got catfished by an 11yo


got catfished by an 11yo

got catfished by an 11yo

hi everyone

so basically i’m 16 f and i met a guy named alex who was also 16 on the end of july.

long story short, alex was an 11yo girl.

i talked to them for nearly 3 months. everything looked so real. the girl used the same last name as hers and “alex” introduced me to her, i would talk to her as well thinking that i was talking to alex’s sister

anyways time went by and i started noticing something felt wrong. i suspected that alex lied about where he was from and from there i started digging and figured everything out.

im so mad at myself. i dmed the girls older sister on instagram and we talked for a bit. i just cannot believe what happened.

first of all my feelings are hurt bc i genuinely liked alex and i belived all of it and now i get random flashbacks and feel sick bc i spent hours talking to them

im so embarrassed idk how to deal with it

i also found one of the guy she was getting her pics from

yep bc she was very smart about it. she had one for face pics but she would also post on her story on a daily basis random pictures (shoes, hands, stuff like that)

it just really really like idek what feeling it is but i really thought alex was a thing and i can’t even believe it. i spent so much time talking to alex it hurts

anyone knows how i can overcome it? i feel so sick and embarrassed

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Published at Sat, 09 Oct 2021 18:24:50 GMT

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