I think I got catfished


I think I got catfished

I think I got catfished

There was this very handsome guy I was talking to for a bit based on his profile pics. He was able to hold a conversation unlike most men on dating apps.

We were texting and I asked if he had snap and he said no he didn’t, so I asked for his Instagram and it’s only an insta designated to his dog, no pics of him, 67 followers when he follows 706 people. Then I asked for his number and he told me he had a flip phone because his parents cut his phone off. I then explained how I think he’s a catfish and I needed another photo that was not from his profile to prove he’s real…he then unmatched with me and hasn’t texted me back….but he still follows me on Instagram..?

Also, he said he went to a college in TX, but moved to eastern WA for a job opportunity for a company in ID…but the majority of his followers were from the same college I attend…which makes me think he’s either catfishing them or he attends my college and is catfishing me.

I tried linking his phone number to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat and couldn’t find any account connected to his number.

I tired image reversing his photos and could not come up with anything.

I also DMed a few of his followers to ask if they knew who he was and no one has replied:(

Anyone have any ideas how I can catch him?

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Published at Sun, 10 Oct 2021 07:31:10 GMT

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