Webroot Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


Webroot Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

Webroot Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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Webroot reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 2, 2008.
The latest review Webroot unauthorized charge was posted on Oct 2, 2021.
The latest complaint fasle services was resolved on Nov 26, 2014.
Webroot has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 74 reviews.
Webroot has resolved 39 complaints.

Webroot Customer Service Contacts

1800 772 9383 (Head Office)
1800 303 386 (Ireland)
+1 303 442 3813 (Head Office)
+1 800 870 8102 (Business Customers)
+1 866 254 8400 (Business Customers, Sales)
+1 858 652 4800 (BrightCloud)
+1 650 292 6600 (San Jose, CA)
+1 858 652 4470 (San Diego, CA)
+44 203 349 2399 (United Kingdom)
+353 16 307 604 (Ireland)
+61 280 711 900 (Australia)
385 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 800
Broomfield, Colorado
United States80021-8062
San Jose, CA
550 S. Winchester Blvd, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95128

San Diego, CA
4655 Executive Drive, Suite 500, San Diego, CA 92121

United Kingdom
24 Orient Way, Derby DE24 8BY, United Kingdom

Zenith Center – Tower A, Level 14, 821 Pacific Highway Chatswood, NSW, Australia, 2067

Am Winterhafen 13, 2nd Floor, Linz, Austria, 4020
3-13-18, Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, 313 Minami Aoyama 8F

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Webroot Complaints & Reviews

Danielle Bell 2984 — USA

Oct 02, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — Webroot unauthorized charge

I was charged for Webroot software that I canceled two years ago. I continue to be charged on an account that no longer exists (according to the Webroot login), so even if I wanted to cancel it (AGAIN!) I don’t have an account to access for (another) cancellation. I didn’t get an email, but I noticed the charges on my card. I’m not sure what to do, but I may have to contact my credit card company at this point to stop Webroot from charging my card for an account that doesn’t exist.

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Webroot — charging my card without permission.

Haven‘t used in over a year. Took out renewal from my Capital One without permission. I have filed fraudulent charges with my capital one. They have asked for an email when you send in my credit and a separate email stating that you have canceled my subscription to be send to me. I have called and called. Ive emailed 6 times and can get no response. [protected]@hotmail.com I need this cleared up.

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Webroot — Software

I used your product in the past but I don’t need it anymore and you put a charge on my Mastercard for $53.11 on the 10th of this month that I did not ask for. I don’t have the software on my computer and don’t like being charged for it without my O.K. I asked for sears to take it off my bill and they will not do it because it was done on the internet.

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rbr60 — USA

Sep 25, 2020

Webroot — [protected] wise dtc 2006

I received the software disc in the mail recently. Not sure why or what is for. I have WEBROOT subscription already, renewal is in October. I trust there is not charge associated with this snail mailed disc, please confirm. So, I got a response while trying got submit, stating my complaint was no wordy enough, as if to say unless I attract a lot of attention, my complaint does not matter. I’m in the service industry, a Chef by trade and take offense to the idea my problem was not of consequence b/c I made the direct correlation that the complaint board was an active tool. Please forgive my oversight. How’s that, enough words to get you attention?

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CyrusR — USA

Sep 22, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — Cannot login

I can’t logon to my year old account. I last logged on a month ago to renew but it doesn’t work anymore. Password reset email request does not work (no email sent), email to support unanswered.

I even created a new account to link to my license key, that doesn’t work; I enter my credentials and click logon only to be thrown back to an empty logon screen.

The result is that I can’t access my account which has an active subsription.

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Jef Guilmette — USA

Sep 02, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — Software not working

I have tried on multiple occasions to get someone to respond to my problem. Your software control panel disappeared. I tried reinstalling. Says I am not the system administrator.

I have literally sat for hours waiting for someone to answer your on-line support.

I have multiple “text” only for the operator to tell me they can’t help me because I don’t have an “account”

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Pat Crews — USA

Apr 28, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — Technical support

Could not locate my password to add another device and transfer service to a new computer. Sent email to reset my password was not answered despite resending emails at least 10 times over a period of three days. Also, no response to the ticket request for support. Telephoned webroot I waited on phone for tech for 50 minutes no one ever got on the line. Called back later in the day, I was told the wait would be over an hour. This is ridiculous. Terrible support. I will probably have to try and cancel and go with a company with better service.

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Phil Silvios — USA

Sep 30, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot SecureAnywhere — installing the product, 5 installations

Unfortunately the same situation happened – cat chasing its’ tail. Webroot SecureAnywhere box pops up, yellow triangle with explanation point and these words: The keycode could not be verified at this time. Ensure that SecureAnywhere is allowed to connect to the internet and try again.

Umptsquat times, same old answer: Activating…

Tell the box “ok” it disappears, the keycode appears in place of Activating…

In one of the messages it said to give it 15 minutes, doesn’t matter, have given it 13 hours.

Why am I locked out with 547 days left, per my other computer…??? I have it unplugged and can’t access it right now.

I have been at this since 0537 CDT this morning, and it is getting old, again…

Any competent, as I am too incompetent, help would be appreciated…

Your subscription has expire… read what you sent me 2021 expiration year…


I’ve got enough of the book pages whatever you’ve sent, thoughts are more important, my cell phone has just got this program installed on it 10 minutes ago, keycode also, no problem there. Problem: between my computer and your activation of the keycode, my thought.

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Sep 05, 2019

Webroot — webroot secure anywhere internet security

This company is a joke, I recieved software with my computer purchase at best buy, it was left in box by…

Sep 04, 2019

Webroot — item# [protected] wise dtc 2006

I was going to purchase this digital software, until I kept seeing the amount changing before I entered it. I…

Jan 08, 2019

Webroot — refund

On 12/19/18 I was promised a refund from cancellation, as of today 1/8/19 I have yet to receive. I talked to…

Webroot — unauthorized credit card charge

Canceled yearly Renewal online 3 times answering their email. Still got charged for the anti-virus after…

Webroot — unavailability of all customer service numbers-I need to ask a question about service and billing

I auto paid $63.50 on june 18, 2018 forWebroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security…

Webroot — antivirus spyware

One month ago, scam artists penetrated my computer, identified themselves as Microsoft agents and asked for…

Webroot — auto-renewal

Webroot spammed my inbox with auto-renewal notices, I used the provided hyperlink to opt-out of auto renewal, but they still charged my credit card.

After contacting them to reverse the charge, a 5 dollar difference in the charge and refund was still there. They told me to take it up with my financial institution. I explained that it is their fault, and their responsibility to refund my money, and once they did so, they were free to take it up with my financial institution themselves. They then sent another note implying that I didn’t opt-out.

Since the refund, they have continued to spam my inbox with discount offers, and I am forced to continue checking their messages as this issue is still not resolved.

I am glad I’m only out a few dollars, and not hundreds like some other people.

I will never do business with them again.

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Lisa Serrato — USA

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — webroot antivirus

We paid $49.00 for this antivirus system because of the great reviews and we could not even get into the account that we set up, password issues for which we tried for 2 days to reset. so we called webroot ciustomer service, the guy remotely went into our computer, went through all of our files as a technician and also tried to change our password and no go…he said that if I paid him $129.00 he could fix our computer so that it would then work. Then he tried to get another 60.00 for a year’s worth of tech help. When we said we could not afford it and we would just do a factory reset then reinstall the webroot that we purchased he said that we can’t use it anymore. So tell me did I just throw my mon ey away? Because if that’s how you treat your customers? I want my money back, who do I call?

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Clayton Evans — USA

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — over payment for malware

I am requesting a refund because I see that my checking account was debited three times by mistake. I was trying to do a renewal and I believe I purchased more than once!! So I NEED $239.97 returned to my checking account card number ending in 5588. The invoice # is ECM0042848378. My name is Clayton Evans, I can be reach at [protected]) Please if any can contact me about this matter as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it!!!

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Webroot — automatic renewal

I took my computer into Best Buy in 2016 to have a new harddrive installed. They put Webroot on as the viru…

Becky Acosta Castro — USA

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Webroot — internet virus/malware protection

Received disc from Best Buy as virus protection had a problem with malware representative named Raymond connected to my computer said I had so many problems but I had just scanned my computer with there product which detected nothing he tried to convince me multiple times to pay more and he would fix all the problems on my computer. I told him no that I had purchased protection from everything from Best Buy and this was covered he detached from my computer locking everything and changed my password so I could not log in had to take my computer in to Best Buy . They are the worst company just trying to rip people off

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Webroot — tech support tried to obtain money from me to fix my computer

On 11/24/2015 after unsucessfully attempting to install webroot anti virus, I called their tech support. I…

Published at Sat, 2 Oct 2021 5:30:1 GMT

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