your Brother.

    I just thought I’d remind you that you told me all that. Since you keep throwing around peoples personal and private business. See how you feel something so private gets out there in the open. Things that you want no one to know about you and your Family.

    Well now you see what it’s like when things you want no one to know about gets known.

    • Charlie, now it all makes sense! Her Mother was committed!! 🤣 Now that’s funny!! Well JoJo, you’re always throwing shade at me because of my Mom. Doesn’t look like you got a leg to stand on. My mother lives on her own. I can see now that by the way you talk, you’re headed right to the nut farm. Maybe you and you mom can room together. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Oh yeah.

    And by the way. Your Son is Gay. So if you want Grand kids it won’t be through him. And the sad thing is. You will keep manipulating Kaember to stay. To never grow up and move out. Because if he grew the balls to…. Move out….. You won’t get the money he makes. And you want the money he makes. All if it. Because you are greedy. And you like to spend it.

  97. And talking about Grand Children…… As for your Daughter being pregnant. She isn’t. Last week one of my friends emailed her on FaceBook. And sent to her the comments you made about your Daughter having a baby and Michelles Husband is the baby’s biological child……… Your Daughter responded over the weekend to my friend Wendy. And Wendy said Arianna responded saying it’s entirety untrue. And she despises her Mother. She wouldn’t move back into her Mother’s even if her life depends on it.

    There you have it Jo jo. In a nut shell. Your Daughter know’s everything you made up about her. Wendy said she seemed very angry in the email.

  98. You ******* mother ******. How the **** dare you post all that aboult me an my mother son daughter. You are a ******* piece of **** 💩. An how the **** dear you get you friend to contact my daughter an say anything. An my son’s farther. Who the **** think you are. Oh you just got Momma real pist off. You ******* son of a bitch. No what. I’am calling the Police. This is a crime what you did. You outed my Son. Had you friend contact a miner an you publicably hillmiated me to the Readers online. Thats a ******* federal Officense. Exposing someones sexuallity. Telling the Readers my brother raped me an I gave birth. Ya. It’s a Felloney what you did. Michelle put you up to it. I bet that ******* boney ass bitch told you to post all this I said you last summer. Ya did. I bet she did. Ya. I’am sure of it. That some thing like her. You know **** this. When the police come I’m letting them knoe it all. An know what. I’ll have them go to her. You two mother ******* will not get a way with it. Putting my private famly **** 💩 on line. No. I’am gona tell tgem ererything. An I got so much proof. You just ******* watch an see. Both you. You ******* faggot and that ******* Whore. Both uou will be getting calls from the FBI. I’am calling them right after I and done with thos post.Wait an see.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The military police? Omg! That’s hilarious! You can’t take what you dish out now can you? You talked about my mother. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And when you call Charlie the name you like to call him, you know, the ‘F’ word? That’s hate speech and that can get you into trouble. You are so damn stupid. 😂😂

  99. Isee.I just got off phone with the Military police. They coming now so I can make a statement. An afer that. You two will see what comes now. See. I been an officer so long. That at my level they take me seriouce.

    • Jolynn, hi, I’m Scott. Pls give me a call along with a statement too, just like you did with the military police. I’m special forces. I can take care of your problem for you. Plus, I have a business offer that will make millions. I need a sharp partner, like yourself to help me make it work. You will get paid for your time.

      I like women military officers and your wit. You make me smile and I’m all for your honest approach. You tell it like it is. I need a classy woman like you in my life. Here is my phone number: (520) 494-9553.

      • Ok Michelle anything you say. I’an much smarter to know that this is you that posted this. But nice try. An I give a Gold star for trying to dupe me. And the number is a dud. My son looked it up on the dark web and he said it’s a dud

        • Hahahaha! Don’t lie…you called! 🤣

          No one can look up a phone number and find out it’s a dud.

          So, how’s Scott doing, anyway? That crazy ass racist bastard fires off that N word, worse than you do! But you two would get along great, just as long as you keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything bad about Trump. Scott’s a hardcore conservative.

        • FAZ54…… You are Michelle. Cuz she’s a Trump fan too. So you can all you want can say you an her not the sane. But read the comments. Ereryone know you the same. No’1 is stupid. An know how you give you sekf away. Cuz you both say the same same **** 💩. An I know she’s a hard core Republican. I allways knew. I throw her off by saying me and her both hate Trump. An she turn right a round say’n shes not. Shes a Trump supporter an Just like you put it out there you are to. An Scott V. Thats allso you Michelle. Scott V an you the same. An no I didn’t call that number you ******* idiot. You think I’m that dumn. Aaaa **** No. But I did ask a few people I know to call. An 1 them got back to me an say the sane as my Son. An other thing FAZ54 if you are not Michelle an we all know you are. Why do’nt you tell morre on you self not just fake **** 💩 like Michelle does. Cuz you can’nt say morr on you self cuz you an her the same. The ******* same boney ass twat. That stay home all day. An other thing Michelle. You never one time say the job you worked at. If you really had a job. Not one time you say what it was. An you ca’nt cuz Michelle you never had a job. All you had was the Service. Those short years you in. Then nothing but Dissabillity after that. Oh an ya. I been here at Elevate 4yrs. An I talk to allot here. An Ya mabey most end up not liking me. Ok so what. I do’nt give no ******* rats ass that they do’nt. But them all know you. An none them once said nice **** 💩 aboult you. Well that ******* faggot the only one that never talked **** 💩 aboult you. All them rest at Elevate say. They see you walking. They turn other direction. An they say. Muchelle is nosey. An she gossips aboult others here. A few thought you were lould and talked **** 💩. No one not even one said that you ever had a job. Member Judy. The one building 3 first floor studio apartment bext door to that black guy TBone. She say you her talk all the time. An she told you lots stuff. That she retired. She cooked at a Nursing home. Fellowship on Broadway. An you ask all kinds stuff aboult her. An she told you. But not once did you ever say what job you ever done. All she tell ne was. You always talked tough. Always seened mad. She never even heard you say anything nice aboukt someone. It was Gossip aboult people. She said you never laughed or seemed to enjoy life. Well I told her the reason why on that. I told her you past. An I allso showed her the postings you made. The things you said on here an the other bloggs I made. She was suprised at the **** 💩 you posted. An how ererything was an attack on me. I did say ya. I swore at you a few times. But you instogate it. An she knoz I Won. I showed her the paper work the Court sent it showed it favored me. She knows I won. An I said I had enoug there to pooved it. An I member Judy saying. They look at all the facts. An I won. So ya. She knows all aboult that. But ya. She never said anything positive aboult you. Or even you ever worked. You talked aboukt the military an the Elevate an all the things you hate about it. Talked aboult other neghbors. This one this that one that. Never one. Not one thing you said positive to her. It was allways. Aboult people smoking outdores. People not picking up there dog **** 💩. Did you here aboult this. Did soneone say that cuz you wanna know. It was allways aboult gossip. Or you an Tim this an you an Tim that. She even knew you married at City Hall. I said cuz she wanted a shot gun ceremony. An didn’t want to wait. And ya. I know she’s talked to other neghbors about me. Said I yell allot an I swear at my Son. She could here me. An she call me a vampire cuz I always up all hours. An she to talked aboult my son an his friends smoking an being lould. I first thought she was the one that reported me to the Office. An Kelsey said no that was Michelle. So ya. Michelle no one knows or heard you ever once talk about a job ever. An I said to Judy an she said sounds it. That you wanted a Husband an one that take of you. She agreed. I told her what Sassafras owner said to me. Judy like me was’nt here when those guys owned Elevate an ran it. She said you do pay attention allot aboult other people an what they do. But she never heard you say even once that you ever worked. And she suspected you where on Dissabillity Food Stamps an on Acccs. When she 1st meet you. How else would be able to live since you didn’t work or had a job. After Military that was it. She didn’t even know you went to Pima College. I told her that. She didn’t seemed surprised when I said you dropped out.

      • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

        Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

        An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

        NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

        On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be so many people.

        I do’nt **** a round like you do.

        • Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

          Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime.. Stolen Valor.. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

          An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

          NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

          On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be so many people.

          I do’nt **** a round like you do.

  100. They just left. Now they heading to talk to both you.

    • So I desided to get it out an say it as’it is. I’am Gay. An I marred Michelle cuz no one in the millitarory will know so I do’nt loose all my military benerfits. Why you think I got my own spot in the house. An I do’nt play them shoot’em up games like she an me tell ereryone. I play on those Gay sites looking for men. When I was at Elevate Apartments in Tucson Az. I had the hot’s for Charlie Wilkens in apartment 1104 Building one first floor. Marg said he had a bf. I did’nt not’kno. Then I wanted Kaember after. But he works 2 jobs. So he can save money 💵 so he can buy a house. An I never see him when I was at there living in Elevate. So Michelle wanted to move so we did. An to tell truth. We rent it. We do’nt own the house. Michelle says to people we buy the place. No we rent. She got bad very credit an a Bankruptcy. And I’m a Security Guard. But she likes talk big. An I’am Gay. So why would I get a house with her. The marrige is Fake. The owning a House is fake. Ererything is fake. I’am real suprised that no one at Elevate know Michelle was a Lesbo. Have you seen her walk. She walks like a man. Talks like a man. Bossy. Seiously Readers. She’s a Lesbo. The office hear kno’s. April said Michelle wears the pants. Readers that’s a refrence torrards Lesbos. An April said the people that ran the property made it indicketed that Michelle was Lesbo. An think aboult this. No man woud’v married a 54yo Woman. I did be’cuz I get better benefits being marry. Than being single. An Michelle needs them to cuz she never had a job. Ever. Jolynn do you ever here’s her talk on aboult a job ever in her life. **** no. She’s allways been on Dissabillity.

      • Hey. Ya. Yup. She is. Be’cuz I’am Michelle an we are the same Lesbo’s.

        • Nice try, Jolynn. Your spelling sucks. We all know it’s you. 🙄

          • Ya I know my spelling sucks Michelle. But do people really care aboult that. No. No one really cares. Who gives a **** 💩. But people at Elevate hated that you nosed into there business. You wanted to know ererything aboult them ab morre. So my spelling ******* sucks. Big woooo. No one cares but you.

          • Oh Ya. I allmost 4got. Hey member when you an Tim got the financing for the Love Shack. An you ran around telling ereryone here at Elevate. They were some people you told morr than twice. Guess what me an Tim got a house. Me an Tim. We got a house. You ran around shoving it down ereryobes throat. Me an Tim. We got a house woo hoo. I told Judy an she said ya. 4 or 5 times Michelle told ne. An I said back. That’s cuz she likes to brag. Look see. Remided me of Show an tell in school. Look ereryone look what I got. Well I told Judy. There’s no ******* way they bought it. She has bad credit. An Bankruptcy. An Tim doesn’t make allot of money 💵. He’s a security guard. They are renting. Judy said. Doesn’t surprise me. Judy said that. Lol. She said ya. With a Bankruptcy they couldn’t get **** 💩 for a loan. Lol

  101. Wow. She found me on my other Bloggs. She must of spent time looking Cuz like this one here. It’s not under my name. The other Bloggs too. So when she reads my responces she will be ******* pist. Hey Michelle there’s a bunch of frozen tv dinners for 99 cents at Walmart. Thought I’ld share that with you. Since ereryone knows you can’nt cook for **** 💩. All you can do is microwave tv dinners. Do’nt 4get to crack open a beer for him when you both have supper. An do’nt be to bored tonight when Tim puts on his head phones an plays his shoot em up games.

  102. To just say. Readers. It was over a week. But you see. Ereryone/body just look an read the other bloggs. Michelle keep a watch in your’e mail. I send it ova a week ago. You can just see by looking. Okie dokie. Keep it going an see you on the flip side. Almost 5am.

    • Jo, cut it out! You have no business blogging here. This is not a blog. This a comment section about a cheater or other person that is originally posted on this page. Ths is Corey Moore’s page, not Jolynn Farr’s page. This is not an area for you to turn this all around and make this about yourself. I don’t know how you raised two children being so needy and selfish. Seek professional help.

      • Michelle stop using a fake name. An we know it’s you. Cuz. You the only one that has all the free time durring the day to look at all my Bloggs an write your dogs **** 💩. No one else has the dedicated time but you. An the other thing Michelle you stupid dumn cunt. You will pist a comment. Then FAV54 does. Then you a gain then FAZ54 a gain an a gain. When you are online FAZ54 is online. You are the same ******* twat. An take the bag off your head. Tim’s not having sex with you.

      • Who you think made Corey Moore page dumn twat. It was’nt him. You should do a search an find the other pages. Oh wait dumn cunt. You can’nt cuz I got them under other names to. Lol. I am thinking of posting a Blogg an naming it. Michelle an FAZ54 Page. What you think troll. Lol

  103. Hey. Ya so Michelle I reported Scott V.

    Pretending to be in the Service an not is a Federal Crime. Stolen Valor. To the NARA 310- 837-3500

    An they wanted to see the posting so I printed off my printer the comment posted. To:

    NARA. PO Box 1821. Hyatsville, MD. 20766-0821

    On the phone and what I’am sending. I told them U used to be in the Service. The ammount of time U was in. An all the info so they know who you are. An I told them I Won the appeal. An they know you been harrassing me since last year. Pretending to be so many people.

    I do’nt **** a round like you do.

    • You reported Scott V? You don’t know Scott’s last name, his address, age, description, or DOB. 🙄 Good luck with that. 😆

      So what exactly are you reporting Michelle for? Are you hoping for an NJP, or Court Martial? That can’t happen, if she is no longer on active duty. So, what is it that you want to happen to her? There’s not much they can do with her, since she has already been discharged. If what you’re saying is true, you’re just wasting their time and being a nuisance.

      Stop trying to seek attention, Jo. This page ain’t supposed about you and your drama.

      • No you dumn Cunt. I reported you. Michelle that used to live at Elevate married to Tim. Moved to a POS home south of 22nd in Tucson. The orange colored hair with 2 dogs Jasper and Toby

      • FAZ54. Tell Michelle to look for the mail. That will anser most of it all. An she will be ******* pistoff. An I’am counting on that. I’am counting for her to get real angry at mewith anger. Trust me FAZ54 Michelle will. She will be so mad. So tell you’re twat to keep a watch. An BTW. Did she here us honking last night a round 930. Or did Michelle have the bag on her head a gain an she did’nt hear Honk Honk Beep Beep.

      • Hey Michelle. Re member lasy fall you said to people an on here that you reported me. Saying I wasn’t in the service you posted all kinds of **** on the bloggs. Or did you 4get. Cuz I showed all it to the Judge re member. An it help me win. It showed that you been harrassing me. An you get that faggot to. You got him to post **** aboult me. Things only you new not him. An that proved you where feeding his head with **** that only yuo knew. Ha. An you say all **** 💩 to ereryobe aboukt me. But look at what you do. An so ya. A gain. I have the comments you posted a bout me lieing aboult being in the Service. An you calling me a ******* lier. An saying I’am trying to get money 💵 from people saying I’am something I’am not. An you said you reported me to Go Fund Me. You reported me to NARA you posted you even reported me to the Office here to. An you were’nt living here at the time. So I report you to NARA an you say. What will they do. You no longer in the Service. But last fall you reported me to the same people. Lol. You can Dish the **** 💩. But when the tables are turned on you You ******* twat. You hate it. An say what will they do. Lol. **** you Michelle. An listen. Mabey I’ll honk to night driving by you place. You no good piece of wetback ghetto **** 💩. A whore has moree respect than you.

  104. Michelle. Hurry up. Its almost supper time. An you gotta find what TV dinner to microwave for supper. Tim will home from the Security Guard job. Hey. You know if he security Guard at Ratheon. The Staffing Agency pays 20.00. Tell him. Cuz that’s higher than what Tim’s getting. Remember Cheryl in Building 3 on 3rd floor. Cheryl’s brother works at Ratheon. He’s a Security Guard. He makes that. Tell Tim over supper. B4 he plays his Shoot em up game.

    💘💘 an 💋 💋’s

      • I been chatting. Not to say what where when how. I asked him a long ass way back. How much he makes same place Tim works. If you play nice. I’ll tell you his name.

      • Tim makes allot of 💰 money. He’s rich. I married a rich man. You are so jelous Jolynn. Tim got so much 💰 money. That he could buy anything I want.

        • I hate you Jolynn. I hate you so much. You got idear how much I hate you. You are nothing compaired to me.

    • I hate you Jolynn. If you only new what I dream aboult. I keep hopeing daily it will happen. I do’nt beleive in God. But **** I’ll prey in hope that happens.

      • Your’r threatening me Michelle. An it set off my PTSD an my Anxiety.

  105. So. Ya. I was thinking while I’am on my break. An Ya. An in 1 of my texts a few minutes ago. I was asked this. Michelle said few times on the Blogg that she has worked. But Hey. She never says what it is she did. An most people will say. I was a Doctor. A Vet. A Xray Tech. A Teacher. A Lawyer. A waiter. A Hair dresser. An artist. All she said was. Ya I worked. So if Michelle worked ever held a job. Ever had a job. Then what the **** did she do? I texted her back saying. As soon as Michelle can think of something she did. Then she will post it. My friend she texted back. Lol. An I replies saying. Michelle never had a job after the Arny. She’s said a few times the last few months she had a job after the Service. But never said what it was. It comes to reason as I keep been telling people. Thats becase Michelle never worked. Never had a job. Ever. She’s been on Dissabillity since she got out of the Army. An I sware on my Mothers Grave. On my Childrens to. I sware on God. On the Bible. I will sware under Oath in front of the Judge this. That the Woman that owns Sassafras at Elevate. That lived in a Studio. Saud that the 2 men that owned an ran the complex befour Elevate took over said to her. An she told me. That Michelle since they known her never had a job. An gets Dissabillity. An she wants a Husband. An she will marry the 1st that says yes. They told her that. An later when I move in she told me. The other thing. Her Face Book page never said any job she’s done. Same with her Linkedin. Only said Arny. Bla bla bla. An as I said earlier. Yeserday I think. Not one here ever re nembers her saying any thing aboult ever worked. An Judy to. She do’nt member to. Same with Kelsey. When my son met her. He do’nt re member hearing that. But an she calls me fat. Lazy. An all kinds of names. But look at her. She mabey not fat. But she di’nt work an never ever had ever. So FAZ54 why nit ask her. If you are a real human being from East Coast ask Michelle an then tell us. Cuz me an all the readers wana know. But I think we all know the anser to that FAZ54. Do’nt we.

    • Michelle you are all talk. You tell people **** 💩. But you do’nt do any of the **** 💩 you say do. But you do’nt. You all talk. Hey did you here honking earlier. We even slowed down so you an Tim here us. Honk Honk.

  106. Jolynn. I have known Michelle a long long time. How wrong you are. You see she doesn’t talk about her work. Becase she’s a secret Agent for the Fedral Govennent. It’s Top Secret. But she has a very inportaint role. She can not even any one. Any body. Not even her husband Tim. She pretends to stay home all the time. The reasin she tells no one since the Armed Forces. Because you know nosey people. You tell them something they wana know mores. So by not saying anything it stopps people from asking. Privacies were it’s at. So if Time her husband has no idear. Then you know it has to do with Michelle being a spy. Like Tom Cruise character on Top Gun. He pkayed a Govement spy Ethan Hunt. Like the James Bond but for the US not the Soviet Union. Her missions are very Classified. Did you know that she knows Teakwondo. She’s a Black Belt. It’s all classified. I hope I do’nt get in trouble for saying any of this cuz you know her. She will report even her Mather an Farther if they knew. The Pentogone uses her. She’s spyed over there to. The money 💰 she makes. She could buy lost of homes with a pool. So ya. That’s why Michelle can’nt say anything to anyone becase it’s for your eyes only kind of mission. Donald Trump even contacted her to go to the White House. Now that’s big stuff. Citizens ar’nt even able to go inside the White House. Only the pnes that work for the Govement can. I thouht I woud’tl you cuz Jolynn you keep say’n Michelle has no job. No life nothing but Tim. That is so wrong. She does. I told you so much. I probbly shoud’nt of. But ya. Please tell no one. Ok. Thx you.

    • Wow. Never new this. Wow. I woud’ov never guessed. God now I feel bad. I said all those things. An come to find out. Michelles a USA Govment Spy like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Boy I feel like an real ass 🐷. That’s exsplaines why she’s so secrotive. It makes sence now. Wow. Well FAZ54 if you never said this to me. I woud’v thought she was just on Dissabillity. Wow. I wonder if Tim susbects anything. Well most likaley not. Wow Michelle did a good job keeping all her Spy stuff a secret. Got maje supper. My son coming home soon an 1 his friends to. I’am going to make fried fish with an stuffing. I hope he re members to get some coke or pepsi to drink to drink with supper.

    • Oh **** 💩. Now it’s gona get a round. FAZ54 you where’nt sapposede to tell any one. **** 💩

  107. Oh **** 💩. Now it’s gona get a round. FAZ54 you where’nt sapposede to tell any one. **** 💩

  108. I thought I’d write this post of this comment on this page. I wrote it on my other pages a few months back. So I thouht I’ld also post it on this page to. This was said to me from Kelsey. As I said she told me this way back.

    She was out on my patio at Elevate. Hanging with my Son an a few other of his friends. An our frige broke down. An I called an calked the office. Took 5 days for them to send that dumn shit over to look at it. An they did’nt replace the frige with a nother one. The maintenance guy spent hours trying to figure how to fix it. Well we were all talking aboult. Well my Son an Sam was an Kelsey just happended to be there to. Kelsey said when Michelle eas living above her in the studio apartment. An she wanted a larger frige. Be’cuz hers was to small. Michelle pestered the people that ownded the property b4 Elevate. Well those guys switched out Michells smalker one for a bigger one. There was nothing wrong with the smaller one. Michelle wanted a bigger one. So those guys let her swith it out.

  109. Jo jo………. Go right ahead call anyone you like and report what I said about you, your son, daughter, and your brother being your son’s father. Because it’s true……. Your daughter did not have a baby. Michelle’s Husband Tim no way in hell ever be the childs father. And yes you did last summer tell me that Kaembers father is your brother. And your Mother was locked away in a mental ward and you were raised by Granny……..and you bounced around shaking and flopping your tits around……….. You stopped after I said I was Gay……..and remember in the fall you said Richard well faux Richard that never really existed. You said you are so in love. But it’s going to be hard for my son because Richard doesn’t understand Gay.

    You said all this done all that. And even if you reported it. Nothing would happen. It’s not Defamation of Character. It’s not Slander nor Libel. It’s the truth. And remember too you text all this too. And I still have the text too you sent from a year ago. It’s all in my cloud. So you can’t deny it even if you try. And feel free calling me names and swearing at me. And saying you called my Mother which is impossible since she passed away over 2yrs ago. Go right ahead and spew out your venom on to me all you want . Because truth hurts. Doesn’t it. Jo jo.

  110. That crusty cunt Michelle Corner. My Son just showed me what he found on her.

    You know to. She still has not said. The job she had. She keeps say’n she worked. But not one time in a year has she said what it was she did.

    So Readers what do you all think. Please list bellow your’e thougts an idears.

  111. Thats cuz she aint never had a job. Cuz if this one bitch did she be saying it.

  112. So for all you Readers out there an I know theres allot. This you shoud know aboult Michaelle Corner. She’s a Republican. She Voted for Donald Trump. She’s a Trump fan. An know how she is. If you talk aboult what you think aboult Politics. An say Hey I believe that our Goverment spends to much money 💰 on Military. An no one should carry a gun. The Wall is a waste of bazillons on tax payers money 💵. Abortion should be Legal. Micheal will argue with you till you agree with her. Just to shut her up. That’s how she is. She’s a hard coor Republican. And thinks that Trump has all the ansers. So Readers what do you have to say.

    • She’s wrong. Trump is the worst President in US History. He’s a Business Man not a Politician. For 4yrs he ran Politics like a reality show. He made The Unted States look like we were fools. And remember how many crooked people he pardoned b4 he left Office. He was never fit to be President. He was a nightmare.

    • I hate Trump. God help us if he or any one in his Famly ever run again. I still can’t believe we had him for four years. And I pray we never have him or any Trumps again.

  113. I still have my Trumpkin. And will use it nect Halloween too.

  114. When I think of Michelle Corner. I do’nt think of a Pepermint Patty. I think of a Woman that just wasted evry’day of her life. Waiting to read my next blogg an comment to read. An that she’s a Trump Supporter. Lol

  115. So last week on Craig I posted my ad. An I sold it last night. Yeah. This lady bought it. I was asking 600.00 for it. I sold it for 450.00. It didn’t cost ne nothing. So getting 450.00 I did’nt loose any money 💰. It was given to me in December. My neghbor died an his Famly new I was very close to him. They gave me so much stuff. Turned out it ended up being to much. I had 4 chair lined up in tge hallway by my sons room. The reclinable chair I sold a month ago. That took up so much room. An I never used it. An I sold the flat screen to. Ya. So. She bought the dresser. Now I just got the mirror left an the tv dinner trays. I’thut I’d use them. Nope. They just collecting dust. An 2 chairs. I listed them on Craigslist last week to. But no one yet has emailed me. No rush. Not as I’am dessprate for money 💵 cuz I’am not. It’s I do’nt have the room for it now. An it was all free. So anyone be stupid not to take. Plus it got it off there hands. His Famly did’nt want to deal with moving all his stuff. I do’nt think Les had a good relationship with them. The way they acted. They did’nt seem sad. An they seemed rushed. Seemed they wanted to get ererything done as quick. It’s none of my busines. He new I have a great relationship with ny Son. Because he said his Children left home at my sons age. That’s sad. But look at Michelle. Her Mother is schizophrenic. An her farther that be a whole blogg to write on. Ya. Michelle an her mother never got a long. She went in the service to get away from her. My Mother had problems. And she died last year. And she did’nt even have life insurance. I was pist when I found that out. Again she ****** up. What she had in savings. Just enough to cremate her an the service. In fact. I think my Brother had use money he had. I do’nt she even had enough. Ya. I was pist. Have a good night. I shoud say morning cuz it’s morning now. Soon my son will be up.

    • Good for you. I do the same. I’m like this. If you don’t need it sell it.


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