catfish / sugar daddy


catfish / sugar daddy

catfish / sugar daddy

So I met a guy on tinder who said he wanted to be a sugar daddy. He looked hot and i don’t mind those sort of arrangements so I said sure why not! I pretty quickly realized I was being catfished (he deleted his tinder suddenly, told me he was traveling in Europe for work for a few months so we couldn’t meet, is a “luxury hotelier” but couldn’t spell the word “yacht” right… many little things causing doubt, on and on).

Anyway, he tells me he doesn’t have an Instagram but all the photos he sends me of himself have an Instagram crop/sizing (all are square photos 1:1 or the taller ones 4:5).

I’ve reverse searched every photo he’s sent and nothing comes up. If these photos are from a private Instagram account, they won’t come up anyway right? Does anyone have advice how to image reverse search social media profiles?

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Published at Wed, 13 Oct 2021 17:27:35 GMT

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