Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD – Botched Surgeries and Mistreatment


Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD – Botched Surgeries and Mistreatment

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD - Botched Surgeries and Mistreatment

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD – Botched Surgeries and Mistreatment

September 17, 2021



Dr. Steiger claims to be the specialist of facial plastic surgery. However, the various Dr. Jacob D Steiger MD reviews tell a different story. 

According to his reviews, he is nowhere near the title of the best facial plastic surgeon in Florida. In fact, he fails your procedure and starts avoiding you when you share your issues. 

The guy has too many issues to count. His reviews also suggest that his waiting times are excessively long and he doesn’t listen to you during consultations.

One reviewer even pointed out that he forgot about examining them in the same meeting. Beware of surgeons who have a reputation for ignoring their patients. For example, Rod J. Rohrich, MD is a surgeon who gave a client uneven nostrils and botched tons of procedures.

Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery: The Crooked Practice Of Dr. Jacob D. Steiger

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD runs Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, Florida. The clinic is located at 1001 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432, US and opens from 8:30 AM to 5 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from 7 AM to 5 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Their contact number is 561-499-9339. If you want to see Dr Steiger rhinoplasty before and after images, you can visit his website drsteiger.com. 

He claims to be the “Face Specialist” and offers multiple facial plastic surgery procedures including eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and facelift. 

Similarly, he offers several non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as botox and facial fillers. He is affiliated with the West Boca Medical Center and the Baptist Health Boca Raton Regional Hospital. 

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD received his medical degree from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. 

While he calls himself a specialist, his clients disagree with this claim. There are multiple reviews on Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery detailing how it delivered a horrible experience. 

I have shared some of those reviews below to help you figure out how reliable Dr. Steiger truly is. 

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger Reddit: Exposed By Ex-Client

While looking up Dr. Steiger, I found a post on reddit enquiring about his reliability. The person wanted to know if they can trust him with a rhinoplasty. 

The user u/berkinbits replied to this thread and shared their experience. They were 3 months post-op from a rhinoplasty with Dr. Steiger and they don’t recommend him. 

Apparently, they had heard that he was the best in the area so they went to his clinic. They share that Steiger is too busy and so they felt as if he didn’t listen to their personal requests and thoughts.

He has a specific style so even though the reddit user had told him that they didn’t want an upturned nose, he gave them an extremely upturned nose. This also means that he doesn’t really care about the results you want. Instead, he focuses more on completing the procedure. 

They point out that Dr. Steiger performs morphs from the side but doesn’t perform morphs from the front. 

Overall, it was an extremely disappointing experience for them. They point out that they don’t trust Dr. Steiger even though he does a lot of advertising. The botched rhinoplasty left this user with a bump on one side of their nose and the bridge of their nose has a flat surface running down. 

There’s also a positive comment saying that Dr. Jacob D. Steiger is an excellent doctor. But I doubt it’s from an actual user. Why? 

Because it’s a temporary account and hasn’t interacted with anything else on Reddit except this post. When was the last time when you created an account on social media only to write a positive review of a service provider? 

So, it’s most probably a fake comment added by someone affiliated with Steiger Plastic Surgery. 

This is just a glimpse of the botched procedures Dr. Jacob Steiger has performed. Below are some more reviews of his practice that illustrate the truth about this clinic: 

Dr. Steiger Replies to a Complaint After 2 Years

Lisa shared that she wasn’t impressed with Steiger Plastic Surgery. She waited for a long time in the waiting room and then waited further in the patient room. 

Furthermore, she didn’t like the rude behavior and terrible bedside manner of Dr. Steiger. She points out that he rushed the appointment and his pricing was too expensive. 

Two years later, Lisa updated her review. Why? Because Dr. Steiger reached out to her, after 2 years, to say that he’s sorry to hear that she didn’t have anything but an amazing experience. 

She points out that it would have been better if he hadn’t responded at all. Lisa has shared a screenshot of his response and it seems that Dr. Steiger’s clinic simply sent an automated message to her.

Botched Neck Lift Gave Nerve Damage, Uneven Cheeks and Excessive Swelling

The reviewer had a neck lift 3 years ago and it was a horrible experience. After the surgery, their right eye dropped and they noticed that their cheeks were uneven. 

They point out that even though several months have passed, Dr. Steiger claims that the results are normal and the unevenness is only because of swelling. Then, Jacob starts claiming that they had uneven cheeks before the surgery. 

The reviewer points out that couldn’t bear the uneven results so they asked him for fillers. He charged them $700 for the procedure. 

Three years after the procedure, the reviewer had to see a neurologist because of a constant tingling sensation. After an MRI, the reviewer discovered that Dr. Steiger’s botched procedure had left them with nerve damage. 

Dr Steiger Failed a Facelift, Giving One Pulled Side and Uneven Appearance

The reviewer had a deep plane facelift with Dr. Jacob Steiger. They add that the procedure gave them a pulled side and uneven results. The reviewer suffered with those botched results for six years until they found another surgeon to fix them. 

They add that Dr. Steiger is sweet and kind but doesn’t have the skills to perform such procedures properly. Moreover, the reviewer says that Dr. Steiger is heavy-handed and clumsy. 

$2,500 Laser Procedure Only Gave Swelling, Nothing Else

For this reviewer, going to Steiger Plastic Surgery was their biggest waste of money. They paid $2500 for a laser procedure which gave them pain and swelling. Moreover, the procedure didn’t give them any positive results. 

Dr. Steiger Forgets Important Details During Appointment, Lies to the Client About Their Problem

The reviewer had gone in for a consultation for a revision rhinoplasty. They had 2 previous procedures and needed someone to fix several issues. During their appointment, Dr. spoke with them briefly and then went to look at their scans on the computer, came back again, examined them, and left again. 

When he returned, he asked the reviewer if he had examined their nose yet. The reviewer says that it was a big red flag for them because he clearly wasn’t giving the consultation his full attention. 

Then, he turned down the case by saying that no one can fix the reviewer’s issues. This was a lie because the reviewer went to several other experts who told her otherwise. 

Terrible Upper Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Jacob D. Steiger Gave Asymmetrical Results

The reviewer had an upper eyelid surgery six months before writing their review. They point out that they have asymmetrical eyelids and now have to spend more money on revision.

The shape of their eyelids is also different due to unsymmetrical incision. Their left eyelid is longer than the right one.

They point out that Dr. Steiger rushed theri appointment and didn’t discuss the operation properly during the pre-op visits. Also, he designed the incision in a rush and the reviewer tried to discuss this with him but he didn’t listen. 

The reviewer shares that Jacob performed the surgery in 5 minutes. They found 2 sutures in their right eyelid a while after the surgery. Later, Dr. Steiger refused to send them before and after pictures. 

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger Failed a Revision Rhinoplasty, Avoided the Client for Years

Jessica had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Jacob D. Steiger. She waited nine years for the swelling to go down. Dr. Steiger had started avoiding her after a few years. 

When she contacted the office, they would never give her a call back for an appointment. The cause of the swelling was excess tissue Jacob had placed in her nose. She found this out when she visited another expert who performed another procedure to fix the issue. 

Steiger Plastic Surgery responded to this review by claiming it’s fake. Jessica shared a snippet of the email she had sent to Dr. Steiger to discuss her concerns. Also, she says that she doesn’t appreciate the response he gave to her review as she is only trying to warn others. 

She adds that none of this would’ve happened if he actually returned her calls or attempted to help the situation. 

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Conclusion: Dr. Jacob D. Steiger MD Review

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger is not any specialist. He has botched countless procedures and his clinic is reputed for delayed appointments. The various reviews on this clinic suggest that going to Steiger Plastic Surgery is a waste of time. 

You should look for a doctor that cares about his patients and actually listens to them. Dr. Steiger doesn’t seem to do any of these things, which is why it would be a risky gamble to visit his clinic. 

Florida has plenty of facial plastic surgeons, you can easily go to anyone else. 

2.5Expert Score
Not a Specialist

Dr. Jacob D. Steiger claims to be a specialist but his reviews say otherwise. The guy has botched many procedures and has gained a reputation for delaying appointments. Save your time, body, and money by avoiding this clinic.




Concern for clients

  • None
  • Too many botched surgeries
  • Delayed appointments
  • Avoids you if he fails the procedure

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