Met a girl on a dating app, shocked she was responsive considering how hot (just hot enough to believe it could be real) she was but wasn’t thinking with the head on my shoulders. She only responded with 1 word each message until finally giving up her Snapchat.

Finally got her Snapchat, messaged and exchanged just face photos to each other for a few days. More exposed photos/videos came later. I thought maybe she just had bad daddy issues (sorry I know that is not PC and can be offensive – I have daddy issues myself as a guy) or was getting over a nasty breakup by trying to be all freaky with a stranger or just really liked strangers and one night stands like some girls do. I haven’t sent exposed pictures/videos of myself since maybe high school and I’ve had 3 girlfriends since. No fucking idea why I did this, oh yea, I was drunk and horny.

Anyways, the person on the other side of the Snapchat (it was 100% not this girl in the photos – found her on Google to be a old webcam girl) responded with a long and clearly predeveloped but HORRIBLY worded and punctuated/spelt message with screen recordings of my videos demanding to be paid thousands of dollars otherwise my whole family would get these videos.

Pretty scary stuff to be honest because they had my full name and other info from the dating app.

Anyone with a similar experience?

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Published at Sun, 10 Oct 2021 21:28:45 GMT

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