Need Help Identifying Catfisher


Need Help Identifying Catfisher

Need Help Identifying Catfisher

I’m using a throw away in case the person doing the catfishing manages to find this post somehow.

Hello internet, my uncle is most certainly being catfished and I need help finding out who this person is. They’ve sent pictures as a form of “identification” but seems like they cropped them to make a reverse image search more difficult. Long story short this person has filled my uncles head with delusions. The catfisher claims to be a 30 something year old surgical nurse/medic in Syria. My uncle claims to be in love with her. She recently told a story about how she saved her commander’s life in the field and is to be rewarded with troves of gold bars. Here’s the catch, she only needs $18,500 to send the gold to the U.S. This poor man is 71 years old and just took out a loan on his home to front the money. I’m calling on the internet in hopes of showing him concrete evidence that he’s being catfished and scammed into financial ruin.

Here’s an imgur link with 4 photos that she sent:

Catfish Suspect

TL;DR: my uncle is being catfished for $18,500 and needs some serious help.

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Published at Tue, 12 Oct 2021 01:27:25 GMT

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