Several scam sites say a photo was being used and is fake


Several scam sites say a photo was being used and is fake

Several scam sites say a photo was being used and is fake

I’ve been talking to a guy through WhatsApp who first DM’ed me from a travel sub. He claimed he is 45, active military, divorced, father of a 10yo, Catholic, and only child of a single mother. After a few weeks he sent me a photo saying the picture was taken when he was in Portland, which I recognized the Ducks arena so no problem. Well, I later shared the photo with a friend when a few of the guy’s comments didn’t add up. My friend sends me a screenshot where the photo is listed as a scammer all the way back to August of 2016.

More information: -he told me his name then said the name was actually his last name -he claimed he was US born/educated yet spelled several words with additional u or switching -er and -re. For example: colour and theatre. -he said he was 45 then said it was his birthday and he turned 47. When asked he said I must have misheard him because he was now 46. -he tried convincing me he’d already told me his daughter’s name when he hadn’t -he says he shares a cell phone with his roommate -his phone number is a Google number out of NJ -he won’t use regular text or the phone, only apps -he wants to change apps he uses every couple weeks (Reddit DM to WhatsApp to GoogleChat) -he messaged one day saying he was being sent to Syria for his next deployment -he hasn’t asked for money but he’s asked if I’ll help him set up Google phone numbers for him and his fellow soldiers saying they don’t have a computer so they can’t. I told his to ask his mom.

Thoughts? Any advice on how to proceed?

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Published at Wed, 13 Oct 2021 16:27:35 GMT

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